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Horoscope Libra in October 2019 — how to find love

The horoscope for Libra for October predicts a difficult but very interesting life span. I selected for you the best predictions of astrologers with recommendations so that you clearly understand what will happen to you and how to deal with it.

General trends

In the first half of the month you will receive the results of your efforts in the past. You can wait for replenishment in finance, the conclusion of lucrative deals and useful acquisitions.

Luck is especially strong in money, so use this feature to the maximum.

Horoscope Libra in October 2019 - how to find love

You will always be the center of attention, so this is also a favorable period for new acquaintances, searching for the second half or strengthening old ties. Without fear, take up any projects, because the people around you will give you all the necessary resources and help to realize your endeavors.

There may be new hobbies, as well as you will be covered with a wave of creative inspiration. Create, develop, set goals and achieve them.

You can achieve dizzying success and significantly improve the quality of life.

Love, family, relationship

Scales in October will want to constantly try something new. This desire will affect your personal life too.

With such an approach, you will constantly meet new people, start a short affair and cool down quickly to your partners.

Horoscope Libra on October 2019 - how to find love

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Drama and thrills will accompany your relationship throughout the month. Emotional swings will first excite, but gradually they can be rather tired. Do not provoke quarrels and scandals too often, because your partner is also quickly tired of endless experiences.
  2. Scales that are in the process of divorce, will experience all the «charms» of the divorce process. Proceedings are pending because it will not be possible to agree on resolving property issues peacefully.

Astrologer’s advice: in order to solve problems in your personal life, seek advice from the older generation, establish contact with your family. Talk to grandparents, parents if they are alive.

Their words can push you to the right thoughts.

October is not the most favorable period for Libra emotionally. You may be covered with neuroses and negative emotions. It is important to calm down, learn to relax and correctly live your feelings without suppressing them.

Rest in nature and a full sleep will help to recover and restore calm.

Horoscope Libra on October 2019 - how to find love

If you can not cope with the experiences and let go of unnecessary emotions, it will affect health and well-being. Particularly vulnerable parts of the body during this period are the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Experimenting with cosmetic procedures in October is not worth it. Use the tools that are already accustomed to.

Astrologer’s advice: do not share your plans and successes with anyone yet. The less you talk, the more you have time to do.

This will help maintain a calm and resilient state.

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Money, career and business

In October, the money will not have to worry, they will regularly be credited to your account. Revenues will increase, but with them will grow costs.

The main article of spending will be related to personal life.

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. Despite stability in finances, you will have to solve a variety of problems, in connection with which your expenses will increase. Be attentive to the people around you. They will try to draw you into some adventure.
  2. There is a risk of losing some valuable things for you. You also need to plan your spending, avoiding spontaneous purchases, especially large ones. October is not the best time to buy jewelry, senseless revelry and expensive things.
  3. Otherwise, luck will be on your side. Your position at work will be strengthened, you will manage to solve old problems with real estate and land. Any business negotiations will end profitably for you.
  4. It is very important to refrain from spontaneous decisions during this period, especially in the first half of the month. Give yourself time to think, and only after weighing all the pros and cons, act.
  5. It is equally important to stop running away from problems, but feel free to look at them and immediately solve them. The longer you run, the more the situation will get worse. This is especially true of paperwork and work with government organizations.
  6. In the second half of the month things will go smoothly. At first, this will not seem to you, a large amount of work will fall on you. But do not rush to worry: solve all current affairs gradually, and soon you will be able to see prospects for your further development.
  7. It is too early to build global plans for the future, now you have a stage in solving past problems and completing current tasks. But by the end of the month you will be able to cope with everything, and you can begin to set new goals, plan a strategy of behavior in a profession or business.
  8. Managers and business owners need to be more attentive to any incoming information. The data that your subordinates will provide may be incorrect and put the case at risk. For now, you can only rely on yourself.
  9. If you are in search of work, then in October you will not be able to find something suitable. All vacancies that will be offered are significantly lower than your usual level.

  • Libra’s personal life in October will be a great storm. You have to go through all the shades of feelings and emotions, there will come a period of constant emotional swing. It is important not to flirt about it in order not to lose a loved one.
  • About the money do not have to worry. The main thing — do not waste money, control their expenses. Otherwise, the increase in income will remain completely invisible to you.
  • It is very important to care during this period not only for your body, but also for your emotional state. Learn to fully relax and relax, to give output to negative emotions without harm to others.

Guess today with the help of the Tarot Map of the day!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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