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Action love spell: what happens when it starts to act, the timing

Mages are wizards because they know how their tools work. Another thing is an ordinary person.

Most of the errors in the independent application of the laws of love magic arise from ignorance and misunderstanding of the mechanisms of its action. And then they go through the network and all these negative opinions among the people: nothing works, it’s all a hoax, and so on.

But it is much easier! It is necessary to understand, and not to stupidly follow instructions (although this sometimes leads to a result).

Let’s take a closer look at the love spell action: what happens when it starts acting.

To do this, we roughly divide the whole process into several stages, and characterize each one, highlighting its main features.

What happens when he starts acting

At the first stages, you can completely ignore the energy changes in the victim. Everything goes on as usual.

The customer knows for sure that he has already made the necessary program in the human field, but nothing changes. This is a subtle point.

The main thing — do not be nervous. Not so fast.

Action love spell: what happens when it starts to act, the timing

The fact is that the program should turn around, settle down, grope for thin client places. The speed of its work directly depends on the energy that the performer has invested in it.

Do you understand?

If you do not have too much strength, then you will create some kind of weak education. Embed in the right field.

So that this weary dictator began to work, it should be fed, “to increase the energy of fat”. Then ask the result.

To understand the effect of the love spell (what happens when it starts to act) can be done using the example of a lyarva. In principle, this is the same foreign entity, only formed by other methods.

Usually it is attached in the place of the aura, where all the black is present in any person. Larva begins to feed on the emotions of his donor and grow.

After a while, it becomes so powerful that it can already control the client, dictating her (programmed) will.

The same love spell. The essence of it: your desire, which produces a revolution in the identity of the victim.

In a moment, this is not to do what is impossible, but extremely dangerous.

How to redevelop the building using plasticine. Bearing walls can be quickly demolished, and new functional ones can be built from soft and pliable material — so the structure will collapse!

So is the man! Change his desires and aspirations need gradually, imperceptibly.

How quickly the spell begins to act, the timing

The generated and implemented program works from the first second. Only noticeable it becomes after a certain time.

Most often, the question “how quickly does it begin to act?” Refers specifically to external results. Their customer will see after a while.Action love spell: what happens when it starts to act, the timing

If the magician conducts the ritual, he says when to wait for the effect. When working independently, you should tune in to a rather long (for a loving heart) waiting.

It is believed that the spell begins to clearly manifest itself no earlier than three weeks (from twenty to thirty days). This can be taken as a basis.

It should be noted that the instant effects of love spells are also common. Most often, a quick result speaks of its not long term.

Once the program showed itself immediately, it was either sharpened for such a result, or it gave a false start. In the latter case, it will wash out of the field of pure energy, therefore, the ritual will have to be repeated.

How long does the spell lasts

In each particular case where love magic is involved, it is recommended to invest in the program and the timing. That is, light love spells are created conditionally for a month or two.

Strong — indefinitely.

This division is very, very conditional. If you understand the mechanism described above, then you will agree that the program is simply impossible to remove.

It happens that the field of man self-cleaning. Then from the love spell remains only a trace.

But this is the privilege of holy or sinless people.

All the rest will carry this program in their field not just before moving to another world, but also further. (Laws of Karma). Therefore, we can safely assume that once a love spell will last forever!

Action love spell: what happens when it starts to act, the timing

However, this does not mean that it will work as much. Over time, other proprietary and induced programs begin to prevail in human energy.

Love magic goes to the second, then the third and so on plan. But does not disappear anywhere!

If interested, then analyze the stories of the sudden awakening of almost childish love! Many stories will tell about forgotten love spells or other types of love magic.

Love act: signs of effect

If we talk specifically about the fact that the program has started implementation, then you should watch the victim. First of all, her inner world will change.

The customer will reign there, surrounded by a jumble of scraps of old thoughts and goals. When the spell got «to power» over the field of the victim, the latter ceases to perceive the outside world adequately.

All thoughts are only about who bewitched. All feelings are directed to this person.

The rest — hinders, then thrown overboard.

In principle, the state is similar to the first few days of love. Maybe even stronger.

Head is spinning.

A person forgets about sleep and food, not to mention work and other obligations! If this happens, then the spell has worked.

Action love spell: what happens when it starts to act, the timing

Often, people who are not indifferent to a potential love spell victim are advised to try to knock her out of this state by talking.

When the attention of a bewitched person is specifically diverted from the customer and delayed there for a certain time, an explosion of negative emotions follows. Scandal, hysteria or something like that, very ugly.

Love act: why spell does not work

Love magic is not a means that cannot be protected. This is not a nuclear weapon at all.

Love spell does not work in the case when the field of the victim is reliably protected.

And do not believe rogues, claiming that they can «pierce.» To break a strong defense is not something that is not easy, but impossible!

This refers to Higher Protection, and not those talismans that are made and spoke by experts or home magicians.

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