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Signs of death on the hand: lines in palmistry

The modern world is quite progressive and has developed technologies. Each person can find the answer to any question, or find any necessary information. But despite this, most people care about the question of where the line of death is located on a person’s hand, because only palmistry can at least roughly indicate the date of death of a person. Signs of death on the hand are of great importance, because the usual band is not able to answer the most asked questions. And only in tandem with signs, she is able to tell you your whole story.

Types of signs of death on hand

There is not one definite line on a person’s hand that can indicate to you the date of death. And only using the signs of death on the hand and various symbols, one can find out at what time and under what circumstances the individual will perish.

One very clever person wrote that the Lord draws symbols on human palms in order to make them wiser. Specialists in the field of palmistry are confident that any marks on the hand are subject to adjustment.

On human palms one can find not only a lane of death. On the hands there are a large number of signs that portend a fatal outcome. With their help, you can find out the date of death and even its method. But you should remember that you will not see the exact number. The results of palmistry can give an error of several years.

The most common characters that precede death

We study the values ​​of lines

Palmistry suggests that signs may indicate health problems that lead to the death of a person. Pay attention to what sign of death on the hand is on the line of life.

  1. If the band ends exactly, then you will die in your youth.
  2. If it is surrounded on all sides by parallel lines, then you will die from the disease.
  3. A curved line that has depressions in the middle indicates a sudden death.
  4. The line was interrupted, and part of it headed toward the Jupiter mound, you are in for a quick death.
  5. There is a ring on the line — they will kill you.
  6. In the event that the line of life is crossed with the line of the heart, then you will die quickly.

The most common precursors of quick death

It is important to pay attention not only to the different bands on the palm, but also to other signs. For example, if you find a cross on the hill of the moon, then you will have to die in a dream. The present square in the Saturn area suggests that you will have to die indoors. If a semicircle is found on the hill of Mars, then death will overtake you during a fight.

The joint arrangement of the triangle and the cross suggests that their owner will die due to the loss of the head. In the event that stripes are present between the middle and index finger, the woman will die at birth. If the line of life is turned in the direction of the thumb, then you are threatened with death from fire. If the bands are directed from the center of the palm to the middle finger, you will have to die in agony and for a long time.

Palmistry claims that if the line of death is excluded on the line of fate, then such a person will have a long and happy life. No factors can affect the outcome of your life. Death will overtake you only in great old age, and for natural reasons.

It is believed that such people are guarded by the Lord himself, so no outsider can bring them harm and trouble. There are not many such personalities on the planet. But those who belong to this category can safely be called lucky.

Not all the symbols of palmistry death promise bad. If you are just starting your journey in the field of palmistry, then you should remember a few of the most important rules. First, never panic. No need to immediately pay attention to certain categories of signs. It is necessary to fully examine the entire palm, and only then draw the appropriate conclusions.

  1. On the palm should be more than three characters. If their number does not reach this mark, then this does not portend anything bad. Most likely, this is pure coincidence. If the picture has fuzzy outlines, then you can slightly bend the palm. If in this case you did not see anything wrong, then leave this venture. This means that the person is not threatened with anything bad, and do not look for the missing items.
  2. You never need to panic if you had to see frightening signs. This is just a warning about upcoming events, so it is in your power to change your destiny and direct everything to the right course for you. Every person is completely capable of changing what he desires.

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