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How to remove a love spell from her husband at home and restore the family

How to remove a love spell from her husband? This is a very topical issue for many women. Very often in life there are situations when with the help of magic, those who are different from each other tend to take the man they like out of the family.

Therefore, the anxiety of women is fully justified.

Most popular rites

Love spell is a convenient and powerful tool that allows you to connect yourself with your beloved man. However, like any weapon, the spell is good in your hands, but it is terrible and dangerous if someone influences your beloved man, trying to build his love, destroying your family happiness. To prevent this can and should be, because true love is always worth it to fight for it.

There are many ways with which you can remove the spell from her husband.

How to remove a love spell from her husband at home and restore the family

Removing a love spell salt

To help you remove the spell from a man can ordinary kitchen salt. She has a very strong magical effect. This was well known to our ancestors, from whom a great number of beliefs and rituals associated with salt have come down to us.

To neutralize the effect of someone else’s love spell, place a large handful of salt in your palm.

Leaning your palm, pour the salt into your other hand very slowly and say these words:

So, pouring salt from the left palm to the right and back, repeat this plot seven times. Then use this salt when cooking the food you feed your husband.

Put more salt in your food than usual, so that it is salty, but do not overdo it, so that it will eat your dish, and not disdainfully set it aside.

Ritual in the Russian bath

Another old way of removing the spell from her husband is connected with the Russian bath. Family washing in the bath, commonly used in the old days, not only washes away dirt from the body, but also cleans the souls, brings two people together, refreshes their relationship.

In order to scrub the alien magical dirt from your man’s soul, persuade him to relax in the classic Russian way.

Throwing him a broom, a whisper so that he cannot hear your words, say:

Rite of passage on Ivan Kupala

A good time to remove the spell of a man is the holiday of Ivan Kupala. The powerful energy of this holiday enhances the effect of any magical rite, especially related to love magic.

At this time, you can both bewitch someone as well as completely free your man from someone else’s love spell.

To remove the love spell, use the famous Kupala fire. After all, this is by no means simple fun, but the Old Slavic cleansing rite.

To do this, take your husband’s hand before the fire and say quietly:

After that, as is customary in the custom, while continuing to hold hands, jump to the run over the fire.

Other options for removing love spells

Remove the spell from her husband as it is possible through the impact not on her husband, but on the one that inflicted the love spell. On a dark night, when the husband is fast asleep, bend over him with a candle in his hand.

Say it quietly, but firmly and menacingly. This rite will make a rival feel any inexplicable fear and painful sensations at any thought about your husband and, especially, when he comes in contact with him.

Most likely, she herself will want to free him from her love spell.

It is considered very effective to remove a love spell with a photo. But for this you need to have a firm belief that the husband bewitched.

For the ceremony you need to take a fresh photo of the spouse close-up.

Further, looking into the image on the photo to say these words:

In the case when the realization that the husband was bewitched, it came too late, and the spouse went to another woman should not despair. With the help of magic, you can return it to the family and remove the spell.

But initially you need to remove anger and hatred for your rival from your soul and forgive both. This is a prerequisite for the success of the ritual.

Then on the first day of the full moon, you must wake up early in the morning and stand in front of the mirror.

Looking at your image, you should refer to it with these words:

In order for these magic words to take effect, you should call your husband, for which you can come up with the most trivial reason. Such a rite must be held every other day seven times.

If you did not wait for the result, then in a month at the full moon the ritual can be repeated.

How to remove a love spell from her husband at home and restore the family

Ritual in church

You can remove the spell from her husband and in church. This is a very effective ritual, but it also requires a lot of time.

Every day for 40 days you need to visit the temple and put two candles: for health and for peace.

Each time you come home, you should read the following conspiracy seven times:

For forty days before bedtime, you need to read the well-known prayer “Our Father”. It is very important in the period when you remove the spell, to pay more attention to her husband.

You have to try to be nice to your spouse, and in no case should you accuse him of anything. In addition, it is very important to believe in magic, otherwise there is no point in conducting this ceremony.

To clean the husband’s biofield from third-party negative is possible with the help of cooking. A good tool is freshly baked bread, for which special herbs are added, namely chamomile, mint and plantain leaves.

Basil and olives are also a useful supplement. It is very important not to use the bread machine, you need to knead the dough by hand.

In this case, such words are pronounced:

Believing in your own strength, you can independently remove a spell from your husband and prevent the dangerous consequences that he faces.

It is very important to show patience and endurance during this period.

In addition, it should be remembered that after removing the love spell, it will take some time to restore the energy field.

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