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How to charm a daughter, son or brother

Many women in a happy marriage, expecting a child, think that with the advent of the long-awaited baby life will become even better and everything will be like in the movies. However, with the advent of the baby endless troubles begin. Giving all the children themselves, the woman is waiting for the same return from them.

How to charm a daughter

Over time, as they grow up, children forget about mothers, the younger child tends to spend time outside the home and no longer shares their experiences and impressions. Often, women think about how to charm a daughter or son, to regain love and respect, and sometimes even make peace.

Magic can help return lost love to an adult child. The child will become more caring, will often call and come to visit. To bewitch a daughter or a son, they read this prayer early in the morning, at sunrise:

“In the raging river there is blue water, sandy shores, and in my house there is a low threshold. Let the pair of legs of the daughter, the son (name) come to visit me (your name), through him. I would become a daughter (son) to honor my mother, never forget about her and never give up in any grief and trouble. Holy Mother of God, wash your hand with holy water — sprinkle the thresholds of my house, but help me call my daughter (son) — let her come to mommy’s native (her name). Amen.».

Often evil people, jealous of the family happiness of others, send damage and evil eyes, perform various rituals to quarrel children with their mother, because the most painful blow for a woman is when children commit evil acts towards her and say offensive words. One of the truly wonderful, effective conspiracies is considered a prayer in respect of children to the mother. It must be read only in the evening or in the morning, but daily, until the results are noticed:

“My faith is strong in one God. God said: honor your father and mother, do not hurt them in word and deed. I ask you, saints, with your holy lips, tell my children that I should be respected, never offended, so that their thoughts can be cleansed. Let all evil and the heart of my children dissolve (names) be cleansed. Amen».

It often happens that, reluctantly, we offend each other, but life is short, and we don’t want to waste it on quarrels. Just what to do if the children are so offended that they do not want to put up with their parents for several years? There is a special conspiracy for peace with children:

“At sea, the wave, God tames it, so the daughter (son) forgives the mother (his name). Let them see me, smile, forget their resentment. Let everything be as before. My business is right, I want to see and hear my child. Amen (repeat thrice). «

For a long time, the mother-in-law was very scrupulous about the choice of future daughter-in-law, because they had to live in the same house, and I would like to see my son happy that his wife was kind, not obstinate, hard-working, sympathetic and loving. To solicit a good wife for her son, women asked for help from the local fortune-telling, coaxing them with sweets and gifts. To date, a love spell for a good wife for her son is quite simply performed at home on her own:

  • new towel to lay on the table;
  • take the icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin and place it on it;
  • when you face your face, you must read the words exactly 40 times — in order for you not to get lost, you can first write them on a piece of paper: “God at the door, Angels in the corners. Saints before me, Our Lady of Tikhvin with me! Let the daughter-in-law meek, kind, come to me, let the unsteady bride attract my son. Let her not scream and inferior to my son in everything. Let the son be a wife, and my daughter is my own, obedient. Lord God, Mother of God, help me, bless my little crib for a happy family life. Amen.»;
  • at the end of the ritual, the icon should be hung on the wall, and the towel hidden before the wedding of her son: after marriage, the mother-in-law should give the daughter-in-law a towel and an icon.

In the relationship of brother and sister, sooner or later the crucial moment comes when one of them finds a soul mate. Most often, the sisters feel abandoned and suffer from the fact that the brother pays less attention, does not share secrets, completely distanced himself. To reclaim the attention of the brother themselves, the girls resort to the help of magic.

A love spell, that the brother with the sister reconciled — not a difficult task.

  1. In the morning at sunrise on the table you need to lay a white towel and put the icon of St. Nicholas.
  2. Sit before the face of the Holy One and read the words: “Nicholas the Wonderworker, help me return my brother’s love. Family ties restore, get along with his wife. Let him remember how they grew, how they were always together. Bless on family reunion. Amen». This ritual will help resolve controversial situations in which brother and sister are at odds, provide an occasion to improve relations between them, and also give impetus to the development of friendship between sister and daughter-in-law.

There are many ways to return the love of loved ones and build relationships with them. One of the safest rituals are ceremonies for the return of love, respect with the help of white magic. Since ancient times, people have read prayers and asked God for a daughter or son not to forget the Father’s House, his own mother, to honor and value family relationships.

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