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How to remove a spell from a man alone at home?

To remove the spell of a man is an actual problem. Many lovers resort to magic to get the object of their passion. They charm other wives, husbands, bosses and business owners, beauties.

Then the bewitched themselves, their spouses and children suffer from the consequences of the love spell. Not every love spell can be removed at home.

The faster you start to shoot it, the faster you or your friend will be cured of the consequences.

A lapel is a magical act committed in order to completely end a relationship with a person, in order to cool down a painful affection, to lose power over an object. Blinded by passion are not always able to objectively treat feelings.

According to the technique, a cuff is like a love spell, only aimed at breaking, not at attraction. Lapel — the invasion of privacy, into the spiritual environment of another person without his knowledge that it can:

  • destroy the fate of man
  • affect his physical health,
  • destroy privacy

The lapel is made with the good purpose to neutralize the negative magical effect.

We will understand what the cuff is and how to remove the spell from yourself or the men themselves, without the help of magicians.

Terms and conditions for removing love spells

It is forbidden to make cuffs during fasting on Great Orthodox holidays. The phase of the moon is decreasing.

To do in the men’s day, if a man expelled. And in women’s days — if a woman.

Don’t tell anyone about this.

Removing a love spell by yourself

Not always bewitched, even noticing that he has signs of a love spell, will agree to get rid of this captivity.

Removing bewitching occurs according to special magical laws. The wives, relatives of the bewitched, independently study the rituals of removal, and someone turns for help to the magician.

Learning magic at home is possible if you accurately perform all the magic rituals with attributes.

Description of the ritual with salt and sugar

Plots of salt and sugar, constantly eaten daily, do not require your personal serving. Having a crystalline structure, they hold the information well.

How to remove a spell from a man alone at home?

  1. Salt and sugar are taken from a new full pack.
  2. Pour into wooden or glass bowls (wide cups) to fit your hands.
  3. Then immerse the wedding rings alternately.
  4. On the night of the full moon, immerse the rings in a cup of salt, and by morning remove (before dawn) from the salt and immerse them in a cup of sugar.
  5. Leave until the middle of the next day. Bowls of salt and sugar to put on the windowsill, so that they reflected the moon and the sun.
  6. Immerse your hands in a cup, where the rings are (in sugar). Mentally exchange energy with this structure, giving it the main desire. As if taking energy from sugar, let it pass through itself and send its energy back to sugar.
  7. Read the prayer to Cyprian and Ustinje — prayers against damage and love spell.

How to remove a spell from a man alone at home?

The prayer is long, you cannot learn right away, write them clearly. Read out loud, presenting its essence.

Focus on the main desire — the return of family relationships. In an almost detached state, say a prayer, holding only your desire.

  1. Read prayers 7 times over salt and sugar, alternately holding your hands in salt and sugar.
  2. Then leave your rings in salt. In a dark secret place to remove salt and sugar, sprinkle them in jars with a lid.
  3. Ritual sugar and salt poured into the sugar bowl and the salt shaker. The first should take from them salt or sugar the husband, but not you.
  4. Sprinkle salt and sugar, so as not to end, from the magical «stocks».

Prepare him food using spelled salt and sugar. Or, pour the Thursday Thursday salt into the ritual salt before reading the prayers to Cyprianus and Justinier.

Features: just a ring, presented to your loved ones, if you are not painted. You can use your parents’ wedding rings.

Even better — tie them with a red thread and immerse them in food crystals.

How to remove a spell from a man alone at home?

How to remove the spell on their own blood

For the love spell made on the blood, you need a special cuff (on the first day of menstruation). To remove a spell from a man, they slander a bloody piece of meat and give to the dog:

“Meat-blood, take the turning words. Spiridon — Solstice,
How red the sun moves,
Heaven and earth, the bright moon,
Just you, Spyridon-Solstice,
Unscrew, unscrew from the female blood,
From the female flesh of God’s servant (name).
That he about the slave (name) did not sigh, did not suffer.
Day and night did not look,
Scarlet did not kiss the mouth.
On the arms, on the chest did not take,
For the waist did not hug,
Hair did not touch,
She did not take her shoulder,
Oh, would not oh, would not sigh, oh
He did not give gifts, did not promise his fate,
Breathing not breathing
Ardent did not burn,
Ardent flesh did not want.
Go, my words, to red meat,
The blood is thick.
Enter the cattle.
Shit on the ground fall.
Let the slave (name) be him,
What will remain after eating a dog.
My words, close, my deeds, lock.
Wow, you are my spirit! Guardian angel.
The power is great, the case is zealous.

Key, lock, tongue. Amen.

Amen. Amen.»

Minuses: Spiridon Solstice — 25, when winter turns to frost, the sun — to summer. It happens once a year, narrowing the possibilities. It is possible on other days otherwise to speak:

“Meat is blood, take the love spells. Unscrew, unscrew from the female blood, from the female flesh of a slave (name).

So that he is a slave … «.

And further in the text. Instead of «amen», you can replace: “That is my will. Let it be so» (3 times).

At the end of the meat with blood we feed the dog.

How to remove a spell from a man alone at home?

See some more powerful ways in this video:

Strong cuff of all types of damage and love spells

You can shoot a love spell both from yourself and from a loved one. Buy 3 new wax candles in the church. These 3 candles twist into one, pronouncing:

“Three candles — 3 powers, 3 powers, 3 lights, 3 powers, 3 helpings, 3 beginnings, 3 ends, 3 weaknesses, 33 words and 3 demons, I join you all in one, I create a crown to my work”.

Light them and whisper:

“The conspiracy fire of the wax body, the love fire of the living body slept. Come down with (name) spell and prishu, and every mistake: fake and honorable, edible and honorable, conspiratorial and sworn, fortified and triclaturous, namolennaya and otmolennaya, with a cry and a whisper said, word and deed, painted with blood and oil smeared, with wind and smoke, cemetery, church vedo, rapids and roads let on, on the trail and let out a sigh, and all that is in the body (name) admitted.

Leave the demons of melancholy and attraction, retreat the devils of heart enslavement, escape the serpent the tempter, deny the lover of love. Oh, the Triple Force, break all witchcraft from the person (name), set him free, and break those who swore my dear, who robbed me of him, or by witchcraft, or by witchcraft, or by witchcraft and sorcery, or by secret word and deed. Triple Force, be praised!

The crown of my work — Get it! And my dear man (name), free yourself and come back to me!

With this moment and forever and ever! Let it be so!

The crown is like that! ”

Leave the candles burn out.

Features of the flap: so that the candles do not go out in a conspiracy. Must burn out completely.

If gone out, do not need to redo that day.

Wait 3 full days, on the 4th repeat the ritual. Do 3 times, every 3rd day. Observe all conditions:

  • to protect yourself;
  • read the prayer (“Our Father”, to the Life-giving Cross or the Mother of God);
  • read the spell;
  • put protection to work;
  • read chase myself

How to remove the spell of another prayer Cyprian and Justinia

Main prayer for many lapels:

“O, holy clergymen Cyprian and martyr Justina! Heed our humble prayer. As a matter of fact, your temporal living for the martyrs for Christ was finished with Jesus, but you do not back down from us in spirit, but according to the commandment of the Lord to lead us and teach you, we must bear our cross patiently.

Behold, boldness to Christ, God, and the Most Pure of His Mother, is compounded. The same and now awake the prayers of the prayer and intercession for us unworthy.

Wake us intercessors of the fortress, but by your intercession we are safe and harmless from demons, the Magi, and from evil people we continue, glorifying the Holy Trinity: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen.».

How to remove a spell from a man alone at home?

Black lapel on the photo

In the photo to draw 3 triangles:

  • on the forehead;
  • in the middle of the chest;
  • in the groin area

Peel them with an awl. Take a lit candle purple. Through the triangles drip wax, substituting a bowl of water, slandering 3 times for each triangle:

“In the name of Satan, by the destructive power of his, I excommunicate the slave (name) from the slave (name) forever and ever. Let it be so!»

In a bowl, wax cake is formed.

Water to drink. Photo burn.

The pellet must be buried in the ground.

Features of: the ritual of photography can be held on any men’s day. It does not depend on the phase of the moon. It is done at noon.

Days: Thursday, Monday, Tuesday.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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