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How to make a cuff from his beloved

“How to make a cuff from her beloved?” — This is exactly the question that young women often ask when parents are not allowed to meet or the girl understands very well that a person who is dear to her heart cannot be together because he is not fit to live together. The cases are different, and each woman has her own sad story, the reason for the implementation of the plan and the request for help from otherworldly forces.

How to make a cuff from his beloved

If you don’t get rid of the anxious feeling on your own, and all the arguments are useless, then there is a need to turn to magical rituals for help, because this can be done by a stranger. This may be different love cuffs.

Everyone knows the word «love spells.» Both men and girls often turn to their help. Such rituals are not uncommon in the modern world. Can be performed by any person, and the texts of such magical rituals can be found everywhere:

  • in the Internet;
  • magazines;
  • special booklets;
  • yellow press;
  • and even on wall calendars.

A cuff is a backlash, in which there is a complete rupture of relations, feelings and energy flows of two people. After applying and conducting such a magical ritual, between the couple there is a complete misunderstanding and in some cases — hatred. More often than not, turning away from a loved one gives complete indifference to replace stormy feelings and spiritual attraction of one to the other. The gap, which is so necessary, can affect both one partner and two people at once.

The lapel is similar in its action to damage, so it is qualified as black magic. Its negative impact can greatly affect the health of the girl who conducted the ceremony. Practicing magicians and witches do not recommend resorting to such cardinal measures, since in life everything changes and the situation can always be changed for the better without recourse to otherworldly forces and asking for help from them. Such rituals are valid for a long time, which means that even after five or ten years a couple will not be able to come together and live together. To be precise, every attempt to start all over again will result in a complete failure.

It is easy to judge those who have not found themselves in such situations, when the cuff will be the only way to normalize life, and not just one woman or girl will suffer without carrying out the ritual, but living next to it (parents or children). In such cases, it is recommended to contact specialists who practice sorcerers and witches. To those who have proven themselves on the good side and have only positive feedback.

When asking for help from spirits or other creatures, only the practitioner will know how to protect himself and others from the negative effects of dark forces, as well as carry out the necessary manipulations with the person.

It often happens that in the area where the person lives, either there are no true professionals, or they refuse to take on such a delicate matter. The difficulty of carrying out is also in the fact that the consequences will be very different both for the customer and for the performer. Black magic is not a toy, and without the right approach in such matters (defense, plot text, day and place of ritual), something is wrong. But this does not stop many people who want to get rid of unhappy love, and they want to do everything on their own.

If you decide to do the drying yourself on your own or your loved one, you nevertheless decided, and no arguments stop you, then you must follow all the rules and recommendations. This will help to avoid many problems with health and in general with personal life, since it is almost impossible to return everything to its original position.

  1. All the words that need to be said in the process of drying on a loved one or on yourself should be read slowly, clearly pronounce each word, do not stumble.
  2. It is best to have all the words memorized, since during the ritual you may need to look at a certain object (fire, photo, clothing, or a personal thing).
  3. All magical rituals that have the character of a lapel should be conducted strictly in the evening during the period of the waning moon.
  4. Strong magic requires total silence and solitude. This item is required.
  5. It is better to carry out all actions at a distance from the premises and especially your place of residence. Thus, you protect your possession from negative energy and dark force, which was called during the ritual. Make sure no one is around.
  6. After the end of the entire magical effect on a loved one or oneself, one should leave the place, cross oneself, return home should be in a roundabout way and in no case turn around.

Adhering to these recommendations, everything should go better than expected. Also do not forget about protecting your body. All dark creatures that help in such matters like to move into the person who organized the whole event. To protect your body from the intrusion of spirits by man, the prayer “Our Father” and the obligatory wearing of a cross can be read.

And yet, before you do something at home, think several times about the consequences that will be very heavy.

In order to avoid difficulties and problems after the ritual at home, white magicians recommend trying to update their feelings. All gaps between pairs are so different in character, but the same for reasons that it is better to discuss them:

  • husband changes;
  • does not pay any attention to you;
  • spends most of the time away from family with friends or at work;
  • not interested in home life;
  • often comes in a drunken state.

But, wondering why this is happening, immediately everything becomes clear. Do not forget that men are much weaker than women in spirit, and this means that among them the majority of egoists who love themselves and feel sorry for themselves only. Any little things can affect their behavior. For example, a wife does housekeeping and children most of the time. And he so wants affection and care. Or in the case when the girl and the guy live a civil marriage. Here the problem of the disappearance of love lies in the fact that the young couple no longer walk a lot or communicate with their friends and life begins to seize them completely. A male in such situations begins depression, as they believe that every request «pushes him under the heel.»

All these are not problems, but little things that can be solved without the use of magical rituals.

  1. Return yourself well-groomed and begin to pay a little more attention to your man.
  2. Talk to him heart to heart and find out what the reason for this behavior.
  3. Begin to praise him, be interested in his affairs and work.
  4. Be sure to go to church and ask for the return of family happiness based on love.

For the last point there is a method that always works — the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to return the loved one. It’s easiest to do this and you don’t need to incur sin by cooperating and releasing dark forces to freedom. Making a lapel was always easier than turning to the saints using prayer.

All you need is your sincere desire and faith in God. Go to any convenient day for you personally (avoid the days of the menstrual cycle) to church. Next, we apply for reading prayers for the health of your loved one, do not forget yourself. We buy three candles, preferably wax ones, and go through three icons in stages. About each leave one by one, but before we light it. The first icon is the image of Jesus Christ, the second is the Holy Matron of Moscow. The last in line will be the icon of St. Nicholas. We light the last candle, look at the icon and turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker with open sincere feelings. A strong prayer is pronounced clearly, you can read and ask yourself for help from the saint, but clearly and sincerely. Having done everything, go home, but before you leave, be sure to buy an additional 9 candles and an icon with the image of the saint.

Now the prayer for his beloved Nicholas the Wonderworker will be read at home for 9 days. Each candle must burn out to the end. We get: 1 candle — 1 day — 1 prayer. A prayer is read before the image, after reading it is necessary to wash with boiled water and take three sips, after which they are baptized.

After three days, the result will be noticeable:

  • reconciliation;
  • understanding;
  • the restoration of feelings for each other, namely love;
  • full return to the family and to his wife or girlfriend.

If after this you do not change your views and decide that the gap and the lapel are the only correct decision, then you should wish only good luck in holding. Although the return of love and the restoration of family relationships is easier than breaking or destroying the happiness you created.

You can make a lapel in several ways. It is not necessary that the beloved was near. You can use his photo, clothes, a trinket that he wore, and then put everything back. There are rituals when prayer is read for food or drink, as well as nodules. Which rite you pay attention to and decide to hold is only a private matter. In this case, advisers are not needed. So, choose any lapel from your loved one, described below.

Take a thick thread of wool and read the words. Decide immediately on whom the ritual is performed: on yourself or a loved one. Immediately it should be said that this plot can be returned to its original position. As soon as the knots are untied, the senses return. We read the following words on the thread:

“On the feelings of the servants of God (names) I will lay the thread, I will tie them with tight knots. Not to be together, never. Wool thread, thread tension, take what I want, slave (name). Let the slave (the name) and the slave (the name) forever disagree and their feelings will not converge. I lock the words with a lock. I reinforce them with fire. ”

Then we tie knots on a thread and represent those who are talking. Do not forget yourself. If the ceremony was conducted only on himself and the spouse (boyfriend), then there will be only two nodes. If we consider what a stranger did or if it is necessary to remove an opponent from the path, then there will be three knots. As soon as the love impulse or feelings have cooled, the thread can be buried or burned.

Provided that the person with whom you lived became unloved, you can perform the following ceremony: take the guy’s shirt or his full-length photo, glow the needle and, piercing the heart area three times, say the following text:

“I pierce a hot heart with a needle, in it it cools and the feelings of a slave (name) cools. Amen».

One shot = one text. Every time you are going to make a puncture, the needle is heated. Magic will provide the result for a week already — cooling the senses. If everything was done correctly, and the person doesn’t show feelings to you and he has stopped loving you, then no love spells will now help, even if you really want it.

It often happens that people living under the same roof just torture each other, but each time after a break, there is a return for inexplicable reasons. In this case, magic is simply necessary. To prevent this from happening again, tear up the joint photo where your bodies touched and say the words:

“As the night is dark, as the river is deep, as the wolf is evil, as the moon under the mountain. Let the slave (name) to me does not turn, the path to me is forgotten. Do not go on the local roads to him, do not be with us, do not raise children together. We live separately, we forget each other and do not know grief. Key. Tongue. Castle».

The photograph is burned and thrown away at the crossroads.

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