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How to charm a guy, one who likes at a distance?

A great feeling in our life is love. In the name of love, wars were committed, mountains turned, they did rash acts.

But nowadays it often happens that our potential second half does not reciprocate us.

Directly magic will help you draw attention to yourself, your loved one. If you agree with the statement that in war all means are good (and love is a kind of “war”), we will tell you ways to bewitch a guy at a distance that you can use at home (by the way, they are also suitable for bewitching girls).

Love spell — faith in victory, mood for love!

How to charm a guy, one who likes at a distance?
Having resorted to such a serious step, you must give a serious account of your actions. To make thoughtlessly love spells, it is impossible.

The love spell of a guy is not only consistent pronouncing of certain word forms and phrases, they are usually distinguished by their impact and consequences. The latter is inevitable, we are dealing with light or dark magic.

The differences of white and black spell — which is safer?

In both cases, as they say — on the face! In the texts of the dark love spell there are lines in which it is said that the object of our desire, to which the ritual is performed, must dry, suffer, experience some kind of discomfort and irresistible craving for us (the customer).

As for the light methods of enchantment, the word forms in them are directed exclusively at the challenge of sympathy (a more “gentle” manifestation than in the case of dark magic). Therefore, the consequences for both people — the customer and the person on whom the ritual is imposed, are minimal.

In any case, when magic is applied to a person, the process of annihilating the internal “Representative” I, manifestation of aggression, depression, and often alcoholism occurs is inevitable.

But everything in our time has its time, our feelings, as well as time are fleeting, we change, our sympathies change, maybe later, we will meet exactly that person who will be our inner world.

In such cases, you need to completely and with your head immersed in feelings, but at the same time with our enjoyment and peace of mind, somewhere else, at a distance, another person will suffer (to which we had previously thoughtlessly put on a love spell).

Therefore, bewitching the guy — you are making a serious step in which frivolity is extremely dangerous!

There are several ways to charm a guy or a boy you like:

Love spell at the threshold with a broom

The ritual performed on the threshold. A simple love spell on a loved one at home, in which a broom is taken, gets 2 sticks from it.

We take the rods into our hands, looking at them in every way we exclude thoughts of an outsider and think only of our beloved, of the feelings that you want to awaken in him.

The focus here is on your thoughts, because further developments and the attitude of the guy towards you depend directly on them. Thoughts should be positive, bright.

Then we read any prayer in which the use of the name of the beloved guy is necessary. When midnight comes, the twigs will cross the cross at the threshold of the person who is being given a love spell in such a way that he will step over them when he leaves.

How to charm a guy on milk

Love spells superimposed on the liquid. You need to contact the light forces, that is, black magic is excluded.

Consider how to charm a guy with milk.

Offer warm milk to the object of your desires, having spoken the text of the conspiracy in advance. To transfer energy to a drink, putting all my love for a guy and light feelings into reading a prayer. Then pour the drink into a beautiful glass and give it to your loved one.

It is necessary to perform the ritual once, but if in doubt, the spell can be spent 3 days in a row.

A conspiracy for love longing (no photo)

The rituals that cause love longing. A simple event in which a girl looking out the window, pronounce exactly 9 times the lines:

“Slave of God (name), go to my door, to my palace, to my door, in my footsteps. I will not give you to anyone. Word, lock, language.


Charm on the thread — without consequences

You can bewitch a guy with the help of a thread. The process is kinda guessing.

A roll of thread is taken, wound on a finger. The whole process of winding is accompanied by the lines:

“As the thread winds, so do you, God’s servant (name), tummy and turn near me, reach for me. As if a person is praying for an icon, so you pray to me, grieve, without me, do not know peace. Henceforth and forever.


After saying the prayer, remove it and reel on the ball. If the thread does not tangle, you are doomed to success.

If confused — in a relationship with your beloved, there will be a place for quarrels and other problems.

It is also possible that the thread will break, in this case, fate makes you understand that this young man is not intended for you and you will not be happy. Having resorted to other rituals of magic in this case will only exacerbate the situation, the troubles will fall on your shoulders.

Another very strong way to love a guy on a string in one week:

At a distance on the photo

Magical ritual using photo. It is the most serious love spell, since only the image of the beloved gives complete information about the person.

Remarkable is the fact that the older the photo, the weaker the effect on your future satellite will be.

To charm a guy who you like, on the photo on the Internet or on a mobile phone will not work. Just pre-print this photo.

In the ritual you need:

  • A photo of the person who will subsequently experience the brightest feelings for you;
  • Ball pen;
  • Sewing needle;
  • Red thread;
  • Candle from the church;
  • Red matter.

With a photo in hand, the lines are pronounced:

«As the thread behind the needle stretches, so does the servant of God (the name of your companion) follow me (your name).»

Before reading you need on the back of the photo to write your name and the name of your loved one. Turning the picture towards yourself, sew it with a red thread in the area of ​​the constricted chest.

In the process of sewing and pronounced plot lines. In this case, the first stitch should coincide with the last stitch, the needle is turned in your direction.

At the end of the ceremony, the thread is not cut off (a small tip remains, which is tied with a triple knot and filled with wax).

The words: “So be it!” Are the final ones.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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