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Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Kamasutra and sex for the sign of Aries (03/21/20/04)

The famous mythological bird has become famous for its ability to rise from the ashes. Just think!

Fire Aries will raise the dead and kindle the flame of passion out of the blue!

Put your (his) beloved (wow) on your back, and yourself kneel over him. Feel like in anticipation of an exciting «ride on horseback» you both have a quick pulse?

You dictate the rhythm and depth of penetration. What could be more delightful than this intoxicating feeling of unlimited power!

Unleash yourself and move as fast as your temperament demands.

If you have gained too much momentum, try to transfer the «levers» of the board. «Self-igniting» and demanding, seductive and authoritarian, representatives of the Aries fire sign used to set the tone in bed and beyond.

With such sexual energy, mountains can be minimized! For yourself, you clearly separate the physics and lyrics of love relationships, preferring unrestrained and quick satisfaction of passion. You are not used to waiting.

All the more — ask.

Your sexual energy is especially washed by your neck and ears. Have them kiss, pinch, and even nibble your earlobes and neck and make hot and outrageous confessions in your ear. «Shell» (see Lviv) will please your tendency towards hedonism, and «Panther» (see Streltsov) at least to some extent quench the eternal thirst for new pleasures.

For a start, it is a good idea to read out loud something shockingly frank and watch your mutual desire grow ..

Kamasutra and sex for the sign Taurus (04.21-21.05)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Taurus is a passionate creature, prone to self-sacrifice. Surrender to the mercy of the winner and become one with her (him).

Lying down on the bed, ask the object of future pleasures to kneel behind you and massage your back.

It is better to enter from behind, twisting each other’s arms, caressing shoulders, chest, stomach and. Warmed by the warmth of your hands and body, you will feel a powerful pleasure from slow and strong movements.

In love games you hate haste, love to soak up, savoring sensual pleasures and slowly approaching orgasm.

You have very sensitive skin, responding to the slightest caress.

You sway for a long time, but, once you trust, you fully surrender to the power of love.

You are not a novice in the art of seduction — you know affectionately, and if anyone needs guidance, you will show everything you need most.

A neck and especially a nape. You can be driven to madness by caressing your neck with your lips, by using your tongue.

You fit the same posture as other earth signs — Capricorn and Virgo. “Passion Flower” promises you, like Virgo, unearthly bliss, and “Orchid” (Capricorn) — an unforgettable carnal joy.

Like all thin-skinned Taurus, you adore the exciting sensation of stylish underwear. Do not be in a hurry to undress at all — leave only the bare minimum for a time;

Kama Sutra and sex for the sign Gemini (05.22-21.06)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Remember how Aladdin caused the almighty genie from his magic lamp? You are not a magician, but with friction you also achieve good results!

You lie on your side facing each other.

After direct entry, make a few strokes stroking each other.

Then roll to the other side.

Isn’t it true that sex in motion is something amazing?

The true sign of Air, you, like a string in the wind, ring and vibrate from the most subtle and elusive impressions. You are distinguished by extraordinary responsiveness and need the widest range of erotic sensations — sex you crave to hear, see, smell and touch.

You are one of those about whom it is customary to say that they love with their ears — even a favorite voice can lead you in earnest.

In sex, you are adventurous and thirsty for adventure. The lawn in a strange garden excites you much stronger than a cozy snow-white bed!

Sorry for the involuntary pun, your sexuality is really in your hands!

Sa erogenous zone starts from the tip of the little finger and extends to the elbow. Draw conclusions. “Peach”, especially recommended to Aquarius, will cause you a serious adrenaline rush, and “Cherry Flowers”, put to Libra, will satisfy your desire to constantly feel like an object of universal admiration and adoration.

You adore phone sex — grab cell phones on a date and, as a prelude, make each other talk on the most burning topics.

Kamasutra and sex for the sign Cancer (22.06-22.07)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

«Lotus» — for sensitive cancers seeking special intimacy. Closer nowhere!

Sitting on a bed with straight legs wide apart, you will move in the same rhythm of slow and strong jolts.

Closest to each other to feel each cell. If you are not warm enough, try oral sex.

Now you agree that “Lotos” is an ideal posture for Cancers, who are looking to have complete physical and emotional union with their half in sex?

You do not hesitate in the manifestation of their preferences and require a certain imagination from your partner. Sex for you is an unconditional surrender, and you must fully trust each other in order to love without looking back.

But if you are tuned to each other, a general and deafening orgasm is guaranteed. By the way, you are very excited, watching the increase in their own arousal.

Maybe worth thinking about the mirrored ceiling in the bedroom? «Anaconda» (Scorpio) will enhance your sensuality, and «Dolphin» (Pisces) — will help stretch the pleasure.

Kama Sutra and sex for the sign of Leo (07.23-23.08)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

And this is for exhibitionists — Lviv, who adore to show off even in bed and who love a stormy final. Sex on bent knees is something!

Holding hands tightly, swing like on a swing.

Feeling how fast the excitement is growing, take a pause to make more of each other. Caressing each other, you will come close to orgasm. Finishing first, you will enjoy the climax from the opposite side a few seconds later.

In sex, you are hot and with discouraging candor declare your demands. Surprisingly, you like to be caressed fully clothed.

The strange feeling of coarse wool or leather in the most intimate places excites you like nothing else. In sex, the process itself excites you — you are slowly losing your head, feeling the attraction grow.

Therefore, you adore the first to come to the finish line in order to applaud the return orgasm with ecstasy. Your zone is your back.

Ah, if someone guesses literally to lick you from top to bottom, or at least pat on the back.

The Wild Lions will be close to the Panther (Libra), and the Phoenix (Aries) will respond to the habit of these royal persons to command everyone and everything. The mirror is what you need to quench this passion for narcissism and contemplation.

Kamasutra and sex for the sign of Virgo (08.24-23.09)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

This is a real delicacy for the true Virgin, who dreams of refined intimacy. Sex on the very edge (beds?). Let someone, not you, adjust the pace and rhythm of your movements.

You can help yourself to reach the top of bliss faster by stimulating yourself.

Virgos cannot tolerate public expressions of feelings, preferring to conceal their deeply personal relationships from outsiders. For such secretive persons, a love meeting turns into a special ritual with an obligatory exciting prelude.

No need to be shy — your sexuality is driving everyone crazy — you are a true connoisseur and connoisseur of good technology. The peculiarity of your tactics — to resist to the last, in the end, surrendering to the mercy of the winner and throwing out all his temperament in unrestrained orgasm.

The result will be especially impressive if this is achieved by oral ages. The center of your sexual energy is the navel and the lower abdomen right up to the pubis.

Want to caress yourself, but better entrust it to the object of adoration, Prying lips and tongue will bring you to complete euphoria!

«Unicorn» (Taurus) promises you a crazy climax. «Orchid», like Capricorn, will release the hidden potential. Virgos love to taste the act of love, while sipping champagne in between and eating smoked salmon.

Kamasutra and sex for the sign of Libra (24.09-23.10)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Scales are so romantic, and in “The Flowers of Cherry” you will be more seductive than ever. Having sex from top to bottom, entwining arms and legs.

If the excitement immediately overwhelmed you, try to stop and gently caress each other in the most intimate places.

Continuing the frictions, move as slowly as possible, help yourself get closer to the climax, stimulating the genitals. Special squeak — to finish together, looking intently into each other’s eyes!

Keeping the external modesty, you still attract to yourself as a magnet and know how to reach the heights of bliss.

In others, you are most excited by the intellect, but in general you are dreaming about the ideal, perfect in both body and spirit.

You don’t need naked erotic too. You fervently respond to caress and tremble at the thought of burning pleasure waiting for you in the final.

You prefer slow sex printers to catch you with nothing!

Your zone — the buttocks. Hint where you need to work hard with your hands and tongue.

The “magic lamp” of Gemini offers you bright and picturesque sex, and the “Peach” of Aquarius — the sharpest of all possible pleasures. Libra — slaves of love. Ask your scarf to tie your hands behind your back in front of your favorite oral sex.

Let them do with you now everything you want!

Kamasutra and sex for the sign of Scorpio (10.24-22.11)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Ardent Scorpio will give free rein to his temperament in the particularly sensual position of “Anaconda”. Put your “victim” on your back.

Sit on top of your back to the «victim». Caressing the genitals (not forgetting to yourself) with your lips and tongue, slide your chest and abdomen over your body.

Now we are going to gallop!

Do not forget about your stimulation. Here it is!

Lean forward and feel this sweet orgasm with your whole body!

From a spark — a flame. This is about you, irresistible and hypnotic Scorpions! Do you like when you submit to your desires, but who can you resist?

You are true lovers, passionate and generous to caress, — you can be excited and excited and not used to lie passively on your back waiting for a miracle.

If the object of your adoration is set to bestow oral sex on you, you will still take the initiative in your hands. easy to drive anyone crazy.

Your main erogenous button — genitals, releasing into the wild a hurricane of passion. I hope no one disregards this fact.

“Dolphin” (Pisces) will allow you to fully surrender to a gust of passion, and “Lotus” (Cancer) will give you the opportunity to dictate your will. Do you like secrets and magic surroundings?

Light candles and burn incense at your box of love.

Kama Sutra and sex for the sign Sagittarius (11.23-21.12)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

«Panther» — a brutal pleasure for fans of wild passion.

Remember how animals do it. Yes, yes, the entrance is just behind!

And anyway, you still will not let the initiative be seized and impose your rhythm. Like a panther, like a tiger voluptuously bending your back, caress your sexual organs to achieve a dazzling orgasm at the same time.

You are completely wild and find special pleasure in giving yourself to the craziest animal instincts. Rapid arousal will give you simultaneous stimulation of the abdomen and genitals.

You like to kneel down and caress there in self-oblivion — especially in risky places that are not suitable for such frank caresses! Your sexuality is in the groin.

If you will be caressed in this place, even without touching the rest, you will still “ozverete” from pleasure.

The signs of Fire are spelled «Phoenix», giving your partner at your complete disposal, and «Shell» — a dish for true erotomans who can appreciate unusual sex. Do you like unplanned sex?

What could be better than a pretty «Panther» under the morning shower!

Kama Sutra and sex for the sign Capricorn (12.22-20.01)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Even in sex Capricorn is important to lead. «Orchid» will help implement the claim to «sexual domination.» Racing, squatting and kneeling with each other — what is it ?!

Moving «at a measured gallop», do not forget about yourself, but do not be selfish, you will drive to the cherished point at the same time.

You need faithful, loving and. submissive partners. In order to get maximum pleasure from sex, you need complete freedom of action.

Erotic massage, good wine, exquisite aromas — this is what makes you thrill with excitement.

You love your beloved to wake your body up first with gentle and sensual strokes. You like to maintain the fire of passion, indulge in oral sex, and light up yourself from the response oral sex.

The epicenter of Capricorns erotic energy is the reverse of the knees. All your sexual vibes start from here!

“Passion Flower” and “Unicorn” — this is what the doctor prescribed for you, besides “Orchid”. «Passion Flower» — deep penetration.

«Unicorn» — a close emotional and physical connection with your lovers.

Before sex, it’s nice to warm up with intellectual fun. «Monopoly» and even tic-tac-toe will do.

Especially useful to play naked. Well-known intellectuals — Capricorns, of course, win and require «reckoning» from their partner.

Kamasutra and sex for the sign Aquarius (01.21-19.02)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

For Aquarius who are looking for unusual sex, there is nothing better than defiant «Peach»!

Face each other. Starting with preliminary caresses, go to the main dish.

Perform interpenetration without moving to a horizontal position.

Manage all movements. Do not be afraid to say that you are excited to talk «about it.»

You are different ability to multiple orgasms, and this position is the best for you.

In everything — including sex — you are used to being charming avant-garde artists. You like to experiment, realizing the most daring sexual fantasies.

You adore to give pleasure, to caress in all imaginable ways and to be charged from reciprocal growing excitement.

At the same time you are in complete control of yourself and show rare composure in the hottest moments.

Your orgasm is something! Then you let go of the reins! Your object of adoration probably knows this, so you like to masturbate together. «Weak» places of Aquarius — the ankle.

If they are stroked, kissed or otherwise caressed, it is easier for you to move on — to the very top of bliss.

You will surely like “The Magic Lamp” or “Flowers-Cherry”. The first pose will give you the coveted feeling of complete control over the insanity that is happening, and the second will give you a maximum of erotic lift.

Love everything unusual? Lure your loved one to an «adult store» or somehow get some interesting «toys» for your sinful fun.

Kama Sutra and sex for the sign Pisces (20.02-20.03)

Horoscope Kamasutra zodiac signs

Sensual and romantic «Dolphin» drunk delicate Pisces with a magical cocktail of sexual and emotional intimacy. Lie on your side.

You are close as ever, but you are free enough in your movements.

You can stroke each other and whisper hot and exciting confessions in your ear, Rhythm is not your concern.

Bring yourself to the climax — waiting for you unearthly orgasm!

You are innate deceivers. Your intuition allows you to find the most hidden erogenous points.

Pisces — idealists need their chosen one (s) to at least outwardly correspond to their ideal.

You are a gentle and dreamy creature, your sexuality is fueled by emotions. Sliding on the waves of your feelings, you pretend to be subdued, but you know very well the power of your attractiveness.

Feet — from the fingertips to.

Let you stroke, pinch, kiss your toes. You can surprise with the intriguing caress of these same fingers, who playfully climbed up to the partner in the crotch.

«Lotus» — perfect emotional and physical pleasure. «Anaconda» — the implementation of the most secret erotic dreams. Like all Pisces, do you like riddles and secrets?

Play an erotic game: you accidentally meet an attractive stranger who seduces you without long prefaces. Revel in your innocent viciousness!

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