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Lapel on the photo at home

In love agony, when passion overwhelms the soul, which is not what you go for, in order to cause a loved one to respond feelings. That is why love spells are so wildly popular. But at some point the customer may realize that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with a beloved person. Just in such situations, and applied the cuff on the photo at home.

Lapel on the photo

The lapel on a personal photo is an ancient magical practice, when a person wants to get rid of unwanted feelings. A strong lapel can completely turn a person’s life.

The lapel on the photo has a special power, because the photo contains the image of a person, information about him.

The lapel on a personal photo can be applied in the following life situations:

  1. If you love a person and want to stop loving him. Perhaps the girl has long and hopelessly loved a man, but he does not reciprocate her in any way. If a girl doesn’t have enough willpower to forget this young man, then you can use the lapel on the photo at home. After that, the attitude of the girl to the guy will change.
  2. Perhaps the girl had previously bewitched the guy herself and they still had a relationship. But having stayed in a relationship with this man, the girl still realized that this was not her man and she wanted to part with him. In this situation, it is especially important to take a lapel of the photo yourself in order to correctly get out of this magical situation.
  3. Lapel on the photo can be done in the event that a woman wants to ward off his mistress from her man. It can be easily removed with a lapel on the photo. And the magic here will be on the side of the legitimate wife, the cuff in this case will act stronger.
  4. Perhaps there is a very annoying admirer surrounded by a girl who does not give her peace of mind. But this situation can happen in a married woman, his wife. And it is not always easy to cope with this. Who has been, knows. And in this situation, you can make a lapel. The consequences will be that the soul of the guy will be free from feelings for this girl.
  5. A lapel can be made when it is also part of a love spell. For example, you can bewitch an interesting man to yourself, and then otvorozhit him from a particular woman or vice versa. Or you can apply a separate cuff on his mistress.

If it happened that heaven sent you a rival, then do not be sad. You can safely fight for your man with a strong lapel. And you can do it right at home, completely independently.

For a ritual that will remove an opponent, you will need: a photo of a man, your photo, a photo of an opponent, a new red candle, a red felt-tip pen.

Lapel on the photos to remove an opponent must be carried out in the period of the waning moon. It is advisable to make a lapel when the moon is already visible in the sky.

You need to make sure that you are alone in the room. Free the room from all people and animals. You also need to turn off all electrical appliances. Light a candle. Three to four minutes have to be spent on entering a different state of mind. It is important that the mind calms down, so that all thoughts are appeased. When you feel that there is already relative peace in your head and soul, you can begin the ritual.

Put in front of you all three photos that participate in the ritual. First, take a photo of a man, you need to look at him and read the following words:

“From beloved to beloved, but she is not beloved. She herself is sick without you, she herself is bad without you, so she pulled you. But you free yourself and turn away from her. Turn to me, fall in love with me again. I return you for myself, I love you for myself. You forget her, come to me. Your soul is free from feelings for it. ”

After that, take the red marker and circle the man’s head in a circle.

Then take your photo, you need to look at it and read the following words:

“I am about him, he is about me, women are everything — it is me, men are everything — this is he. Together forever».

Circle your head with a red marker too and place the photo facing the face of your husband, a man.

Then take a photo of your opponent, do not say anything, just cross out her photo with a red marker and put wax on her photo. After that, a photo of your husband, a man and you need to be put in one corner of the apartment, and a photo of your opponent put in a completely different corner of the apartment. This evening do not talk to anyone else, go to bed. The magic will start in about a week. During this time, magic will seep into real life and begin to change the feelings and thinking of your husband, a man. Just in no case tell him what the ritual was doing to him, otherwise the magic will lose its power.

Girls don’t always make a love spell for a guy or for a husband, there are situations when you want to make a turn-up for some men. If a man does not leave you alone, then you can apply the following method.

For the ritual you need: a photo of a guy, four church candles and a glass of water. This top also spend in the period of the waning moon. Free up space and set your own thoughts in order to adjust.

Then take a photo and set it on fire at the four ends of the four candles. Put it out. Look at the photo and read the following words:

“The servant of God (the name of a man) frees you from feelings for me. No, in your soul there is more torment for me. You do not see me among others, you do not see me among yours. From all four sides of the world to you other girls go the most loving of them you choose, and you forget. You don’t remember about me. ”

After that, lower the photo into the water and say another plot:

“Your longing for me drowned, your sadness for me drowned. You look at me calmly, to see before you is not love, nor sorrow. ”

Then this water along with the photo you need to pour into the toilet and flush. On this ritual is over. The magic will start in about a week.

The lapel on a personal photo does not carry any serious consequences, unless you break with it a pair that truly loves each other. In particular, the consequences of the flap are as follows:

  • If you turn away a person from yourself, then in about a week he will stop thinking about you and letting you know about yourself. It is interesting that you, in turn, will forget about this person.
  • It will be clear to the wife that she turned her husband away from her mistress, because he will more often come to the house. In this situation, at first, the psychological state of health of the husband may deteriorate, because he will begin to think about how to correct the situation.
  • The same consequences will manifest a cuff from his beloved, if he makes the guy at home, too.

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