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How to charm a girl yourself

The annoying fly in my head is the question: “How to bewitch a girl who was sweet yesterday and accepted courting favorably, and today doesn’t even look at you?” expects in the future!

There is a widespread opinion in society that only women are interested in all sorts of magic tricks, but it is not entirely true. The opposite sex also does not hesitate to turn to the occult sciences in the hope of solving the problems that have arisen in life through witchcraft — in particular, problems of a love nature.

Life without a beloved puts in the cruel confinement of any man who is ready to fight for his happiness at any cost. How many life stories are known related to bewitching magic, in which the role of the performer (or customer) of the spell was played by a young man.

So what can push the stronger sex to induce magic spells and search for ways to bewitch your beloved girlfriend?

Causes are common and typical:

  1. When the family breaks up and the woman becomes the initiator of the divorce, all the husband’s attempts to save the marriage fail.
  2. When the lady flatly rejects the advancing of the beau.
  3. When feelings from the sweetheart cooled, and the man realizes that very soon she will leave.
  4. If the chosen one is married, and can not break the bonds of marriage. However, a man should understand that attempts to destroy someone else’s family are not able to lead to a good result in the case when this marriage is based on mutual love.

Of course, the idea and the thought itself, how to charm a beloved woman, whether it is an ex-wife, a mistress, or just a sweetheart girl, comes to mind of a boy in love not the first. It begins to overgrow with plans and demand implementation, only when all the rational, standard mechanisms for getting out of the current impasse have been exhausted and unsuccessful. You can learn by signs of a love spell from a woman.

If you scrupulously collect classified information, how to bewitch a girl, the effects of the use of charms are undoubtedly worth studying, because not a single magical intervention goes unnoticed. How exactly will affect the couple, in which one is forcibly attached to another, the effect of the spell is determined by how powerful the rite was performed.

You need to know before you start:

  1. Only sincere love can protect the artist of the love spell and his object from the negative in the future. You should not play with witchcraft, for fun, even the simplest plot for the love of a girl should not be read. You must be completely sure that you want to be with your chosen one, and that the feeling you feel is not fleeting.
  2. It is better not to use black spells. Even when everything is done correctly, the consequences of black magic over the years will manifest themselves in serious illnesses, misfortunes in life, with which the perpetrator of the rite himself and the girl enchanted by him will suffer.
  3. Do not rush to break a couple of happy people together, because the enchantment that feeds each other with a sincere feeling may simply not work. When deciding how to make a love spell for a girl, make sure that your sweetheart’s relationship with another man is cracked, and her love is unresponsive.
  4. For those who are trying to return the beloved after the break in relations, it is important to take into account the period of time that has passed since the moment of separation. If you think about how to charm your beloved woman after a year of life apart (or more), the chances of a successful outcome are scanty. The sooner you perform a sacrament, the greater the likelihood of reviving past feelings.
  5. Do not tell anyone about your plans for magic. The ceremony must be held in the strictest confidence from all, otherwise it will be devoid of any meaning and lose its power.

Remember that a self-made strong spell can bring an irreversible misfortune not only on you and on the object of your passion, but also a curse on the whole future kind of people connected with sorcery. It will probably be better to give his Majesty time to deal with your preferences and feelings, or try a cool plot on himself, giving his beloved the opportunity to be happy without you.

Despite the warnings, do you still intend to charm your beloved? Then choose a white ritual, study, and act!

In order to inspire a young maiden with love in this way, it is necessary to obtain her photo card corresponding to the following parameters:

  • The photo must be fresh, made no more than a year ago.
  • The picture should be clearly visible eyes.
  • The portrait should be solitary, without the presence of other people nearby. Crop group photo is strictly prohibited!

Take a card at midnight. Gazing at the girl’s eyes on her, read the text seven times:

«As I love you, a servant of God (worldly name)
And you, too, will not manage without me the servant of God (worldly name).
To be one. Speech my law.

After the sacrament is done, hide the picture away from other people. The spell will start operating a week later, in some cases (for example, when you rarely see each other) a little later.

For the ritual, you need something sweet — something that would make your lady’s heart crazy. It can be a candy, a candy bar, a cake. Speak over the pastry:

“As this candy is sweet and pleasant, you will like me. Amen!»

The conspiratorial snack should be presented to nothing unaware woman. As soon as she eats the sweetness given by you, she will be overwhelmed with an irresistible desire to see you and be near.

This method will help to return not only the wife, but also the beloved, with whom you lived together for a long time.

Prepare two candles from the church. With the onset of midnight, light them, and speak the text three times, looking at the light:

«As it burns, with heat it radiates this flame,
so let my wife only breathe for me with love and desire!
And to be that every minute, every hour, every day.

Then go to bed without saying a word. If the spouse has left you recently, the prayer will take effect in about a week. Schedule an appointment for the seventh day so that it is random for a woman.

If you notice that the lady of the heart began to cool off to you, or even got a lover, but you do not leave hope of restoring relationships, you can apply this method.

Find a nest, always with a bird hatching chicks. Arms crossed into the castle, say three times:

«Like this little bird got attached to the nest,
so you, the servant of God (worldly name) refused from the companions.
From now on, be forever and everlasting and nothing else.

Having made a love spell, a man should not relax, because it depends on his behavior and further actions how strong and successful will be the relationship between him and the bewitched woman.

Only a real strong feeling will help preserve the connecting thread that appeared between lovers through witchcraft.

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