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How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Energy vampirism is the forcible plundering of alien emotional energy. This phenomenon is a consequence of the lack of spirituality and self-centeredness of people who practice such behavior — energy (psychological) vampires.

In the process of taking the energy from those around, the bloodsucker becomes saturated, and the other person feels empty, begins to suffer and hurt. The more intense the relationships are, the higher the risk of somatic diseases for a vampire victim.

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There are several characteristics, the presence of which can be recognized by a vampire that feeds on other people’s emotions. Energetic vampire:

  1. 1. Constantly seeks to make others feel pity and compassion. Having received a portion of the energy of attention from other people, he loses any incentive for self-development and self-fulfillment of his spiritual needs.
  2. 2. He sees only the negative side in life. He constantly “whines”, complains, doubts or worries. Every day the bloodsucker is looking for new reasons for his negativism.
  3. 3. It provokes quarrels, scandals and fights. The vampire likes to set up surrounding people against each other, and then watch what is happening from the side.
  4. 4. Does not know how to build open and honest relationships. Falsity and insincerity are their credo. Hypocritical acts, the destruction of someone else’s friendship and love, constant disputes, the desire to contradict the interlocutor — not a complete list of the bad habits of the energy vampire.
  5. 5. Strikes at the most inopportune moment — when his victim is weak and not ready to repel an attack, because someone else’s weakness gives them a sense of their own strength.
  6. 6. Angry teasingly. To the question: «How do I look today?» The energetic vampire will answer: «It’s wonderful! If you only comb these three strands of liquid to your head, you will fit even on the podium.»
  7. 7. Violates personal space. An energetic vampire always wants to sit as close to his victim as possible, take her hand or shorten the distance in some other way. In this case, they most often seek to approach from the front, which is perceived by a normal person as a violation of personal boundaries.
  8. 8. Provokes guilt feelings in other people. When people apologize to vampires, they feel their superiority even more clearly.
  9. 9. Any frankness turns against the victim. Energy vampires exploit those vulnerabilities that the victim told them by their naivete.
  10. 10. Devalues ​​the experience of others. On the story of any important event for the interlocutor or the achievement of a bloodsucker reacts skeptically.

An important sign of an energetic vampire: even one thought about this person causes weakness and outflow of energy.

The bloodsucker suffers from the sight of someone else’s happiness, luck, and wealth.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

The main signs of human vampiricheskoy effects:

  • worsening of psycho-emotional background;
  • feeling dissatisfied with life;
  • depression;
  • feeling tired;
  • increased nervous irritability;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

All this happens because the bloodsucker takes away the mental strength, health and serenity of a healthy person. Energy vampire leads his victim in a state of indignation, irritation.

By this he closes the focus of her attention on himself and deprives bright experiences — love, joy, happiness.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

In Ayurveda, types of psychological vampires are distinguished according to belonging to the negative aspect of a particular planet. Astrologers recommend to fight them with the functions of the same planet, on behalf of which a vampire acts, but placing emphasis on its positive side.

For example, if you have to deal with an energy vampire of the Martian type, it is useful to imagine yourself filled with the positive force of this planet: decisiveness and willpower. This will help demonstrate a strong character and restrain from an aggressive response.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Sunny (creative) is constantly striving to provoke others into a surge of emotions. By his words and actions he causes fear, aggression, shame.

You need to take their words calmly and with a smile (to demonstrate the positive aspect of the Sun, which does not incinerate, but gently heats). Ask the vampire if he likes the weather today.

The moon (infantile) vampire puts pressure on compassion and pity. Behaves like a child, demonstrate anxiety, suspiciousness, depression.

Representatives of this category often suffer from phobias.

In the imagination you need to put a wall between such a vampire and yourself. Politely stop the flow of pessimistic statements: «And I think that everything will be fine.

At least that’s my experience. «

The Martian (accusing) vampire is a big fan of criticizing another person, embarrassing him in front of everyone.

It is important not to succumb to provocation, keep yourself in hand. If the vampire is not appeased, you can go to the response, but strictly without emotional involvement.

A mercurial (informational) vampire is an obsessive person who annoys his victim by phone, offering uninteresting topics for conversation during face-to-face communication. A mercurial vampire constantly blisters the eyes, removing attention from important matters.

It is necessary to stop communicating with such a person, referring to employment. Completely ignore the vampire.

Ignore messages, do not answer the phone.

The main tools of the Venusian (seductive) vampire are seductive looks and behavior. Most people in this category are women.

They take energy away when the victim dreams of intimacy with them. Having placed a man on the hook of his attention, the vampires demonstrate coldness and indifference Venusian (seducing).

We must be able to resist provocations. Destroy the thought of possible proximity on the vine. Switch attention to work, hobbies, sports, chatting with friends.

Find for yourself other (positive) sources of Venusian energy — for example, start communicating with another attractive girl.

The Jupiter (overwhelming) vampire abuses power to satisfy his energy hunger. Strives to exploit anyone who is lower in rank.

As victims, he often chooses subordinates or households who depend on him financially or emotionally.

In this case, you need not to show offense and vulnerability. Listen to the rant without disputes and response comments.

Demonstrate generosity and care towards the vampire.

Saturnian (misunderstanding) type — disobedient children and old people who do not heed the explanations and are able to ruin even the most balanced person. Another type of behavior of the Saturnian vampire is ignoring its victim.

The bloodsucker takes the position of silence and resentment, forming a complex of guilt and fear of loss in the victim.

With old people and children to communicate quietly, calmly and confidently. Do not give anger mastery of themselves.

Do not ignore begging for forgiveness and love. If the victim is really to blame, she should apologize once and in the case, but not act as a regular petitioner.

There are many ways to protect yourself from the damaging effects of an energetic vampire.

Each person has a natural protection from external negative impact — his biofield. This shield helps to repel all involuntary and arbitrary attacks from vampires, neutralizing even the strong evil eye.

The influence of the energetic bloodsucker, though weaker than the witch’s evil eye or defacement, still destabilizes the work of the biofield. Under the daily onslaught of unfavorable flows, the energy of a person weakens.

Special rituals can strengthen the biofield, close its contour and thereby repel the attack of a bloodsucker.

To restore the energy shell, Vadim Zeland recommends that you imagine yourself lying in a hot bath, to feel your body completely and immediately. Then imagine that soft waves emanate from the solar plexus. They extend beyond the body, forming a solid energy envelope.

Then it should be strengthened with the help of special meditation. You can do the exercise at any time. Algorithm of meditation:

  1. 1. Stand up straight. While inhaling, visualize the flow of energy rising from the earth and passing through the whole body and head towards the sky.
  2. 2. On the exhale, imagine how a descending energy flow rushes to the head from the sky and passes through the whole body into the ground.
  3. 3. Visualize simultaneously two streams.
  4. 4. For even greater enhancement, flows should be presented as fountains. The ascending stream is imagined as a fountain, beating out of the ground, and a descending stream is imagined as sprinkling overhead.
  5. 5. Imagine how the splashes of both streams meet and form a dense sphere. This will be the energy protective shell.

This visualization helps a lot when the energy vampire is in the family (husband, wife, daughter-in-law or mother-in-law). Also, the method is useful if you have to contact with a bloodsucker for work (colleague or boss).

To build protection, you need to imagine yourself in a large mirror cocoon, the reflecting surface of which is outside.

This method will allow you to return all the negativity to the vampire. You can talk about this method and the child so that he can protect himself from the evil eye.

Children have a well-developed imagination. They can perceive the technique as a game, thus protecting themselves from unnecessary influence.

Similarly, when confronted with a vampire, you can imagine between him and a wall of brick, stone or other durable material.

You can protect yourself from a vampire by crossing arms and legs. The method is effective both for building protection while communicating with a vampire, and for protecting oneself from a magical attack.

Crossed arms and legs protect the biofield, closing its contour and preventing breakdowns.

Reception allows you to close the biofield and make it more dense. Good for use at work. It is performed as follows: the index and thumb of one hand are connected to the ring.

Then the same connection is made with the fingers of the second hand — so that both rings are closed. The tips of the rest of the fingers of both hands should touch.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Applying the method for the first time, you can feel a little discomfort or headache. These symptoms will quickly pass.

They are due to the fact that the biofield is compacted. This protection does not cause any other side effects.

The method is well suited to protect itself from the adverse effects of female bloodsuckers: mothers, spouses, malevolent mother-in-law or mother-in-law, colleagues.

To do this, it is necessary to visualize a thick shell in the form of an egg at arm’s length. At the same time, you should mentally touch this impenetrable shell and feel its real presence.

An imaginary egg should be blue, gold or orange.

You can protect yourself from adverse effects with the following stones:

  • Agate. This gem protects against sorcerers and psychological vampires, absorbing all the negative.
  • Eye of the Tiger. It is believed that this mineral in the presence of a malevolent person becomes heavier and warmer.
  • Moonstone. It protects the human biofield from the negative and the space around it.
  • Malachite. It protects children and adolescents well, in addition to protecting them from diseases.
  • Black onyx. One of the most powerful protective minerals. Returns negative energy to its owner, strengthening it several times.

In order that the stone product does not lose its protective properties, periodically it should be washed under cool water. So, the negative energy accumulated in it will be washed away, and the mineral will again protect its owner with the same force.

Amulets — one of the simplest, but at the same time powerful ways to get rid of the harmful effects of bloodsuckers. For such purposes are well suited amulets «Turkish Eye», clover, mirror pendant and others.

A universal means of protection is a pendant with a zodiac sign. Such an amulet will protect against any negative influence, as well as bring good luck to the owner and help in difficult life situations.

One of the most effective protective talismans. Such a pendant reliably protects against any negative influence, and also brings strength and energy to the owner.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

The amulet can be worn as a pendant or other accessory (earrings or rings). The main thing is to have the sign of the Sun, Yarila, Solstice or any other solar symbol present.

Belonging to the owner of religion is not important — the amulet will reliably protect any person.

This inexpensive item allows you to effectively protect yourself from an energetic vampire. The Turkish eye (or, as it is also called, the eye of Fatima) can be purchased as an accessory (pendant, brooch).

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Amulet is worn only in sight. Being hidden, the eye of Fatima does not work.

Any accessory with the image of clover allows you to build a very strong protection.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Its protective effect depends on the material from which the pendant is made:

  • silver allows you to protect yourself from the negative influence of female bloodsuckers;
  • gold — from male vampires;
  • amethyst — puts reliable protection against seriously ill people;
  • made of pomegranate or turquoise is universal, as it brings out any accumulated negative.

Effective force against psychological attacks have any reflective surfaces. To protect against vampires fit:

  • a small mirror that should always be carried in a pocket or purse;
  • amulet in the form of a pendant worn on the chest.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

If the mirror pendant is not for sale, you can order it in a jewelry workshop. Strengthen the impact of such an amulet silver rim.

The master should say that he does not drill the mirror in the process of making a talisman: the amulet must be complete.

Overpowering grass is a powerful Slavic mascot against psychological bloodsuckers, diseases, slander, attacks. It contains the power of three Slavic gods: Yarily, Dazhdbog and Khors.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Also, the amulet allows you to clean the spirit and soul of the owner. Such a talisman can be purchased at a specialty store, or put his image on paper and always keep to himself.

Amulets act as accumulators of negative energy coming from bloodsuckers. Each of them must be kept with you while interacting with the vampire.

In order to avoid the accumulation of an excessive amount of negative energy, amulets should be regularly replaced.

To create a talisman you will need:

  • a handful of pure (without additives) stone or sea salt;
  • cast iron pan (preferably new);
  • small shred of linen fabric;
  • thread or thin lace.

Salt should be ignited in a frying pan, while simultaneously uttering the words of the conspiracy:

«I will shut up with a salt bolt from an enemy and foe, from an enemy, from a deceitful and pursuer. Whoever wants to blaspheme or shame me, stumble upon a strong bolt and turn away from me.


Salt is put on a piece of cloth and tied. Such a talisman should always be carried with you or stored in close proximity (for example, in the workplace).

Dry bay leaves are placed in a bag of blue or orange color from natural fabric. Then the future mascot starts talking:

“With whom the strong laurel will be, he will forget all evil. He is protected from the hard way, protected from every adversary.

Any evil deeds will go away from him, for the far kingdom will go away dashing thoughts. All human nonsense and bad weather will not affect me (I name), and all reporters, distressors and restraints will turn away.

From day and night live I am closed. A strong laurel wins all that (name) harms me.


The bag is carried or stored nearby.

One of the strongest charms helping to neutralize the influence of the energy vampire. Before using the talisman should speak:

«O Lord, save evil and dashing people, take away all slyness. Amen.»

Pin pin point down to the wrong side of clothing. If the pin is revealed on returning home or it is lost, it is a sign of a strong negative impact.

Open pin should be disposed of.

If the charm has turned black or has begun to rust, it must be replaced with a new one. An amulet made of precious metal should be periodically cleaned: first rinse under cold water and then put in salt overnight.

The more often you have to deal with an energy vampire, the more often you need to clean it.

To protect against bloodsuckers, the thread is tied at the wrist of the left hand. Words are pronounced on it:

«My shield, I beg you: protect me from all evil, turn away misfortune and misery. Be a stone wall around me, an iron mountain.

Like you, the thread is red, so am I protected from the dashing person (s). Amen».

If intuition dictates that on this day someone wished evil, you should unhesitatingly remove the thread in the evening and burn it.

Magical mysteries can neutralize the destructive influence of the energetic vampire in a short time. If the situation is not critical, it is preferable to carry them to the decreasing moon.

The rite is performed in the evening or at night. For the ritual take a white church candle, a new knife, a thread of any color.

The knife warms up on the flame of a candle and cuts the thread in half. At the same time the words are pronounced:

«I cut the thread, the servant of God (name) from myself, the servant of God (my name) forever cut off. Amen.»

The threads should be buried on different sides of the road. If there is a river nearby, then on its different banks.

In the most severe cases, and provided that there is no feeling of pity for the vampire, you can bury your piece of thread by the road, and its — at the cemetery.

This sacrament refers to the rite of black magic, so it can entail negative consequences for the enchanter in the form of diseases, financial troubles, problems in his personal life. It is recommended to resort to it only in the most extreme cases.

The rite is performed on a full moon or in a phase of a waning moon. The best day to spend is Tuesday or Saturday. For the ceremony will require:

  • two mirrors of approximately the same size;
  • photo of the energy vampire;
  • black wax candle;
  • black threads.

Candle light. Photograph detractor put between the mirrors.

Then the mirrors with a photo between them are wrapped with threads crosswise. At the same time read the plot:

«To you, vrazhina, (name), neither go in, nor go out, nor exhale, nor breathe. Pull yourself off, back down, turn into smoke.

I impose on you a black shroud, a word of conspiracy. You, (imenik), I curse with black words, I drive away from myself. You, vrazhin, from my blood not to drink, but to go around the world.

I will stun you with fire, and I will put the earth in the cheese. Exactly!».

The spell is pronounced 13 times. Then you need to tie a strong knot, and seal it with wax from a candle.

The bundle should be stored in the northern corner of the dwelling for 9 days, after which it is buried near the cemetery fence.

The rite is triggered within one lunar month. The image of a vampire through photography is locked in a mirror corridor.

As a result, he stops feeding on the emotional energy of his victim, as well as other people.

This protection uses three runic images: Turisaz, Teyvaz, Turisaz.

How to recognize and protect yourself from the energetic vampire in the family and at work

Runes can be applied on any surface — on paper, on your photo or draw directly on the body with a marker. A runic becoming «Thurisaz-Teyvaz-Thurisaz» is a powerful shield that reflects the energetic attacks of vampires, protects against magical attacks and any harmful effects.

Before using the formula, it is necessary to stipulate it, pronouncing on the image of the word:

«This becoming protects me from any kind of magical, psychological or emotional impact, from the dead and the living, from spirits and essences, material objects and elements, as well as from any sources of evil known and unknown to me.»

You can protect yourself from a vampire with the help of a prayer to the Guardian Angel. To be effective, the text should be pronounced with a pure heart, not wanting even the most bloodthirsty vampire to be evil:

«Angel of Christ! Holy, sent to save my soul and body of my sinner! I, with my laziness, my bad habits, angered your most pure lordship and drove you away from you with all your judgments, lies, slander, envy, condemnation and scorn.

Disobedience, brother-hatred, rancor, avarice, adultery, rage, greed, greediness without satiety, drunkenness and multi-verbal and evil thoughts. How is it possible for you, Holy Angel of Christ, to approach me, if I am like a stinking dog? What eyes are you ripening on me, mired in vileness, the angel of Christ?

I apologize for my evil and good deeds. Protect and save me from the enemy, the slanderer and the envier on the day and at noon, at night and at midnight and at every hour. Amen.»

The action of the prayer will increase if you put a candle in the temple for the health of the ill-wisher. It must also be done with pure intentions.

Then after a while the vampire will switch to other things and stop pestering.

The method is suitable for those suffering from energy vampirism from relatives or close people. The meaning of the method is to give the vampire hugs as often as possible. A person should be embraced when meeting, stroking during a conversation, sincerely interested in his affairs.

Such attention is often enough to remove the charge of negative energy from a vampire and to deprive him of the need to draw from the surrounding forces.

After interacting with a vampire, fatigue and weakness can be felt. This is a consequence of the leakage of energy.

You can free yourself from negative influence with the help of a cool shower, a walk, a visit to a church.

Nature is one of the best stimulators that restore vitality. A victim of a negative impact is recommended to stroll through the field, forest, park. If possible, walk barefoot through the grass.

It is useful to touch such trees as pine, oak, birch.

If after communicating with a certain person or visiting a public place, your health has deteriorated, you should come home as soon as possible to wash with cold water or take a full shower.

For washing, it is useful to have a spelled water in advance at home. But you can talk and simple water from the tap with the words:

«I will wash away your face, I will wash away all the bad things. They will not bother me, and will be left behind with water.»

One of the most effective ways to get rid of energy holes that have arisen in the aura due to contact with a bloodsucker. The church is a powerful source of positive energy.

Even a simple stay in the temple itself is a powerful cleansing of the energy field.

The holy water recruited in the church will help cleanse itself from both intentional and accidental negative impacts. While in the temple, you should internally tune in to its atmosphere, and also put candles to the icons of the saints, to which the soul most lies.

If someone close to you suffers from energetic vampirism, you can do the following:

  • Give a loved one a silver product — a cross, ring or bracelet. Such decoration will protect against attacks and evil in his direction.
  • Attach a plotted pin to his clothes.
  • Wear a red thread on your wrist.
  • To recommend to a close one to put indoors as many indoor plants as possible. They compensate for the lack of positive energy.

The next conspiracy is read on a photo of a loved one. If he is there, then you can pronounce the text in your mind while he is doing his own business, going to work, etc. The words of the conspiracy:

«Jesus Christ ascended into the seven heavens. In his hands are the seven keys of the golden from the seven silver locks. Christ will close the seven locks, the seven stinging tongues.

Each will be rewarded according to his deeds. Whoever blasphemed — will be blasphemed, who harmed — will be damaged

So that they do not have the strength of their servant of the Lord (the name of a relative) to judge and blaspheme. In the seventh heaven, Christ will pass, bless all his saints, and will throw the keys into the sea. No one can find or find any silver locks.


If a person becomes a victim of a psychological vampire, this should be regarded as a wake-up call, signaling the need to strengthen their psychological and bioenergetic boundaries. If a person is balanced and lives in harmony with himself, bloodsuckers will be powerless against her.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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