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Love spell in the new moon ⇒ read on the love of a man, with a photo and without

Love spell in the new moon has a logical explanation.

Magic was originally considered something related to nature. Therefore, a woman, being closer to all living things, has always been considered the keeper of ancient knowledge.

Echoes of this we find today in everything, for example, teachers, as a rule, women.

It is not known when mankind has paid attention to the fact that everything in the world is interconnected when it was first observed that the phases of the moon affect all living things, and people in particular.

Why the love spell on the new moon matters

One way or another, a woman was always associated with the moon and was more associated with a woman due to at least her physiological characteristics.

Therefore, it was women who first began to use the moon phases in magic. If you turn to mythology, all the deities of the moon — a female.

As a rule, there were four goddesses, or — four incarnations of one Goddess.

Each of them controlled a certain phase of the lunar cycle, for example, Diana was considered the goddess of the young moon, Selena — a full month, and so on.

It is not surprising that these goddesses, each in its own way, were associated with love and relationships.

The rituals conducted in different lunar phases use different laws of Nature. For example, the rituals that are held on the new moon, use the principle of the original.

Such a ritual will become the point of reference for something new; it can serve as the basis for something great. The ritual performed at the full moon will have enormous power precisely due to the maximum realization of its potential.

If the ritual is performed on a decreasing moon, then it can be a spectacular final point in any business. Most love spells are made just for the growing moon, since they are all aimed at “bringing” something into the life of a person.

Accordingly, rassorki cuffs are better to do on the waning moon, “taking away” something from the ill-wisher or rival.

Virtually any love spell can be done in the full moon, as this is the day of maximum disclosure of magical abilities.

The exception is the love spells, which are held with the blessing of a deity. For example, a love spell with the blessing of Hecate should be done clearly on 1 lunar day, and better on the night of 30 to 1.

This is the time of the so-called «dark moon», the time of the dominion of Hecate. Enlist her support is quite simple, but for this you will need to hold a rite of sacrifice.

Love spell with Hecate’s blessings

This love spell in the new moon is one of the strongest magical actions.

True, his strength directly depends on how strong your connection with the egregore of this goddess is. Therefore, before conducting a ritual, it is recommended to study as much material as possible about the goddess and her cult. So, for the love spell you need:

  • your photo;
  • photos of the person to be bewitched;
  • black fabric;
  • red candle;
  • white coins of the same value (as long as you are full years).

The first phase of the new moon love spell is to ask Hecate for permission to perform the ritual and enlist its support.

To do this, on the night from 30 to 1 lunar day, go to the intersection and say:

«Show me your presence, Great Hecate!»

Wait for any sign you heard. If there is no sign, you will have to wait another month.

You can perform the ritual without it, but there is no guarantee that it will work. When you saw or heard the sign of the presence of the Goddess, say:

“I ask you, Great, permission and blessings to conduct a love spell for the (name of the victim)”

Wait a while again until you hear the sign of approval. If not, then it is better not to try to do anything.

The fact is that the ritual of Hecate, performed without her blessing, can turn against you.

If everything went well, go back home, throwing a coin over the left shoulder at the crossroads. Look around and talk to anyone is impossible.

The next part of the love spell in the new moon is aimed at attracting people to each other.

So, first of all, spread the fabric on the table and place a photo of a man on it. Cover it with your own and light a red candle.

Try to concentrate on the object of love to the maximum, imagine a picture of a happy future together and start dripping wax red candles on the edges of the photo.

Ideally, they should stick together, connect with each other. At this time, say:

“The heat in the heart of the beloved (name) is kindled, inflamed, I call for his passion. I do not fasten photographs with wax, but I connect fate with the power of Hecate.

As the wax is fluid and hot, so would the blood be hot (the name of a loved one). As the wax hardens, so would his love for me be strengthened. Worried! «

After the photos are connected with wax, tie them into a kind of “knot” of fabric and bury them where the man can go.

Love man with strawberries (no photo)

This ritual on the new moon can only be done in the summer, as for its implementation you will need fresh strawberries.

Held in independently, at home.

The ritual part is simple here, but it will work only if it is held on the second lunar day.

The first lunar day is not suitable, as there is not enough energy in it to implement the plan. The first day is potential energy, if to speak in the language of physics, and the second is its transition to kinetic.

Therefore, wait for the second lunar day and in the evening pick up the most ripe strawberries with your own hands. Substitute her under the moonlight and say:

“Mother Moon, all women intercessor, help me in my work. Make me (your name) good and good for (name of man). I will be sweet to him, red, sweet, that this berry. «

The strawberry should be eaten, and the tail should be thrown over the right shoulder, completing the ceremony.

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