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Love spell on candles — All about love spells

Love spell on candles - All about love spellsIt is no secret that in the vast majority of magical practices candles are used as lighting. Why?

Is it not easier to turn on the light and not suffer? Not!

Not easier! In magic, as in pharmaceuticals, strict adherence to the recipe is necessary: ​​any deviation from «technology» — and the consequences can be fatal. According to professional withers, electric lighting can negatively affect subtle matters, including the aura of a person, and therefore is absolutely not suitable for carrying out witchcraft rituals.

Moreover, the flame of a candle (candela) is an additional source of energy, which in experienced hands can multiply the effectiveness of the ceremony. Unfortunately, usually people, trying to make a love spell on candles on their own, do not take this important point into account.

What candles to use for a love spell

Today, candle makers are ready to offer us, consumers, a huge range of their products. A variety of shapes and colors can satisfy any picky customer.

However, do not flatter yourself: most of these candles are souvenirs and are suitable only for a romantic dinner.

For magical rites, they are not suitable.
To make a love spell on candles, wax candels of a natural shade (not colored) are most often required; in some cases, candles of red, white, pink, less often black colors are used. For rituals aimed at returning a loved one, candles from animal fat can be used.

They act as a kind of sacrifice, repeatedly amplifying the spell.

Candle love spell recipe

Thin church candels are considered to be the most sensitive to magical effects, therefore, in order to make a love spell on candles by yourself, it is better to give preference to them (unless otherwise explicitly indicated in the description of the ceremony).

Here is one of the variants of such a love spell:

  • — Take two thin church candles;
  • — Give them the names: one — his, the second — the beloved;
  • — twist both candela, saying: “As these candles unite, so the hearts (your name) and (the name of your beloved) will be united forever”;
  • — light the candles from one match taken from the new box;
  • — Looking at the burning candela, say: «As this fire is bright and bright, so will our love be bright and bright.» At the same time try to present yourself together with your beloved, happy and inspired by mutual love;
  • — hide the wax remaining from the burned out candles.

When thinking about making love spell on candles on your own, remember that no matter how simple the ritual is, it uses the energy of fire, and the fire is almost a powerful element. So, be careful and with the slightest doubt in your own abilities, resort to the help of professionals.

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