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Horoscope May Deva

Horoscope May Deva

May will be for Virgos a relatively prosperous and happy month. Relatively — the horoscope warns that if you do something insignificant, it is very easy to miss the chances that Fate gives you.

Do not focus on the details, but try to see the whole picture — then you will succeed.

Main objectives of the Virgo sign month

For most of the month, the Sun will be in your 9th house — a region of distant surroundings and travel. Some Virgins decide this month to drastically change their lives and move to live in another country. Others can go there in May to go on a business trip or to gain new bright impressions.

Still others can make contacts with foreigners and thus expand the boundaries of their business. The horoscope of Virgo for May of the year says that you will have to decisively push your habitual way of life and go beyond it. As for your personal life, here you will have to remember that the person you love is not your property at all.

And you have no moral right to dictate your conditions to it or to subject it to total control. If you do not change your behavior, according to the warning of the horoscope, you may face unpleasant surprises.

Horoscope for May Deva: study, business and contacts

In the first half of the year, Mercury will be in the 8th house of your horoscope. Then he goes to the 9th house.

Any crisis situations at the beginning of the month will only contribute to the exacerbation of your mind and creative thinking. In the second half, some Virgos will have long trips. Or they will have a lot of contact with their foreign partners or close people living abroad.

As the horoscope for May predicts, Virgo may decide to get some kind of new specialty, for which he will go to study, and the second half will support this initiative in every possible way. As for the professional sphere, here you have a lot of new work.

And if you do not have enough knowledge or experience for her, then you will have to learn everything on the go, without interrupting your main activity.

Love and money sign Virgo in May

Dev’s financial position in May will not be too brilliant. However, the horoscope does not recommend in the first half of the month to take loans or borrow money from friends.

Try to find some other way out.

Most of Venus will be in Virgos in the 10th house of the horoscope — the field of personal success and career. This can give you friendship and patronage of influential people who will contribute a lot to your further advancement.

Some representatives of the sign may even have a love affair, solely in order to obtain a desired position or a higher position in society. According to Virgo’s horoscope, May is a period in which even if you manage to achieve something, it is unlikely that this relationship will turn out to be really strong and long.

Those representatives of the sign who are already in a relationship will have to go through a lot of unpleasant moments due to their own suspicion. Toward the end of the month, when Venus moves into 11th house — the domain of friends and like-minded people, the horoscope promises that you will again be able to find a common language with your loved one.

Horoscope for May Virgo: activity and health

During the whole month, Mars will be in the 6th house of your horoscope — the area of ​​work and health. Therefore, in May, Virgos will be very helpful in some kind of recreational activity — for example, enrolling in the pool or starting to practice eastern gymnastics.

Pay attention to the fact that in the third decade Mars becomes regressive, during this period the horoscope advises to stop active training. Of the diseases, those associated with the upper respiratory tract are likely, as well as sciatica.

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Horoscope May Deva

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