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Love spell on his wife

Egillet (Egilot) used to be done primarily on men, but nowadays it is increasingly being performed on the fair sex.

In the past, there were no contraceptives; women had sex only when they were mentally prepared to conceive a child. Now, thanks to the presence of spirals and special pills, some ladies (including married ones) are walking much more than men.

What if the spouse spree? To begin with, of course, try to settle the matter frank conversation.

If the conversation does not help, secretly use the means of magic — for example, sexual strings.

Suppression of female profligacy

Love spell on his wifeAt night, on the waning moon, take your spouse’s worn panties (preferably those in which she was during the last sex with you).

Rip or cut them in two.

Hide one under your bed and the other tie on three knots with words:

«With me to you — the bed is soft, and with others — the longing is sour.

Tying your fornication, hiding in a casket, and throwing a casket to fish for food.

As words do not speak fishes, so nobody will speak my will «.

Next, you should complete the ritual of his favorite to his favorite:

  1. knotted part of the panties to throw in a jar filled with vinegar;
  2. Close the jar tightly with a lid and drown in a deep pond.

Leaving from a reservoir, do not look back.

Be very careful. Egillet — any — belongs to the sphere of black magic, which is always dangerous.

Instead, to beautify yourself, ask for help from professional wizards.

In the case of an erroneous or even too timidly performed ritual, you risk making your wife completely frigid or take away her ability to bear children.

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