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How to find a love spell on a person: signs, at a distance, from a photo, read

A love spell is not the best thing. Many people suffer from it.

Especially if, with his help, the young lady is trying to lead her husband and father away from the family. And how do you know if he is in person?

Aimed at a young man or girl, he is unsafe. After all, a negative program changes people’s fates.

How to find a love spell on a person: signs, at a distance, from a photo, read

It does not allow the person to develop normally, to perform their own tasks. And if the love spell is black, then, in general, trouble.

He can even bring him to the grave.

Therefore, accurate information is important whether there is a love spell on a person. For this, of course for the «suspect» you need to watch.

The behavior of the bewitched varies greatly.

But remember: the lover also becomes a different person. That is, we also need a ritual that will confirm your conclusions.

How to determine the presence of love spell

First, let’s deal with the behavior.

We need to understand why you are suspected spell. What caused suspicion? Thought about it?

Answer this question for yourself.

Information comes in various ways. Did someone suggest this? The fortune teller identified?

Maybe they themselves came to that conclusion?

If the latter, then most likely you are right.

Here it is worth relying on intuition. She rarely fails.

Especially women.

Signs of love spell:

  • behavior change;
  • mood swings;
  • inadequate reaction to ordinary things, comments, incidents;
  • intolerance criticism of the object of passion;
  • depression;
  • insomnia;
  • the desire is constantly with the customer, even when he (she) expels.

Perhaps the last point is the most important. A man bewitched suffers from any customer bullying, does not notice them.

How to find a love spell on a person: signs, at a distance, from a photo, read

Being far from the object of passion, falls into prostration, is indifferent to everything, like a doll. If a person has several of the above signs, then perform any ritual to confirm.

Ways to learn: ritual by photo

It is quite easy to independently determine the magical effect of the photo.

You need a fresh egg. Preferably literally recently demolished chicken.

Buy it should be from the grannies who are engaged in the economy.

While not sure if it is fresh or not, roll on the table.

Only a laid egg rotates hard, slowly. That is very suitable for the ritual.

  1. Put the photo on the table, with the image up, the egg on top.
  2. Hold it or roll on the face and body in the photo, read the prayer «Our Father».
  3. Continue to do five to ten minutes. Do not hurry. The longer the contact is, the clearer the result will be.
  4. Then pour into the jar of holy or well water. Break the egg and pour it into the water.
  5. The bank should be put on the photo. Human energy must penetrate into the water and the egg.
  6. Leave for a while. Fifteen minutes later consider the egg.
  • If the protein is cloudy, it has risen to the surface with bubbles — there is a love spell.
  • If you see blood in the yolk — love spell done for menstruation or blood.
  • It’s bad when the egg turned out to be rotten or the yolk broke. This is a sign of black love spell. It must be urgently removed.
  • Sometimes an egg does not indicate whether there was an impact. This happens when the love spell was light and weak. In this case, no rites are to be held; it will pass, so to speak, by itself.

Candle rite

There is another sure way that you can spend at home.

Used wax church candle. But there is one condition.

This candle must be in contact with the person.

If he does not agree to the ritual, then put him a candle under the mattress or under the pillow. Let her sleep on it for three days, no less.

Only after this conduct the rite.

If he is on the contrary, then put him on a chair in front of you and bewitch.

Prepare the candles, they will need two. Cut one into pieces with a knife and place one or two in a tablespoonful.

Let her hold the one who suspected spell.

How to find a love spell on a person: signs, at a distance, from a photo, read

Then melt the wax in the flame of the second candle and pour it into a pre-cooked bowl of spring water. It will quickly harden. Take a piece of wax out of the water and look.

  • There is a hole in it — a black love spell is made. The magic effect is indicated by knots, arrows, protruding from the piece. They are clearly visible.
  • Sometimes a wax forms a heart that is torn into two halves. This is a sign: a love spell ruined the fate of this person.
  • If you see a damn face or a witch in wax, the impact was black. Only a smooth piece without obvious figures indicates the absence of a love spell.

By the way, if in the process of ritual to read prayers, then the negative impact will go away. When the love spell was confirmed, then a similar casting with prayers is carried out three times.

Read should be “Our Father”, “Mother of God”, “God Resurrection”, 90 and 91 psalms. In addition, it is good to turn on the sound of a bell ringing.

All this helps to remove the spell. And if it wasn’t, it’s not scary either.

Clean this man’s field.

When for some reason the above rituals do not fit, then go to the temple. The ceremony of diagnosing a love spell is held on Tuesday.

It is necessary to get to the morning service.

Put one for your health, and the second — for the person who suspects a love spell.

Stand by and pray for the salvation of his soul, look at the candle.

  • Starts to shoot, crackle, it means that the magical effect was. Still it shows dark smudges on a chop. Do not leave until the candle is completely burned.

Sometimes the spell is quite tricky, and it does not appear immediately. Because you need to watch longer.

  • The candle goes out, do not burn out until the end, should be urgently taken action. After all, the love spell is made so that a person can get sick or something worse.

How to find a love spell on a person: signs, at a distance, from a photo, read

Note: not all love spells harm a person. Yes, and their rituals are not diagnosed. When this happens, you should not be nervous.

So, the spell for some reason should be on a person.

This is a karmic problem. Strangers will still not be able to help the victim, no matter how hard they try.

He will have to get out of this situation himself. This, however, rarely happens.

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