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Horoscope for June Leo

Horoscope for June Leo

The first month of summer will be extremely varied for Lviv. In June, you can expect many different events, both happy and those that make you nervous. The horoscope recommends special caution when dealing with unfamiliar people.

Even if at first glance they seem to you very pleasant.

The main objectives of the month of Leo

At the end, the Sun turned into the 11th house of your horoscope — the domain of friends and like-minded people. Here it will remain until the last decade. This will give Leo the desire for leadership, a great interest in everything new, but also a certain tendency toward adventurism. You may find it boring to continue doing what you have been doing for a long time, but the horoscope advises you to continue to move towards the previously set goal and not leave your work for some new plans.

And now they will just fill your head. And, of course, do not forget that your close people also need your attention.

Leo’s horoscope for June of the year predicts that serious rivals may appear in private life.

And if you want to save your loved one, the horoscope says that you will have to seriously fight for it.

Horoscope for June Leo: study, business and contacts

At the beginning of the month, Mercury will be in your 11th house. But very quickly, already in the second decade, he goes into the 12th house — the area of ​​solitude, restrictions, secret enemies. Such an ingress of the planet promises you a lot of interesting and unexpected.

If at the beginning you will easily and successfully communicate with others and establish business contacts, then in the second half of the month you will understand that you should not advertise them. And prefer to act in some hidden way, without revealing their connections.

It will probably be the most reasonable solution. The horoscope warns that some Lions will have to go back to some of their old projects this month, which they have already forgotten about — it turns out that there was a mistake that needs urgent correction.

According to Leo’s horoscope, June is the time when a lawyer’s consultation may be required to resolve certain issues.

Love and money sign Leo in June

In June, the Lions may unexpectedly discover that their sources of income are beginning to dry up. Therefore, now the horoscope recommends you look at your expenses and try to somehow optimize your budget.

But closer to the end of the month, you are again awaited by cash receipts, which are better not to invest in incomprehensible projects, but simply spend on yourself and your loved ones.

In the first half of the month Venus will be in your 12th house. This position of the planet in June may bring with them a secret romantic connection or unrequited love, when the Lions will be forced to hide their feelings from others and from their very subject. However, the horoscope promises that as early as 14, when Venus moves into 1 house — an area of ​​a person’s personality, the Lions will again be full of optimism and charm, wisely deciding that they should not waste their feelings on a person who cannot or does not want to answer them .

But those Leos who have already found their soul mate will have to worry a little — they will have a serious reason for jealousy.

Horoscope for June Lev: activity and health

Mars is still in your 7th house — areas of entertainment, games, sex, and children. Pay more attention to your children in June, try to get out more in nature, play various outdoor games with them.

According to the horoscope, it will be useful for you and your offspring. As the horoscope for June predicts, Leo will be healthy during this period.

But if you do not learn how to cope with stressful situations at work and in your personal life, you may need the help of a psychologist. In order not to bring yourself to this state, take an active holiday and spend more time with your loved ones.

Not bad to take a course of wellness treatments or do yoga.

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Horoscope for June Leo

Numerological horoscope for the number of the day — 23

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It’s time to manifest a non-standard thinking, to expand interests. Any complex cases and problems can be solved by using intuition, the ability to self-analyze.

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