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Is it possible to bewitch a person?

Is it possible to bewitch a person?It is foolish to doubt that a love spell as a method of influence exists (see the evidence in a separate article on the topic).

Another question is whether magic will help solve directly your problem. A number of complicating circumstances can interfere with prosperous witchcraft.

Factors of protection from love energy

The hardest thing to predict the obstacles caused by the characteristics of the object — the person whose feelings you crave.

The most typical difficulties arise depending on his gender. Choose in the article the item that fits your situation, and read carefully.

Is it possible to bewitch a guy or a man?

Men are more vulnerable to magic than ladies. We believe that this is one good news for you.

At girls-fortunetellers the following problem most often arises: the desired young man turns out to be closed with protective signs.

How exactly is the guarding aura created? Who is able to protect a person from probable charms, including love properties?

The simplest variant of its formation is the usual crossing, most often the maternal one.

If a mother baptizes her son every day before he goes to college or to the service, the object is not very sensitive to any outside influence.

Similarly, there are prayers, wishes like «Go with God,» «Go with Christ,» «Not a feather, not a down.» The latter work, even if pronounced without a specific goal, mechanically.

Naturally, deliberate conspiracies can also be an obstacle. Extremely strong spells that are aimed at a man married wife.

It is almost impossible to beat off someone else’s spouse without the help of a sorcerer.

See specific ways to love spell:

Is it possible to attach a girl or a woman to yourself?

Women have a relatively high predisposition for independent magic (and they do not always have an idea of ​​their own abilities).

Not so rare are girls who feel alien energy at the very early stage of the love spell and subconsciously, instinctively manage to shake it off. There is one way out in such a situation — to make a strong spell, which will seize the will immediately, and not gradually.

In case of difficulties, consult a professional.

Vedovskie interference for prisuhi on the fair sex more often than not protective spells, and slander for damage, especially on the crown of celibacy.

Obstacles for same-sex love spell

Same-sex spell — the most difficult. This is a challenge not only for fate, but also for nature.

Independently succeed in such a matter is possible only under one condition — the object already has some sexual inclination towards you.

Otherwise, the impact on the will will come into serious conflict with the social orientation of your potential partner. He will firmly resist the unexpected attraction, harass himself.

The result can manifest itself not in the form of love, but in the form of drunkenness, drug addiction, chronic illness.

If you doubt luck, do not risk. Better to trust the sorcerer.

Moreover, we categorically do not recommend to go to the village healers — they will very much approve of your inclinations and will hardly agree to help. Look for a modern, intellectually and morally prepared parapsychologist.

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