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How to remove a love spell from a photo?

We offer you one of the ways to get rid of love spells that can clean both yourself and a loved one. It is simple.

What is very important, it requires the sa elemental attributes.

It should take your high-quality photograph — best close-up to the waist. In addition, the case will go:

  • thin church candle;
  • matches;
  • scissors and / or razor;
  • clean paper
  • dish;
  • Holy water.


How to remove a love spell from a photo?Turn off the lights in the room. Pour water into the tank.

Cut a small square centimeter out of paper so two by two.

Next, you need to cut a triangle (smaller than a square) in the intended area of ​​the heart and drip wax through it onto the water from a burning candle.

Do not confuse: if in reality the heart is on your left, then in the photo in full face it will be on the right side of your chest.

When performing the indicated actions, read the short one three times. conspiracy:

“Cleanse, the flame is holy, the heart is the slave of (a) God’s (his) (name) from love longing-dokuka. The bird in the cage does not live, love must not be.

Amen, Amen, Amen. «

When the candle is almost exhausted and it becomes difficult to hold it, drip a cup of candle near each side of the triangle and stick a square to the photo.

Pour water outside. Dig a bury at the nearest intersection.

Board: it is not forbidden to cut off the candle, so that the procedure was not too long.

How to enhance the effect of removing the love spell?

There are several correct methods:

  • during the week, put your own picture under the pillow in order to charge it additionally;
  • before performing the ritual for three consecutive days, pray to the Virgin Mary if you are a girl, Christ, if you are a man.

A very effective way (but, unfortunately, rarely available) to cast a spell on such a photo, which was used by the initiator of the love spell or at least was in his hands.

With the use of photography is also associated with the removal of a love spell salt. Perhaps this method will seem to you more suitable.

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