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How to remove a love spell? Alone or with the help of a magician

To be happy, to be loved is the natural desire of every person. But, unfortunately, it does not always come true.

Of course, there are people who, having suffered a fiasco on a love front, withdraw into themselves, resign themselves to the blow of fate, and continue to drift. However, most still trying to fight for their happiness. How?

Methods can be very different: from changing the image to going to a psychologist, from registering on a dating site to applying magical practices to attract and retain the person you like. “Well, in war, all means are good,” someone will say. But life is a complicated thing, and Newton’s third law is valid not only in physics, but also in the affairs of everyday life, and in witchcraft.

Yes, for every magic action there is always a reaction, equal in strength and opposite in direction: the query “how to remove a love spell” is almost as popular as “how to bewitch”.
How to remove a love spell? Are there any ways of love spells available to non-professionals, or is it necessary to appeal to the magician?

What difficulties may arise when removing a love spell?

Such questions are often asked by those who suspected the use of divination in relation to themselves or their loved ones. However, before talking about methods of removing love spells, it is worth understanding whether witchcraft really took place.

How to remove a love spell? Alone or with the help of a magician

Signs of a love spell:

  • 1. depression, excessive emotionality, irritability;
  • 2. problems in the sexual sphere (often arise if the Egilet was committed);
  • 3. craving for alcoholic beverages;
  • 4. pathological fixation on the initiator of the love spell;
  • 5. fatigue, exacerbation of chronic diseases, headaches, sleep disorders;
  • 6. problems in business, troubles at work;
  • 7. distancing from close people. It can be manifested by cooling down to a spouse, indifference to one’s own children, unwillingness to communicate with friends.

The presence of three or more of the listed symptoms is a serious cause for concern. If, in addition to changes in behavior, you have found stubs of candles or a rope with knots near the threshold; needles or pins stuck in the door jamb; ash or salt in the pockets of clothes, then, no matter how sorry it is to realize, the information on how to remove a love spell, you obviously need.

So, you can remove a love spell both independently and with the help of a professional witch. Which is better

Of course, you decide, we will describe the main advantages of each option.

How to remove a love spell with the help of a witch

Option one: remove a love spell with the help of a professional witch.

The advantages of this choice are obvious:

  • 1. Only an experienced fortuneteller will be able to accurately determine whether a love spell has been produced or ordinary household troubles take place;
  • 2. The choice of a particular method of removing a love spell depends on how, in what way, it was imposed. It is practically impossible to determine on your own what kind of forces were involved in the divination;
  • 3. The effectiveness of removing a love spell directly depends on the strength and experience of the person conducting the rite.

Option two: remove the love spell yourself. This decision will have two advantages: free of charge and speed of the rite. However, both of them are almost completely leveled by the existing minuses.

After all, «self-treatment» in magic, as in medicine, is fraught with serious complications.

Moreover, without a certain practice and the availability of relevant knowledge to remove a love spell will be extremely difficult, and if he was made a strong magician — it is impossible.

This can not be forgotten.

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