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How to remove a love spell

How to remove a love spell

There are signs by which you can distinguish love spell from genuine romantic feelings. The person who has undergone a magical effect becomes indifferent to everything and everyone except the person who made it love spell.

Irritability, depression, confusion, deterioration of relationships in the family, problems at work, poor health — often several of these symptoms appear suddenly, for no apparent reason.

Discovering the traits love spell you can do this. Take the egg and spring clear water. Water is needed not drinking and not consecrated, but it is spring water!

It is necessary to roll the egg all over the body, especially in those places where the chakras are located. The egg, in the process of skating on the body, as if pulls out all the negative from a person.

After that, the egg should be broken in a vessel with previously prepared water. This ritual should be performed from seven to ten times. If, after ten times in the egg, negative manifestations are observed, then, most likely, you have undergone some kind of dangerous magical attack, which is impossible to cope with without outside help.

In this case, be sure to contact a specialist in the field of magic.

Another way to destroy the harmful energy effects on humans is carried out using wax castings. Drift melted wax over the body of a person. All negative will be drawn out and soaked in wax.

Externally, the effect will be noticeable. Then you should pour the wax into the water. This should be done until the wax remains clean after the manipulations.

The ritual can not be repeated more than once a day, otherwise, neglecting this warning, you can cause harm.

A more serious way — the removal of a love spell on silver and blood. A silver item that was worn for at least a week prior to the performance of the action, a needle, water from a spring and a vessel for water are required to carry out the ritual.

On the day when you will remove the spell, you must not eat anything. You can drink only spring water, so it must be harvested a lot.

The ritual itself will require about half a liter of water. Pour water into a prepared vessel and say the words of a spell about protection against ill-wishers from energy attacks, with the aim of paralyzing a person’s will:

You, mother earth, who bestowed this water,

You, Lord God, who gave this blood,

I urge you to be my witnesses and helpers!

Send fear and horror to my enemies,

Crush them with your invincibility, crush them with your power,

Destroy your glory!

Angel of Liberation Belted by Lightning

send me from heaven

And the key to me will be the word of the creator himself,

In the name of the holy and human spirit, so be it!

Then a few drops of blood from the left little finger to drip into the water. Use the prepared needle.

Speak the plot words again. Dip the silver thing into the water and pronounce the plot again. Silver, after the rite, wear it, it will serve as a talisman.

And water, of course, must be poured into the ground.

If there is reason to fear that a love spell can still be placed on you or a loved one, then you can stand at noon in a delineated circle on the street in a small place as a preventive measure and say:

“Lord God, help me and save your slave (your name).

Neither me, nor my eyes, nor the heart, nor the mind, and neither blood, no longer speak of love. The Lord is now everywhere with me, and on my way and at home, on my way, in my bed, at the table — you are everywhere God, and always be my guardian.

My word is very strong, and so be it. Amen».

Amulet, amulet, conspiracy, various ceremonies can serve as protection from a love spell. Sorcerers, magicians, esoteric also know how to protect a person from someone else’s negative impact.

There are so many ways to protect yourself, psychological, magical, but any magical effect, which is love spell — this is a sinful, ungodly action, therefore, in the matter of protecting against someone else’s negative influence on your own will, you should always remember the power of prayer. Seek protection from God, believe in the miraculousness of prayers and then no witchcraft will ruin your life.

Be healthy and happy!

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