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Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Horoscope stones

From the horoscope of stones according to the signs of the zodiac you will recognize your stone that will help you to create your energy correctly. Stones have a very powerful energy force. They can absorb both good and bad.

It is believed that the most favorable for a person are those stones that correspond to his planet, or the sign of the zodiac, which was assigned to him at birth. Such stones can be called personal charms, which will help a person in everything and protect him from evil, giving strength and energy.

This teaching came to us from ancient times, and you should not deny it. You need to be very serious about choosing stones, because if he is not your horoscope, he can bring pain and suffering.

By the way gemstones can be male and female, they can be distinguished by color. Women have a bright color and coldness. And men’s stones, on the contrary, have warm colors, sometimes with modulations.

It is believed that only in the hands of a man of his gender, a stone can reveal its full strength.

The sun: diamond, hyacinth, aventurine, heliotrope, ruby.

Moon: beryl, coral, opal, moonstone, pearl, aquamarine.

Venus: sapphire, agate, pearls.

Mars: jasper, bloodbath, diamond, ruby, garnet.

Mercury: topaz, agate, emerald.

Saturn: onyx, amethyst, dark topaz.

Neptune: crystal, amethyst, moonstone.

Jupiter: sapphire, turquoise, lapis lazuli.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Aquarius draws happiness from garnet and zircon

Garnet — It is a semi-precious stone, which can have various shades, from yellow to dark red. It symbolizes strong friendship and sincere love.

Pomegranate is considered a healing stone that can cure sore throat and high fever. If Aquarius will constantly wear a garnet, the stone will give him a good mood and positive thoughts.

Often this stone is called a talisman for loving hearts, and it is also considered a stone of honesty. But there are countries in which the grenade, according to popular belief, brings bad luck.

Zircon — It is a gem that has a transparent color. In the East, this stone is called the younger brother of the diamond.

It gives the mind and desire for knowledge, helps in learning and strengthens memory.

There are also zircons of bluish color, which are considered to be the patrons of travelers. They are able to scare away wild animals and save a person from the bites of poisonous reptiles.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Pisces zodiac sign draws happiness from pearls and amethyst

Pearls It has different colors, it is pink, silver, yellowish, white, black and even green. This stone in nature is found in Japan, and in Australia, and in Mexico. He brings his master happiness and health, as well as contributes to long years of life.

A person who is protected by pearls can always be safe, avoid the evil eyes and misfortunes of love. In addition, it is believed that this stone opens the ability to clairvoyance.

If you wear a ring with pearls, he will surely save from dishonest people, deceivers and thieves. The mood and well-being of the owner can affect the luster and color of the pearl.

Amethyst has a bright purple color, with shades of mauve.

The one who gives amethyst can cause the love of the person to whom he is being presented.

The stone is able to protect its owner from the immense drunkenness, as well as helps him in hunting and fishing. If you wear amethyst constantly, it will bring good, luck, happiness, peace, calm nerves and settle conflicts.

And if the stone, among other things, is decorated with the image of the Sun or the Moon, then this can save a person from poisoning. Amethyst often reflects a great love for the person who passed away.

Therefore, it is often worn by widowers and widows, as well as people who have lost their loved one. And just because of this, the amethyst is sometimes called the «widow’s stone.»

There is nothing bad in it, because it symbolizes loyalty, love and devotion.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Aries draws happiness from a diamond and a ruby

Diamond, or diamond — this is the most precious, expensive, beautiful and noble stone of all existing. It symbolizes innocence, courage, firmness. This stone has great power in the fight against ailments and pain, as well as other miraculous abilities.

Whoever wears a diamond all the time, everything works out in business and love. In addition, the stone is able to protect from the evil eye, save from wounds, give strength and courage in battle and ensure longevity. If a woman in labor keeps a diamond with her, she will give birth quickly and easily.

It is best to wear this gem around your neck, or on your left hand. It is believed that a diamond must touch the skin in order to transmit its spell.

Ruby — This is a gem that has a blood red color. This stone is a symbol of love and passion, therefore it brings good luck in these areas of life. If you want to achieve love from your partner, give him a ruby ​​of the color of flame.

The stone is able to enhance the quality of man. For example, if he is distinguished by a good temper, a ruby ​​will make him even kinder.

If evil — even angrier. Rubin helps to achieve victory in battle, protects from poisoning and saves from wounds.

It is believed that if a stone acquires a dark shade, its owner should be wary of any threat.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Taurus draws happiness from turquoise and sapphire

Turquoise — This is a gem that has a blue color.

It means love, faithful, sincere and unchanging.

It is believed that the gem helps in the affairs of love and helps spouses reconcile with each other. Turquoise reconciles all, tries to end conflicts, resolve misunderstandings, seeks peace in the family and settles quarrels. In addition, it has healing properties and brings material values ​​into the house.

If you look at turquoise in the morning, it will improve your eyesight. Also, the gem has a love act. To perform the ceremony, you need to quietly put a piece of turquoise in your beloved in your clothes.

But if the person is angry and does not comply with moral standards, or worse, turquoise will bring him only misfortune.

Sapphire — It is a gem that means loyalty, modesty, virginity, purity and chastity. It is perfect as a talisman for newlyweds and lovers.

Sapphire is often called the talisman of the wise, because it has a positive effect on memory, as well as gives a thirst for new knowledge. The gem has other properties.

A person who is constantly wearing sapphire will be protected from the evil eye and slander, protected from depression and will attract the favor of fortune. Also, if you are the owner of a sapphire, you will be pretty to those around you.

The stone provides energy, protects against diseases, is a defender of sailors and a fence against treachery.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Gemini Zodiac sign draws happiness from agate, chrysolite and beryl, but jade is a forbidden stone for him

Agate — This is a semi-precious stone, which is manifested in various colors. It eliminates various misfortunes, the evil eye, curses, poisoning, etc. Agate gives its owner strength and eloquence, as well as eliminates the feeling of thirst.

It is believed that this stone is able to improve vision. If you have sore teeth or sore throat, you should wear an agate necklace.

And on the left hand a stone is worn to get rid of irritability and slander. Also agate is suitable during mourning.

Chrysolite usually takes on a greenish color, a light green, blue and emerald hue may be present.

This stone is great for businessmen. All because it eliminates the consequences of envy and a bad word.

If the chrysolite is enclosed in a gold frame, it will become a reliable protector against dishonest partners, the dangers of doing business, and various cases involving material losses. The same stone protects against nervous breakdowns, migraines and gives the owner peace of mind.

Beryl has a bluish color and brings well-being in love. He gives the owner cheerfulness and peace in the relationship.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Cancer scoops happiness from moonstone, pearls, cat’s eyes (chrysolite) and emerald

Moonstone sometimes called selenite. It is best suited for those born during the full moon and Monday. The moonstone is an assistant in matters of the heart and protects the relationship of its carrier.

He leads the owner to happiness, helping to overcome obstacles and make the right decisions. It is best to enclose the moonstone in silver, this product will help to cope with nervous breakdowns.

Emerald — this is a gem of green color.

He gives his owner extrasensory abilities, as well as drives away bad dreams.

Emerald is able to protect a person from depression, depression, a broken heart and hypochondria. He also has the ability to improve vision.

The gem is often used as a talisman that gives wisdom and hope. In addition, emerald is credited with the ability to lengthen a person’s life.

Stones such as lapis lazuli, onyx and garnet are completely unsuitable for Cancers, representatives of this sign should be avoided by all means.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Leo draws happiness from amber, olivine, topaz and chrysolite

Amber It helps to cure various diseases, get rid of the evil eye and evil spirits. This stone can stop bleeding and choking. If you wear amber necklaces during pregnancy, childbirth will be easy and calm.

The same stone will protect the newborn and give him strength. Untreated amber can be used for insomnia.

To do this, the stone must be put under the pillow.

Olivine is a type of chrysolite.

He ensures his master good luck in all his endeavors.

Topaz is a yellow translucent stone. He helps in relations with the authorities and helps to achieve material values. Also topaz protects a person in a long way and gives wisdom to men.

Women, he gives fertility, in addition, the stone is able to treat many ailments.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Virgo Zodiac sign draws happiness from jade and carnelian

Nephritis Different green opaque color. It is often called the stone of life, because it bestows energy and strength.

Nephritis heals kidney and liver diseases, headaches and improves eyesight. In addition, he is considered a mascot of players and athletes.

The person who owns jade will be saved from the evil eye, and the partner will always be faithful to him.

Cornelian — This is a semi-precious stone, which comes in different colors. Reddish, brown, greenish or even white.

According to Muslims, wearing a ring of carnelian promises joy and prosperity. This stone is able to provide material income.

In addition, its strength can improve the quality of the skin, give it freshness and beauty.

Carnelian relieves toothache, treats diseases of the intestinal tract and heart. It protects against unkind people, black magic, quarrels, keeps the secret, extinguishes anger, gives the mind and favors the execution of the desired.

The best frame for carnelian is silver.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Libra draws happiness from opal and lapis lazuli, but onyx is not a good stone for them

Opal — This is a gem that has a rainbow shining color. He brings good luck in the endeavors.

But at the same time, it does not withstand lies and bad thoughts, therefore, for bad people, you should not wear opal, so that it does not get worse. The stone is able to endow its owner with the gift of clairvoyance and telepathy. You should not give opal, because it can send the envy of that person to you.

This is a very versatile stone, on the one hand — it is a symbol of betrayal and inconstancy, on the other hand — hope and loyalty. But in Europe, in the Middle Ages, it was believed that Opal in a frame of gold carries grief and disappointment.

Lapis lazuli able to change the nature of Libra. He will heal them from weakness, fickleness, and lack of love relationships.

A necklace with lapis lazuli can cure various diseases of the epidermis, as well as rheumatism, epilepsy.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Scorpio draws happiness from aquamarine, carbuncle, coral and garnet

Aquamarine — is a sea-green stone with a transparent structure. This stone keeps the family hearth, adds to the relationship of mutual understanding, love, loyalty and respect. If you want a person to constantly think about you, give him an aquamarine.

The stone keeps seafarers from storms and travelers in a long road. Provides absolute victory and protection from all evil.

If you want to get rid of a toothache and tonsillitis, wear as often as possible a necklace of aquamarines enclosed in a frame of silver.

Carbuncle — This is a type of pomegranate, this stone has a blood-red color. It is suitable for pregnant women, helps to bear the child and provides easy delivery.

He also protects the military, protects from wounds and bleeding.

Carbuncle drives away bad thoughts and relieves a person from depression.

Coral improves the memory of its owner and promotes healing of wounds. In addition, the stone is able to protect from the evil eye, dark spirits and temptations.

Such a talisman is the best defense for psychics, fortune-tellers and clairvoyants.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Sagittarius draws happiness from amethyst, topaz, chrysolite

All of these stones are already described above, but for Sagittarius they have their own unique meaning.

Amethyst Sagittarius brings happiness, good luck, peace, good and protection from quarrels. It serves as protection and support for those representatives of the mark who have lost their loved one, spouse, lover.

No wonder that it is called «widow’s stone.»

Chrysolite saves them from bad dreams, treats nervous disorders. If Sagittarius will wear this stone in gold, he will give him spiritual strength and the gift of clairvoyance.

And also protect his supernatural abilities from the evil eye and damage.

Like Chrysolite, Topaz will save Streltsov’s dreams from the appearance of bad symbols in them.

In addition, he gives healing from many diseases, will help women give birth to a child, and men to become even wiser.

Horoscope stones on the signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Capricorn draws happiness from ruby, onyx and malachite, but must beware of lapis lazuli

Onyx — This is a semi-precious stone, which has a black or dark brown color. It is best to wear onyx to those people who were born on Saturday, as well as on the eighth, seventeenth and twenty-sixth. It is sometimes called the Stone of the Leaders, because it can give its master power over other people.

Onyx gives clarity to the mind, helps to see what opponents have planned and strengthens memory, which is incredibly important for building a strategy. This stone is able to protect those who carry it from sudden mortal danger.

You should not give your wife the product of onyx, because in this case, the spouse risks being under her command. If Onyx is set in silver, it can help to cure heart and nervous diseases, relieve insomnia, banish evil thoughts and give vitality.

Malachite — this is a semi-precious stone that has an incredibly lively and beautiful green color. It can be either light green or dark herbal.

There is a belief that a malachite amulet can be very useful for a small child, because this stone contains a great concentration of power and energy. In addition, this stone gives superpowers.

If you drink water from the malachite bowl, you can begin to understand the language of animals.

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