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How to remove a love spell from her husband

How to remove a love spell from her husband

Search methods removal of love spell with her husband — an urgent problem for women faced with the need to protect their family from magical intrusion from the side. In the modern world, the fair sex is much more than men, so many of them are ready to go for anything, if only the man they like is with them.

And it does not matter to them at all whether the chosen one has a family, children, or any other plans of his own. Often, such women resort to the use of a love spell, which is considered one of the most powerful and reliable means for a man to be around.

In this case, of course, the relatives of this man are most affected, namely, children and a wife.

How do you know if there is a love spell on his wife?

First of all, we must observe the behavior of her husband. If it changed, he pulled away from you, lost interest, stopped noticing both you and the children, appeared tired, excessively nervous, except for a lot of problems at work, then perhaps your husband fell under the influence of another woman.

Of course, it is very difficult to determine this oneself and it is better to turn to a person who understands this and is able to say with precision bewitched spouse or not.

Options for removing the love spell, there is an infinite number:

1. One of them is the use of ordinary table salt, which has unique magical properties. It’s not for nothing that before, in ancient times, salt was used for various ceremonial rituals.

So, in this case, to remove the bewitch from the constricted, salt from one hand must be moved to the other 7 times, pronouncing the text:

“White salt, eternal salt, unlimited power in you,
Help me to protect my betrothed, protect against the fortune-teller.
Let her evil word return, let her evil deed fall apart.
It will be him salty, disgusting, unpleasant soul and body.
It will be bitter for him to remember her, for it is bitter to stand by.
He will turn away from her soul, he will return to me again. ”

After this salt must be used in the manufacture of food for a loved one. The received food should be salty in moderation, the main thing is not to overdo it, because the husband can refuse such food.

2. There is an old version of the release from the damage of a loved one with the help of a Russian bath. It used to be very popular to visit the bath for married couples.
In ancient times it was believed that the bath cleans not only the organism as a whole, but also the soul, bringing people together and helping to renew feelings for each other. So, for the ritual purification of the second half of any impact, you need to persuade him to visit with you the Russian bath and take a steam bath with a regular broom. If you manage to do this, then in the process of fanning him with a broom, do not forget to say the following phrases in a quiet, so that he will not hear you:

«The sacred steam protects you, it expels the rival from the soul,
Let the steam sure it disappears, and never returns.
The soul will become transparent as a tear, cleansed of evil spells. ”

3. Celebration of the day of Ivan Kupala is considered a good period for liberation from love spells. He himself is considered magical, and holding a ceremony at this time strengthens the effect and will help both to enchant a man and to remove a magical effect from him.

From ancient times on Ivan Kupala there was a tradition of purification of the spiritual and physical condition — jumping over the Kupala fire. That is what will help a woman to clean up her beloved or groom from the conspiracy. Before jumping over the fire, you must hold hands with the second half and pronounce the text so that he does not hear, of course:

«The bonfire will be cleansed, the fire will sanctify,
free from someone else’s love spell
Our feelings are more powerful. ”

Then, according to tradition, do not crack your hands, you need to run up and jump through the fire.

4. Another way to break the spell over her husband is to influence the woman who has cast this spell. To do this, it is necessary to light a candle at night, go up to the sleeping spouse, bow and say the text:

«Go away rival, let go of his spell,
And not that you will feel bad, but not that you will be hard.
And if you don’t want it, if you step back, the pain and horror will turn on you. ”

At the same time the text must be pronounced sternly, firmly. This will cause the opponent to give up her spell herself, because if you think about your beloved, she will feel fear, anxiety, anxiety and even painful feelings that are not justified, and even more so if she touches him, these feelings and sensations will only intensify.

She herself will not be glad that he bewitched.

These are simple ways to help you maintain family happiness, well-being and bring your husband home. If you doubt the effectiveness of these options or are afraid to conduct these rites, it is better, of course, to contact the person who will help you figure it out and do everything himself, that is, to a professional.

Article: How to remove a love spell from her husband

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