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Love spell by phone on a photo and number

Many girls have been in a situation where a meeting with a handsome young man ended with the exchange of telephone numbers, but the guy did not call back as a result. Fortunately, not only technology does not stand still, but also magic, and the love spell on the phone is not fiction, but an easy and effective ritual. Such magic is called home or everyday, and is distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility. Few know that with the help of the phone you can bewitch the man you like.

Love spell by phone

For the ritual you only need a mobile phone, and everyone has one. Knowing the text of the conspiracy, the spell can be done independently at home, without resorting to expensive assistance of specialists. With the help of such a ritual, you can force your loved one to call, make an appointment and achieve reciprocity.

Having a mobile phone available, the love spell on the phone can be done in the following ways:

  • on the phone number of your favorite guy
  • According to the photo taken using the phone
  • during a telephone conversation

Having noted the obvious simplicity and availability of telephone magic, one should not underestimate its effectiveness and forget about the consequences. When trying to bewitch an unfree man who has a beloved or wife, it is important to remember that this is an intervention in the life of another person who will have its consequences. Even when making a love spell with a mobile phone, it is important to take care of your own karmic protection. It is imperative that the object of love itself was of interest, and the love spell served only as an increase in the interest of the guy.

Even making the simplest spell on the photo from the phone, in no case can one read the plot text from the display of the tablet, computer or from a sheet of paper. Magic involves some effort on the part of the practitioner. Before embarking on the ritual, you need to carefully memorize the text of the conspiracy and read it exclusively from memory without hesitation and spying.

A strong love spell on the phone is based on the energy of the person reading the plot, his purposefulness and motivation — the stronger the emotional attachment, the more likely it is to bewitch the man he likes.

Making a love spell on the phone, knowing only the number of a loved one, is very easy if you competently prepare for the ritual. Before you create a spell, no matter by phone number, on a call or on a photo of a man, it will not be superfluous to exercise a post for three days. After fasting, you need to visit the church and buy three candles there, one of which should be big. Small candles need to be put for the health and health of the beloved man. You need to pour a large candle at home with holy water and walk around the house with it, making pauses in all corners. After all the preparatory activities are completed, you can go directly to the love spell.

If the girl and the boyfriend who liked her exchanged phone numbers, but the young man never called, the girl can use magic to make a man contact her.

To do this, write down on paper the number of the young man, while recalling the details of the meeting, light a yellow taper and read the words of the plot, standing on the balcony or by the window wide open. The plot must be repeated all the time until the wind blows the candle. When reading a love text, you need to imagine how a man reaches for the phone and dials the number of the girl performing the ritual.

“My long-awaited elect, suffered and wondered, remember how good it was with me, desire to meet me yet. Quickly dial my number and see you soon. ”

No less effective would be a telephone spell if you use the plot on paper, puncturing your finger and smearing the sheet with the text of the hex with your blood, after which the piece should be burned and dispel the ashes.

It is likely that the ritual will not work immediately, but after a while the love object will call itself.

Few people know that a regular phone call can serve as an excellent means of love, spent independently at home. To do this, you need to use not so much the phone, but the voice of the person whose love you need to achieve, because the voice, like objects belonging to a person, can become a conductor to subtle worlds, and this can be used in magical rituals and exert influence on people through conversation.

For a love ritual during a call, it is recommended to switch the phone to silent mode so that the melody does not distract from the process. Then you need to call the one whose love you need to achieve and provoke a young man on long replicas. While the man says something, you need to repeat the following words to yourself

“I hear your voice now, and you, my love, breathe with me. I will be for you alone, desired and faithful, the best wife. ”

There is a strong love spell on the phone, for this love spell, you need to conduct such rituals, you need not only a phone, but milk and blood. Blood is needed at a time when menstruation occurs. It is not for nothing that monthly bloodspets are the strongest, but without karmic protection it is better not to resort to them, since the consequences can be very unpleasant.

For such a strong effective love spell for a phone call, you need to use homemade non-pasteurized milk and menstrual blood, which must be mixed in a ceramic dish before calling the person you want to bewitch. In addition to blood and milk, a new sponge is needed (you can use a clean piece of dense fabric made from natural materials). At the time when the call is made, you need to be completely naked. It is very important that the time when calling the lover was not busy and could talk for a few minutes in a good mood. A conversation during a ritual will need to be abruptly interrupted by silently hanging up the phone, or better by turning off the phone. After the ritual, it is important not to talk to anyone during the night. Correspondence is also prohibited. During the conversation, you need to moisten the sponge in the milk-blood mixture and hold it over the face, chest, lingering in the heart, and then move along the stomach in the direction of the genitals.

All this time you need to represent a happy relationship with someone you want to bewitch.

At the end of this process, you must silently hang up and say the following words:

“I am the one who by the power of lunar blood and mother’s milk binds you forever. Take my blood, and may it unite with yours. Drink milk, let it bring you to me. Now, without me, you are like a child without mother’s milk and father’s blood. Only by returning to me, you will find happiness. «

Love spells with the help of photos have been very popular for many years, and for good reason — because the photo is a visual projection of a person. People far from magic and do not assume that to bewitch on the photo on the phone is not only real, but simple and effective. In this case, it does not matter from what angle the photo was taken — perhaps even from the back, or from the side.

The enchantment on the photo in the phone can be done just like any other prusuka from the photo, but there is also a special ritual for which you will need white clothes, church candles and holy water.

After three days of fasting, you need to stay in one room, get dressed all white (and preferably new) closer to the night, light three church candles sprinkled with holy water and standing in the center of a triangle of candles, looking at the phone photo of the beloved, read three times plot words:

“You the slave will come to the one who calls. As candles without air do not burn, so you don’t breathe without me, you don’t live, you don’t sleep, you can’t see the light, you can’t hear the birds. I am the air of your flame, I am your water, I am your life, the warmth of your hearth and half your heart. Soft wax is stronger than stone, my words are unbreakable. ”

After reading the plot from the clothes and candles you need to get rid of, and it is better to burn. After such a spell was taken by a man on a photo on the phone, the photo of a loved one, used during the ceremony, should be deleted.

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