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Horoscope Leo on October 2019 — what will be the health

The horoscope for Leo on October of the year says that the time will come for an active social life. It is your relationship with people that will determine the future.

Therefore, read the recommendations of astrologers for this period in order to live a month with maximum benefit for yourself and your success.

Love, family and relationships

Venus — the patroness of lovers, will be located to you in October. Therefore, it’s time to come to grips with your personal life.

You will finally stop spending the evening alone, and you will find someone you can love.

Horoscope Leo on October 2019 - what will be the health

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Lions are very attached to the hearth and loved one. And in October, this could be a serious obstacle to self-realization. Spend time solving household problems, but do not focus only on them. Leave the energy to work too. Do not forget to take care of yourself.
  2. Your children and parents alike will require special attention. You will have to solve their problems, help and support financially. This can seriously increase costs, but your participation is necessary in any case.
  3. To keep the home atmosphere calm and soulful, you will have to make a lot of effort. Your relationship with your spouse will be somewhat dramatic. The partner will try to make you an emotional swing: either to provoke a quarrel, or to arrange romantic surprises. Try to respond calmly to any of his antics.
  4. It is very important during this period not to lose trust in the relationship, otherwise they will be doomed. Therefore, control your behavior, do not give out smiles and compliments to everyone. Show loyalty to your chosen one, without forcing him to suspect you of all mortal sins.
  5. Relations with relatives can be exacerbated. Conflicts will begin to happen for reasons completely unpredictable for you. The culprit quarrels will not be you, but the second side. But the first step to reconciliation will have to do all the same to you.
  6. But the children will only please you. You will notice that the older they get, the more responsibility they take on. Talk to your child more often, share your successes with him and be interested in his affairs. And over time, your relationship will become incredibly warm and harmonious.

If you have diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you need to be especially attentive to your health. Keep physical activity moderate.

Take care of the prevention of your diseases in order to prevent their recurrence.

Horoscope Leo on October 2019 - what will be the health

October is perfect for any kind of anti-aging treatments. It is also a favorable period for visiting salt rooms, baths and saunas, spas and a swimming pool.

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Money, career and business

Compared with the previous month, the financial situation will worsen as expenses increase. There will be a question of debt repayment.

And if someone borrowed money from you, they will not be returned.

Horoscope Leo on October 2019 - what will be the health

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. The most successful will be shopping for the soul and personal comfort. Therefore, each time you spend money, ask yourself: “Will it make me happier?”.
  2. Do not take loans and do not borrow money from friends, otherwise you risk falling into debt trap for a long time.
  3. October is not the best month for labor feats. Concentrate on the completion of commitments made in the past, and with the new tasks have to wait.
  4. It is very important for you to build friendly relations with colleagues right now, to maintain a favorable emotional atmosphere in the team.
  5. In October, anxiety and fuss can grab you. If you are an entrepreneur, every now and then you have to fight back from inspections by regulatory authorities, to understand legal problems. It will be difficult, but you are able to cope with all this and get out of problematic situations to your advantage.
  6. In the second half of the month, conflicts with business partners or customers are not excluded, therefore, any negotiations should be postponed until a more favorable period. Failures can undermine faith in yourself and your success, provoking fear of losing everything that has been acquired by overwork.
  7. Pay attention to current work projects. They need improvements and adjustments.
  8. Managers need to carefully monitor their subordinates to increase the productivity of their work. You may need additional sources of employee motivation to make them work better.
  9. It is very important to refrain from any kind of criticism and sarcasm during this period. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing a hostile attitude and the machinations of detractors who are touched by your opinion.
  10. The skills you need to succeed are the ability to maintain balance, the ability to quickly adapt to external circumstances and a tactful attitude towards the people with whom you work.

Have patience and bring all the things you have started to end so as not to accumulate a huge amount of routine that you will have to rake in the future at the cost of incredible efforts.

Be careful on business trips and business trips, because there is a high risk of losing or confusing something.

  • The first week of the month must pass actively. Avoid loneliness and do not lock yourself in. Be open to people, accept help and support, sincerely thank for everything.
  • Devote the second week to the family. Arrange a holiday for close people, invite guests, keep these promises for a long time.
  • The third week is a time to get experience. Try not to repeat old mistakes. Use all resources at your disposal to achieve goals.
  • At the end of the month, take the initiative more often and do not be afraid to take risks. The stars will send you great opportunities for your future success, do not miss your chance.

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