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Horoscope for March Scorpio

Horoscope for March Scorpio

Professionally, this month will not be particularly effective for Scorpios. Therefore, in March, you better relax a bit and pay attention to other aspects of your life.

For example — personal. Or horoscope advises to devote this time to study and enroll in some courses.

Also try to avoid conflicts with others in March.

The main objectives of the month of Scorpio

For most of the year, the Sun will be staying in the 5th house of your personal horoscope — areas of pleasure, entertainment, sex, games and children. And only in the last decade it goes into the 6th house — the area of ​​work and health. The horoscope of Scorpio for March of the year predicts that this month representatives of the sign will strive for personal and creative freedom, they will be lured by adventures, including love ones.

Also with great pleasure they will give time to some of their favorite activities. This is not surprising if the long-awaited spring has finally arrived. If you recently experienced another disappointment, the horoscope recommends you to say goodbye to your past and try to aim yourself at a future where many pleasant surprises await you.

Those representatives of the sign who have a favorite hobby, can seriously think about turning it into another source of their income, to reach a professional level. Couples who are in a relationship for some time, according to the horoscope, may decide to enter into marriage.

Well, family Scorpions can take a little vacation and go somewhere to relax with your other half.

Horoscope for March Scorpio: study, business and contacts

Mercury will first be at Scorpios in the 5th house of the horoscope. But at the end of the first decade, he moved to their 6th house, and in the third decade it became regressive. Such a complex ingression of the planet, according to the horoscope, will give Scorpions this month a lively creative thinking and diligence, as well as a desire to improve their level, the desire to learn and the ability to learn.

Since there are no significant changes or breakthroughs expected in your work area in March, you can sign up for driving courses with peace of mind.

As the horoscope for March predicts, Scorpio can be trained in some kind of spiritual practice, especially one that will promote health.

Love and money sign Scorpio in March

March of the year will be a pretty good month for Scorpio financially. He will work and receive decent wages, in addition, the horoscope says that by connecting creative thinking, representatives of this sign will be able to find an additional source of income. You may even have a certain amount to accumulate, which you can now safely invest in real estate, in personal business, in any financial enterprise.

Or make another major purchase.

Venus will be in the 6th house of your personal horoscope for a month. This position of the planet will give you in March good relations with colleagues and bosses, a good pleasant atmosphere will reign here and, in general, you have nothing to worry about.

With regard to personal life, then the lonely Scorpions here will not be all smooth. Most likely, one cannot count on any favorable developments in this area.

According to the horoscope of Scorpio, March is an important time, especially for those who are in a relationship.

They have a period of quarrels and lack of understanding. Try to be more diplomatic and not bring the case to the gap.

But family members of the sign will be able to fully enjoy the love and harmony in the relationship.

Horoscope for March Scorpio: activity and health

In the middle of Mars moves from 2 house of your horoscope (area of ​​property and finance) to 3 house — the sector of near environment and travel. During this period, you can expect short business trips, as well as active communication with relatives and some kind of joint activity with them. In the area of ​​health, the horoscope recommends that special attention be paid to your nervous system.

If necessary, you can contact a psychologist. In March, Scorpios is better not to conduct planned operations and to be protected from sexually transmitted diseases.

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Horoscope for March Scorpio

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