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How to remove a love spell from a photo: from yourself or a loved one

According to statistics, women are more interested in the question of how to remove a spell on a photo. The rite is often necessary in cases where there is complete confidence that beloved bewitched.

Before being interested in how to remove a spell from a photo, you need to find out the name of the attacker who dared to destroy the stable relationship between two loving people. As a rule, it is absolutely easy to do.

After all, she stole the beloved with the help of magic, most likely the one with whom the beloved man is most often with.

How to remove a love spell from a photo: from yourself or a loved one

Removing magical effects from yourself

As a rule, it is very difficult to realize that all your own actions in the love sphere are dictated by someone else’s will and all actions are performed in accordance with an alien program. And an understanding of this can only happen when you have developed analytical thinking and you have a strong on-the-nature energy defense that allows you to resist at a subconscious level.

It should be understood that such resistance can not last long, so you need to urgently remove the love spell.

For the ceremony you need to use a photo of the person who tried to bewitch you.

It is allowed to use a personal thing, but at the same time the impact force will be slightly reduced.

Having retired to a separate room, turn off artificial lighting and light a church candle. You should put a mirror in front of you on the table, so that your face is clearly reflected in it.

Before you put the cooked thing or photo so that it is also reflected in the mirror, but it does not cover your face. In the room you need to ensure complete silence, and to eliminate the occurrence of random interference should turn off all communications equipment.

It is important to focus on the image of the person, and mentally start a conversation with him. She can be arbitrary, but her attitude should be benevolent. It is important to use short phrases.

Try to explain to him that you do not want to love under duress and dream of returning to your natural perception of the world around you. Be sure to note that there is no evil in your soul towards it.

During the entire conversation, each semantic phrase should end with the word:

After you feel that you have told the person everything they wanted, you need to turn the picture with an image to the table and cover it with previously prepared fresh wormwood or nettle. In this state, the photo should lie until morning.

Church candle need to blow out and immediately go to bed.

The next day, early in the morning, you need to wake up to take out a photo with grass outside and bury it in a deserted place. After that, you need to take a candle stub, used in the ceremony and go with her to the temple.

There candle candle must be put for the health of the person who tried to bewitch you. Then you need to pray near the icon of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary and thank God for your help.

Ways to remove a love spell from another person

The easiest way to remove the love spell is the lapel. The rite, which is proposed below, destroys the previously imposed bewitching program, but it does not have negative consequences. This is due to the fact that it does not cause a reverse send.

And, as if I did not want to take revenge, we should refrain from this step in order not to take the blame, for which the next generations might have to pay.

Wax casting

Removed the love spell on a photo using wax casting. The ritual is performed for seven days in a row and is very effective.

So, you need to first prepare several church candles and, secluded in a separate room, follow your own words, which come from the depths of your soul, and turn for help to the Higher Forces. Then it is necessary to light one candle and melt a small piece of another candle over its flame on the boat.

It is necessary to try to visualize the image of a loved one and imagine that, just like wax melts, the external negative impact leaves its energy envelope and the melted wax absorbs all the bad energy.

The wax image, which is obtained after the wax freezes, can determine the strength of the external negative impact. But to do it yourself is quite difficult, so if you need to decipher the need to better contact a professional magician.

Within seven days, seven wax cast images will be collected. After the last ceremony, they will need to be thrown away in a place where no one will ever pick them up.

It is optimal to bury somewhere under the fence, thus forever burying the negative energy from a loved one.

How to remove a love spell from a photo: from yourself or a loved one

Ritual with salt

Also during the week you can perform a ritual with salt. It is necessary to buy a new pack of salt in the store without putting it or not to take it. A handful of salt should be thrown into the pan and heat it, stirring.

The remaining salt from the pack should be immediately washed down the drain.

While the salt is warming up, the following plot is pronounced:

After that, the salt must be poured on a saucer, which is put on the picture of a loved one. On the seventh day, the conspired salt after the ceremony is washed down the drain, and the saucer is broken and thrown into the trash.

It should be understood that you can remove the spell from a photo yourself only if the love spell was conducted by an amateur. If the magical effect on a loved one is sent by a magician or a sorcerer, then at home it is unlikely to be removed.

Need to be sure to contact a professional.

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