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How to remove a love spell runes yourself?

The rune love spell is very effective and its results are shown very quickly. Therefore, such rituals are attractive to many, as they allow in a short time to solve love problems.

Before using the Norse magic, many people ask how to remove the love spell in runes.

How to remove a love spell runes yourself?

Removing the magical effects of runes

The peculiarity of the magical effect, which was performed with the help of the runes, is that its strength entirely depends on the experience of the performer of the ceremony. If the ritual was performed at home by a novice, then difficulty in removing the love spell will not arise.

But to remove a love spell in runes, after a love prompting, induced by a professional is quite difficult. The process of removing the love spell is similar to the rite of the love spell.

During the ritual is necessary:

  • Correctly tuned;
  • Visualize the image of the bewitched person;
  • Write a formula for removing the foreign negative on the wax substrate or on the used attribute;
  • Read the conspiracy in any form, which expresses the desire to remove the negative;
  • Fasten the formula with your own blood;
  • Bury a wax basement on the street or hide the used attribute in a hidden place.

Popular Formulas

There are several formulas for removing a love spell. They need to be used depending on the situation.

Magic formulas can be written not only on a special substrate, but also on a photo of a loved one. In this photo of a loved one after the rite is not recommended to bury, it must be hidden in a place where no one will ever find it.

The ceremony of removal should be carried out with a lit candle, but it should be remembered that for a rune ritual you can not use church candles.

How to remove a love spell runes yourself?

The most famous formula

The most popular formula for removing love spells or damage:

The runes used in this formula have the following meaning:

  • Eyvaz. It awakens the desire to win and implement our plans.
  • Soulo. Strengthens self-reliance, strengthens health and adjusts to win.
  • Hagalaz. Attracts to the aid of the forces of nature and provides peace of mind.
  • Yera. Guarantees success to any undertaking.

Magical effect reduction

If a strong spell was performed by an experienced magician, then its effect can be weakened by the following formula:

It has the following rune values:

  • Tourisas. Awakens natural human capabilities.
  • Kano. It sharpens the natural feelings and gives confidence in their own abilities.
  • Otila. Protects the home and contributes to the completion of failures.

To clean the energy field

Another formula for removing the negative:

Values ​​of additional runes in it:

  • Nautis. It provides additional strength during a difficult period and protects against negative impact.
  • Algis. Additional protection against external negative influence.

How to remove a love spell runes yourself?

The conspiracy — «Verbal Vis»

As in the case of any other runic rite, the removal of a love spell with the help of runes can be enhanced with special magic words, that is, with a word hanging. It is best to make such visas yourself, putting all your soul into them.

The phrases used in them should be as short and precise as possible. That is, the goal must be clearly defined.

As a basis, you can take the following text:

Today, ready-made runes are used for various ceremonies, which can be purchased in exoteric shops.

In this case, before you remove the quirky impact of the runes, you need to clear it with the help of the elements.

But this is a very difficult rite, which requires patience and high energy costs. Alternatively, you can hold the acquired runes during the day in running water to remove someone else’s energy, which may prevent the removal of the love spell. But the best is still to make or draw the runes yourself.

In the process, you charge the ancient symbols with your energy and increase the effectiveness of the rite.

The ceremony, aimed at the removal of a love spell, should be carried out in complete solitude and absolute silence. All your inner strength needs to be focused on the desire to help your loved one get rid of the alien impact.

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