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Horoscope for October Virgo

Horoscope for October Virgo

In October, Dev’s reputation may be in jeopardy due to the intrigues of detractors. Therefore, the horoscope advises to observe particular caution in their actions. But most importantly — carefully look to the people with whom you communicate.

It is possible that someone enjoys your trust completely unfairly.

Main objectives of the Virgo sign month

Almost all of October, the Sun will stay in the 2nd house of your horoscope — the area of ​​property and finance. It will give Virgos rationalism and give them a feeling of solid ground under their feet. This month you will not be in the clouds, but evaluate everything from a practical point of view.

It is possible that you will have to endure a few disappointments, mainly because you helped people who turned out to be unworthy. Nevertheless, Virgo’s horoscope for October of the year recommends a fair assessment of your own behavior. In particular, to moderate their criticism, especially if it is aimed at people who are much more experienced than you in some matters.

Nothing but a negative attitude towards yourself this way you will not achieve. It will be much better if you can find ways to constructive cooperation — this, according to the horoscope, will make the results of your work much more successful.

Try this month to enlist the support of an influential person and to strictly fulfill their duties. Otherwise, you can fall under the reduction.

Horoscope for October Virgo: study, business and contacts

Mercury will also be in your 2nd house at the beginning of the month. But here he will not linger for a long time and already in the 2nd decade he will move to the 3rd house — an area of ​​the inner circle and short trips. And if from the beginning of the Virgin will demonstrate an extremely dry mind and a rational approach to business, then you can expect a trip or a business trip to a neighboring company.

Or to another city. The horoscope does not recommend it to give up, it can bring you a lot of useful information and new contacts.

Virgins who run their own business need to take a closer look at their new business partners.

Since your profits will depend on the reliability of these people, you need to carefully evaluate them from all sides.

As the horoscope for October predicts, during this period Virgo may decide to move or change jobs. If it is final, then start looking for the appropriate options.

Love and money sign Virgo in October

Some Virgins in October can expect a pleasant surprise in relation to their finances — they will receive a significant amount of money, which not only comes in handy, but also greatly delights them with its size. In general, your financial situation, as the horoscope promises, will remain stable, in addition, this month you will be able to conclude several very promising contracts that promise good profits in the future.

At the beginning, Venus in your 3rd house becomes regressive and by the end of the month it will return to the 2nd house of your horoscope. This can bring conflicts with relatives and friends, as well as a lack of understanding with your loved one or a sudden cooling of your relationship.

It is possible that this will happen precisely because of your fault — you should not behave too lightly with the opposite sex and make you jealous your soulmate.

Unless, of course, you want to lose it. The horoscope advises lonely representatives of the sign to avoid light and non-binding intimate connections.

Horoscope for October Virgo: activity and health

Mars continues to hold its position in the 6th house of your horoscope — the area of ​​work and health. In October, you can continue active training, sports, aerobics, yoga.

According to the horoscope, all this will benefit your health and allow you to maintain good physical shape. In addition, it will get rid of a bad mood. According to Virgo’s horoscope, October is the time when you should pay attention to your legs, and especially your feet.

The horoscope warns about the development of inflammatory processes in the joints, sprains, as well as circulatory disorders in this area.

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Horoscope for October Virgo

Numerological horoscope for the number of the day — 23

2 gives the opportunity to cooperate with other people, gives faith in good deeds. 3 — is cheerfulness, the ability to drop the previous negative experience in order to step forward with faith.

It’s time to manifest a non-standard thinking, to expand interests. Any complex cases and problems can be solved by using intuition, the ability to self-analyze.

23 number will allow to adapt to any unusual situation that arises. You can show the flexibility of the mind to evaluate prospects that seemed too far away. Learn more >>>

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