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Horoscope May Lion

Horoscope May Lion

May is another extremely calm and stable month that Lviv expects this year. He will not bring any radical changes with him, the horoscope promises that everything will go along the already rolled up tracks.

So you can relax and not rush.

The main objectives of the month of Leo

Starting from the end of last month, the Sun will be in your 10th house of the horoscope — the area of ​​personal success and career. In May, the Lions will be able to fully demonstrate their organizational skills and intentions to succeed. this will manifest itself in both professional and personal spheres. Thanks to your diligence, you will find yourself in good standing with your superiors, who will not fail to please you with some new and very promising projects.

The horoscope recommends this month to soberly assess its capabilities and undertake only what you really can do. As the horoscope for May predicts, Leo will be irresistibly attractive and enjoy great success with people of the opposite sex.

True, a serious relationship lonely Lions should not rush to start.

Especially if you just recently broke up with your former partner. Let everything settle down, but for now the horoscope recommends that you treat your injured self-esteem by means of a non-binding, but active flirtation.

Horoscope for May Lev: study, business and contacts

Mercury continues direct movement and 13 years smoothly passes into the next, 10th house of your horoscope. This will give Lviv great ambition and high insight.

Many representatives of this sign will be able to show themselves as outstanding strategists, especially with regard to the preparation of work plans. This month, you will skillfully use the information you receive, as well as your existing business connections.

In turn, according to the horoscope, this will have a very positive effect on the development of your business. Those Lions who are looking for another job may receive many interesting and tempting offers in May. Take the time to make the final decision, try to look at each of them from different angles and choose the one that has the best ratio of pros and cons.

Leo’s horoscope for May of the year predicts that if you have not yet opened your own business, that now you can do it using profitable acquaintances, as well as the amount of money that you have already saved by this time.

Love and money sign in May

The lions worked hard and hard, so they began to receive a decent reward for everything that had already been done. But the representatives of this sign do not stop at what they have achieved — in Mayon they will also conclude a lot of lucrative contracts or successfully complete projects, the horoscope promises that their financial well-being continues to improve day by day.

The first two decades of Venus will be in your 11th house — the field of friends and associates. This is a great position of the planet for good contacts with others.

And also for those who lead some joint projects with their loved one. Lonely Lions will be overly romantic. They will relax and can easily get into the network is not too honest person.

According to the sign of Leo May is the time of serious intentions

Do not rush to open your soul to a new acquaintance, even if it seems incredibly sweet to you.

And those who are already in a relationship can be advised to continue to work on their development and improvement. Do not criticize your chosen one, but try to find common ground.

Horoscope for May Lev: activity and health

Mars continues to be in your 6th house — the area of ​​work and health until the second half. Any wellness exercise will bring incredible benefits during this period. Then Mars moves into the 7th house of your horoscope — the area of ​​pleasure, entertainment. sex and children.

There comes a period when you better direct your activity to your loved one. And also to attract children to some sports games.

As the horoscope promises, your health in May will not cause you any serious trouble. However, it is never over to maintain your immunity for prevention.

And also try to maintain a reasonable lifestyle — do not forget about rest and eat right.

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Horoscope May Lion

Numerological horoscope for the number of the day — 23

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