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Libra horoscope for September 2019 — relationships, family, love

The horoscope for Libra in September reminds you that you need to relax more and work less. I picked up the best astrologers’ recommendations and detailed forecasts for you so that you could act in the first autumn month in the direction of happiness and joy.

General trends

Astrologers believe that September will bring Libra good luck. About you will talk a lot, and only good. And it is the “reviews” of those around will become a powerful starting point for future positive changes in life.

An important role in maintaining authority will be played by close and dear people.

Libra horoscope for September 2019 - relationships, family, love

As a result, people will reach for you. Reciprocate, open your heart, and be able to get powerful patrons who can seriously affect your well-being.

September is the perfect time for charity and educational activities. If you have something to share with people, do it generously and heartily, as soon as you can. And it’s not just about donating money.

You can give knowledge, experience, your intellectual achievements for the benefit of others.

But during this period, fate can test you and send you the opportunity to plunge into some risky adventure. This moment is important to track and do the right thing so that in the future you don’t have to regret about the consequences of the wrong act.

The check will be associated with some kind of quick enrichment opportunity.

The first half of the month is the ideal time for a holiday. If time permits, go on a trip. And it is better to do it alone, without family and friends.

Such a way out of the comfort zone will only contribute to your development.

In the second half, there may be some problems with work or money. You are required to flawless performance of all their obligations.

The slightest negligence can lead to enormous losses, so keep your ears open.

In the last days of the month, new bold ideas may appear, opportunities will appear for the quick realization of long-established, but forgotten goals. Take up everything new, knowing that the stars in this auspicious period favor you.

Relationship, family, love

In the family everything goes not very well.

But it may seem so only at first glance. During this period, it is important to understand and realize that a relationship with a loved one is not only positive emotions, there can be no eternal fireworks of emotions and celebration.

Periodically it is necessary to overcome difficulties. But in your case, they do not destroy, but strengthen feelings.

Libra horoscope for September 2019 - relationships, family, love

Forecasts and recommendations:

  1. September is the ideal period for purification. And this applies not only to restore order in the house. General cleaning will require your brain, as well as all the surrounding space. It is time to get rid of all the excess that hinders the development and progress. Think about what kind of people no longer have a place in your surroundings, what thoughts and actions would be better left in the past.
  2. If your partner starts complaining, they can be safely ignored. Elucidation of relationships still does not give anything, so just give your loved one time to calm down and recover.
  3. High probability of betrayal or unfounded jealousy. The aggressive behavior of the second half may even lead to a complete rupture of relations. Do not provoke yourself and try to keep calm in any situation.
  4. Lone Scales suddenly become incredibly attractive to the opposite sex. In September, it is worth paying special attention to looks, to take care of yourself and to be in public more often. Then you can meet your love very quickly. And choosing from the many candidates the most worthy.

Just be careful not to confuse sincere love with addiction and not be disappointed later. Also, due to increased sexuality, you may well become a victim of violence, so it’s better not to provoke anyone once again.

The energy of Libra in September will diminish, so you need to try to restore your energy potential to the maximum, avoiding emotional and physical exhaustion.

Libra horoscope for September 2019 - relationships, family, love

Ideally, if you manage to go to a warm country to the sea, extend your summer, get vitamins and then take on new work with new forces.

The weak point of the body in September is the stomach, so you need to carefully monitor your diet, avoid overeating and remove all kinds of food debris from the diet.

In cosmetic procedures, the emphasis in care should be placed on the neck and décolleté zone. If you combine cosmetics with exercise, the effect will be especially strong.

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Money, career and business

The financial situation will not just remain stable, but there will be a tendency to increase income.

Of course, the money will not fall on you from heaven, efforts will have to be made.

But in your life there will be plenty of opportunities to realize yourself and become a truly successful person.

It is very important to master at least the basics of financial literacy. Remember that money loves those who know how to handle it.

Learn to keep and plan your budget, control your expenses and avoid spontaneous purchases.

Make all financial decisions rationally and prudently, emotions now can only harm you. Paperwork is better to postpone until a more favorable period in life.

  • Lonely Scales should focus on finding your second half. In September you will be incredibly attractive for the opposite sex. Family people need to try to keep calm and not succumb to the provocation of a partner.
  • Direct energy to search for new sources of income. Good luck with you, so you can significantly strengthen your financial wealth.
  • Engage in charity, and not necessarily material. Generously share with people those resources that you have in abundance, and will be rewarded.

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