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A girl’s love of hair

One of the most powerful ways to love a girl is considered to be divorce on her hair.

Each particle of the human body stores the energy of its owner. This charge persists for a long time, sometimes — until the complete destruction of the particle-translator.

Witchcraft on the awakening of the feelings of the beloved

A girl's love of hairFor the performance of the ceremony a man will need:

  • at least one hair of a sweetheart (or rather a small curl) — you can take it from a comb or cut it off while the girl is sleeping;
  • thick candle light wax;
  • your photo;
  • cardboard box — you can glue it yourself.

Doo about your desired and repeating her name, wind the hairs on the ring finger of your right hand (the finger that is designed to wear a wedding ring).

If you are not going to get married and get married in church, wind the finger of your left hand.

Gently remove the resulting ring, attach it to the picture and drip on top of the melting wax from the candle so that it sticks.

Whisper a special plot:

«Like smoke with fire, like frost with ice, like grass with earth, so are we.

Love on a hair, a hair in a chest, a chest under seven seals.

Do not open it to anyone, do not change my will. Amen!»

Snapshot put in a box and secure it in a similar way — wax drops along the edge in seven places.

Carefully store the resulting magic item in a hidden place. Try not to touch it again, let alone break it.

It would be best to immediately remove the box in a place of your home where no one looks in — hide under the floorboard, carry it to the attic, and put it behind the wall-closet.

Wait for attention from the bewitched girl in two or three months (this is the normal average duration of the love spell).

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