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How to remove a spell from her husband, a man, remove a love spell by yourself

If before you there was a question how to remove, remove a love spell from her husband, a man, then the matter is bad, but fixable.

Of course, we should not allow such a situation, when the machinations of envious or rivals have already begun to act. For this invented protection and charms.

Well, since we missed, let’s see what to do and how to remove the love spell.

How to remove a spell from her husband on their own

Love spell is an insidious thing. It is difficult to identify, even harder to get rid of it.

The fact is that she, like a terrible disease, nests in the very heart of her beloved energy, clings to it, not wanting to give up.

Love spell is like a mite or a worm, which is parasitic in the depths of the body. Invisible, imperceptible, does its disgusting work, destroying your relationship, eating happiness, love, energy.

Then spread to health and well-being.

How to remove a spell from her husband, a man, remove a love spell by yourself

Just do not assume that this enemy can not cope. For a brave heart filled with love, there are no obstacles.

I must say that any woman is a little witch. In the extreme case, which is the spell of the husband (man), this circumstance is not a sin to use oneself and him for the good, while the other person is in trouble.

Doubts are inappropriate here. Contact your ancestors.

Ask them for strength if you think yours won’t be enough. Then everything will work out.

The point here is not even that you are fighting for your family, your kind. Rather, the fact that it is your right and purpose.

Higher Forces give any woman courage and responsibility, the goal of which is to preserve and continue the race!

If the love spell is constantly fake: examples of rituals

A woman can distribute her magical abilities in different ways. It is recommended, nevertheless, to have amulets and talismans.

If you bother to protect your happiness in advance, you will not have to decide how to remove, remove a love spell from your husband, a man.

Charm must be prepared in any case. It is useful for protection from those harmful separation who do not want to calm down.

When you are faced with this, then apply the following ritual. It is simple, but multi-step. That is, you will have to repeat it at least seven times.

The frequency of action — two days.

In order to clear the field of the husband (and his own) from the action of the love spell, you will need to do cooking.

Best of all — bake bread.

It is not difficult.

How to remove a spell from her husband, a man, remove a love spell by yourself

Only in the dough you need to add special herbs. Prepare the leaves:

  • daisies;
  • plantain;
  • mint.

You can also add olives and basil (for beauty, they are not used in the lapel).

Chop the herbs and knead in the dough before putting it into the mold. (Bread maker does not fit. Everything must be done manually). At the same time, read seven times:

“I throw a daisy — I save from a love spell! Plantain — so there were no left tracks!

Mint sheets — will relieve from the envy of others! Will be my loaf to the family for joy! Any nastiness will leave us! ”
It is recommended to ensure that the man ate this bread constantly. Even when an inseparable woman leaves the history of your life, her memory will disappear, do not be lazy. Keep the tradition of your own baking.

Energy ritual works as a powerful ward. Teach him your children. Then they will not have to worry about those unpleasant moments that you had to go through. ”

In that case, when the ruler does not lag behind, give her “hello” together with her spouse.

It is done this way.

Take a pinch of salt. Put the unfortunate husband in your pocket and say:

“Salt — in the eyes, to the pain! It burns like a poker. Not any — but the enemy! ”

You’ll see, from the opponent and the track will go down after the first time.

How to remove a love spell from her husband for menstruation

When a husband is drunk with monthly blood, it can be seen immediately. Man loses himself.

He talks to you, and lives in a different world. He just looks like a madman.

All that says is nonsense. Everything that does is horror! (From the point of view of the wife).

It is often difficult to correct the situation on your own.

The fact is that the love spell with monthly blood is especially strong. It is recommended to seek help from a knowledgeable person.

How to remove a spell from her husband, a man, remove a love spell by yourself

In the case when searching for a sorceress once or not, then you can try to save your spouse from this misfortune yourself. Please note that this will require complete dedication from you.

But, as they say, only the one who is frightened does not receive. You need to do everything at once described below.

Ritual 1

Put in the heads of the bed two cans with broken eggs in them.

One for him, the second for himself.

This is a cleansing of energy damage.

The love of her husband is also a spoilage for the whole family. You need to get rid of it.

By the way, if the casualty is not strong, then this alone will suffice.

Spend at least a month, and better — longer.

Ritual 2 by the opponent’s photo

  1. Take it and go to the cemetery. This should be done on Tuesday morning.
  2. There, find a male grave, which is already more than ten years old.
  3. Bow to the dead man.
  4. Say:

“Hello to you, deceased! That brought you a bride!

Take her charms, give me your husband! Let her beauty be for your joy! Let his cushion be presented to you, but people do not do filth! ”

Photo bury in the grave. Do not forget to leave a memorial treat on a knoll: sweets, biscuits, apples.

Turn and go. You can not turn around.

Whatever heard, fly home with an arrow.

Usually, the dead person tries to call you back, because he does not want to get involved with the witch (which in this case is a ruler).

After this, it is imperative to order the memorial service in the three monasteries for the one who was disturbed.

If you do not know the name, then write «Ivan», having in the form of exactly the one who is buried in the grave.

How to return the husband to the family

Sometimes, women late think about how to remove, remove the love spell from her husband, the men themselves. He had already “bitten into” his field so much that his lover went to another.

Of course, it is very bitter, sometimes quite unbearable. Only he himself will not return from a separated woman.

We need to act, not shed tears.

First of all, forgive both. This condition is mandatory.

Otherwise, do not fix it.

How to remove a spell from her husband, a man, remove a love spell by yourself

Then do this ritual. At dawn, stand in front of the mirror and tell your reflection:

“Become wind and water, be in summer and in winter! Go to (name). Give my order: go back!

Be a gentle sword, be a strong tractor! Execute the order! (Name) go home! ”

To start acting immediately call your husband for any trifling reason. Repeat the need seven times a day.

Need to start in the full moon.

If immediately the result does not satisfy you, then repeat the next time when the lunar disk becomes round.

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