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Full moon spell — the period of maximum magical activity

The moon plays a huge role in magic. Her power is often used in love magic. Especially effective are love spells held in the full moon.

Full moon — the period of maximum magical activity and the optimal time for strong rites, so read the spell in the full moon should be properly. It is important to prepare yourself in such a way as to fulfill a powerful energy message to the goal.

The bewitching rite itself must be carried out in complete solitude, fully concentrating on thoughts of a loved one.

If you read the love spell in the full moon, you can not only wake up new feelings in the chosen one, but also return the old ones. This is often used by wives, realizing that after the events of many years of marriage together, the feelings of the spouse have cooled down a bit.

In order to minimize negative consequences, it is important to read the spells of white magic for a full moon reading, it is important that the spoken words do not contain the wishes of sadness and torment to the chosen one.

Options for simple rites

Full moon spell - the period of maximum magical activity

Even the simplest privet ceremonies, carried out in the full moon, have great power.

Their success depends entirely on the right mood.

One of the simple bewitches involves the use of a red flower.

This ritual is most suitable for the case when you feel that your chosen one sympathizes with you, but he lacks the determination to offer a more serious relationship.

Such a love spell does not carry a negative, as it does not violate anything, but only pushes a person to perform a certain act. The final decision will still depend directly on the elect, and if he has any doubts in his heart even after an external influence, the rite will simply be ineffective.

So, before the ceremony in the house you need to bring a red flower. Pre-ritual should be prepared:

  • Canvas bag;
  • Red lace.

For the ceremony you need to choose the day when the moon is in the sky at midnight during the full moon. During the ritual, you should pack a red flower in a canvas bag and, knotting it with a red cord for seven knots, you should say the magic words with feeling.

Another simple full moon rite is held outside. It is necessary to choose the moment when there are no clouds in the sky and the disk of the moon is very clearly visible in the sky.

This spell, according to many magicians, is most effective in the spring.

The ceremony involves the following actions:

  • It is necessary to go to the balcony and kneel;
  • You need to carefully look at the disk of the moon and try to see in it the face of a loved one;
  • Further in a whisper and with deep feeling one should read the following love spell plot:

After this ceremony, the next day, you must be alone with the chosen one, or at least remind him of yourself with a phone call.

Strong Full Moon Rites

On crystal glasses

A strong love spell at full moon involves the use of two crystal glasses for champagne. It is important to understand that it can only be carried out with full confidence in one’s own feelings towards a person and a readiness to live with him throughout his life.

The rite is held exactly at midnight. In addition to the two crystal glasses in the ritual, you will need to use a satin ribbon of bright red color, which you need to tie the glasses before the start of the ceremony.

At midnight exactly two glasses should be broken, and it is very important to do this from the first time.

With this action, the following words are pronounced:

After that, you need to carefully collect all the fragments on a sheet of white paper and leave until morning. Early in the morning they need to be buried: under a female tree, if the rite was performed by a girl, and under a man’s tree, if a girl’s love was attracted by a magical action.

This rite begins to operate almost immediately, but the first results become noticeable only after a couple of weeks.

Full moon spell - the period of maximum magical activity

A strong love spell in the full moon can be done with the help of candles. To do this, follow these steps:

  • You must first buy three candles in white or red;
  • They need to be installed in the venue of the ritual on the table in one row;
  • An hour before the full moon two candles are lit;
  • The third candle is taken in hand and gently kneads, in order to create a ring out of it;
  • After that, the following words are pronounced:

The ritual is considered finished when the disk of the moon is complete. The wax ring needs to be kept, but it is necessary to hide it in a place inaccessible to others.

The success of this or any other strong rituals during the full moon provides only complete focus on the thoughts of the beloved.

Nothing should distract from the actions that are performed during the ritual. Any inaccuracy during the bewitching rite will reduce its effectiveness, and sometimes can lead to negative consequences.

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