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Love spell — What are the love spells in magic

If you are on this page, it means you are interested in a love spell.

What is a love spell.

Love spell - What are the love spells in magic

Love spell — This is a magical rite. Forcibly bind to a person in a love plan.

Any object of passion or unrequited love.
Return of the departed husband, loved one. All this is achieved through magical actions, conspiracies.

This rite will help draw attention to yourself, if previously there was no relationship.

Also love spells are divided into independent (home) and third-party (custom). Custom is when you order a spell from a witch or mage.
Conventionally, love spells are divided by type. And sub-types.

According to the directions and methods of performing the rite.
Depending on which rite is chosen, it must be performed on a specific day of the week. And also in a certain phase of the moon.

However, there are also the simplest love spots for self-realization. From them such accuracy, tied to time, days of the week and the moon, is not required.

The main types of love spells:

As described above, love spells are divided by «directions». That is, for each goal, there is a rite and a conspiracy.

  1. Love spell.
  2. Sex love spell (love spell for sex).
  3. Zombie (spell voodoo).

In each type of rite, there are still subspecies. All sorts of prisushka, bindings and so on. Rites for women and men sometimes differ.

To make a love spell for a man, sometimes one rite is needed. And for a woman is different.

Some rituals men can not perform physiologically. For example, love spell with the blood of menstruation.

Who is exposed to love spell.

Love spell - What are the love spells in magicNot all people are equally affected by a love spell. For some, it is enough to hold a one-time ceremony.

For others, it takes several times. It all depends on the energy of a particular person. Or installed, as well as innate protection.

Which also protects against magical promises. However, with a diligent repetition, and properly selected action, the protection can be “pierced”.

The following people are most susceptible to magical effects:

  • Which already sympathize with your person or there was some kind of communication;
  • Divorced, unhappy, or unable to build a relationship;
  • He constantly contacts with you (work, leisure, hobbies);
  • Had an affinity with you (sex);
  • Fails in other areas of life;
  • Weaker at least by some criteria;
  • Tired of the current partner in the relationship (married);

For such people, one two correctly selected conspiracy will suffice. And the result of the love spell is not long in coming.

To choose the right rite, you need a diagnosis.

Conditions to make a spell?

In order to do the rite right the first time, and to see how the spell works, you need to:

  1. The man or woman at whom the rite is being performed were familiar. It does not matter in person or in absentia. They should know about each other’s existence.
  2. Find a way to get in touch with the bewitched. Otherwise, do not notice the result. And if the first condition is not fulfilled, then he will not even understand to whom he is drawn.

That is, to make a love spell for a man, a girl, a guy who does not know about your existence will be problematic. However, there is still one plus in this. Even in a chance meeting, he will certainly pay attention to you.

A random meeting can be customized.

Manifestations and signs of love spell.

Love spell - What are the love spells in magicThe man after the love spell does not find a place. Neither next to the «beloved» or apart.

Next to the bewitched, bewitched loses a part of their life force.

And if there are no feelings, then the person will try to break off the relationship and leave. But not far away.

Because it acts «love spell.»
She’s like a rubber band. It does not go far, pulls back. The man himself does not understand why this is happening.

Love spell with the help of black magic (black or hard spell) often falls as a strong damage. People have problems in business.

The losing streak begins. Stopped debugged business.

There are health problems. But all this, basically occurs after the inept conduct of the love spell ceremony.

Therefore, before the love spell, think carefully about what the consequences will be, whether the ritual will bring the desired benefit or result.

To determine the spell.

Note the below listed signs. They can be evidence that they have a spell cast on you.

    • In matters of health, in material terms, in relations with relatives deteriorated.
    • If people talk about the shortcomings of the person, but you do not see it. Think friends, colleagues are wrong? No — you are bewitched!
    • If you strongly perceive criticism of a loved one, then this is the effect of the love spell.
    • You consider yourself happy next to the guy, the girl, despite the many inconveniences that cause this relationship.
    • Often very nervous, unhappy with the actions of a loved one — signs of love spells.
    • There is an unexpected craving for man. Although before this man did not notice. Thoughts about this person are obsessive. There is a strong sexual desire ..
    • Injuries, life-threatening situations are also not uncommon in the life of a bewitched person.

If you notice the symptoms, the signs of which are written above, in yourself or in your loved one. Be extremely careful!

Think you are trying to impose a love spell on your loved one?

Inspect the door!
If liquid is spilled under the door. Or something poured. If a needle or pin is stuck.

Something is written, drawn — This is the first sign of a lapel. A sign that they want to harm, embroil, damage.
Never touch it with your bare hands. To not found under the door.
Try to find the sweep broom on a scoop or paper. Take it away from the house, sprinkle with salt and set it on fire.

May have to pour incendiary mixture. Gasoline, ignition or other.

It is better to remove the found lining in rubber gloves. To avoid accidental contact.

Then go to church.
If something is spilled, sprinkle with salt. And after a while scoop on the scoop and carry away.

I also recommend to bring the fire found. After bury.

Types of love spells.

At the beginning of the magical effect, the person conducting the spell will establish an energetic connection.

Communication with the person you are planning to love.

And how much this connection will be strong depends on what kind, type, method to choose.

The methods of the white and black love spells are as opposite as day and night.
White’s goal is to connect loving hearts. Overcome the circumstances that prevented being together. In this case, it is not advisable to program or zombie the love object.

You just need to eliminate the cause that divides the lovers. It is clear that in the case of a white love spell, a violent influence is excluded.

Or pressure on a loved one.

With black spell, as you know, there are no moral restrictions. Apply all sorts of ways. To achieve the goal at any cost.

The main result.
Often used a very strong magical effect on the object. Without a twinge of conscience and moral norms.

Not thinking about the consequences for the bewitched.

White or black love spell?

For centuries, people are tormented by the question, what kind of love spell to choose? What rite of return love?

White, black, and maybe Voodoo?

«White» love spell and its advantages.

Safe working method. No side effects of love spell.

Achieved a harmonious relationship. Causes love longing, strengthening mutual feelings. Strengthen family and marriage.

The white love spell technique is safe, sinless and gives real results in order to return your loved one in a safe way. The spell words used in the conspiracies, except for the sorcerers used by the priests. And pious people and healers.

Just words of conspiracy, this is not magic.

Pros and cons of the «black» love spell.

Love spell - What are the love spells in magic

You can quickly achieve the desired result. A loved one will return quickly (sometimes in 1-3 weeks), no restrictions in the choice of means.

There is a strong sexual binding, desire. Long visible result.

A separate conversation about the black spell with the addition of menstrual blood in food, wine, man. Witches describe a love spell with blood as potent.

And refers to the black rites.

«Gray» love spell.

Love spell - What are the love spells in magic

An alternative to black and white love spell is gray.

This mixture of techniques works like an average black and white love spell. A striking example of a gray love spell is the “village prisushka”.

In which the appeals to God and the devil are equivalent and are present in one conspiracy.

Combining the advantages of black and white love spells, gray magic can quickly give the desired result. Extends the use of methods. Gives a positive result.

There is a strong sexual binding, and reciprocity of feelings.

The spell of voodoo magic.

Love spell - What are the love spells in magic

The voodoo spell is added to the list of strong love spells. Although the voodoo magic itself is considered red.

Voodoo Magic — Origin of Haiti, Africa. This is the magic of slaves. The strongest and sometimes dangerous technique.

Voodoo magic people are obliged to the appearance of such a love spell, like zombies. The priests of Voodoo often worship the evil God — Olorun (Zambi).

And hundreds of Loa spirits.

Such a ceremony Voodoo — that there is a black spell. He is very strong!

The customer receives full control over the bewitched. In essence, the one who orders the rite becomes the “master” of the bewitched.
This is a tough and cruel way to return a loved one.

Such a rite is done in order to get revenge on the person who left.

To subdue him.

Recipes love spells.

White love spells do not have a negative effect on the reader and the object of the conspiracy. Therefore, for accurate exposure, you can read the plot several times a day.

Conspiracies can be performed every day, with the exception of major church holidays — Easter, Christmas, etc.
All of them are the simplest. Entry level

Love spell on the man.

For the implementation of the love spell you need to know only the name of the man you want to fall in love with. This is an easy kind of magic, performed without personal items and photos.
First sit on the bed where you sleep. Take a comfortable posture and close your eyes.

Then mentally imagine your lover, desire him and try to think only about him. You have to accumulate the maximum amount of love energy.

As soon as you create a bright image of a man, take a deep breath and start reading the following words:

As God in heaven, Thou, my darling (The name of a man) walks on earth.

He walks, wanders, but he does not find me. God help him to love me, Yes, my condemned in the century.
We will live like pigeons with him, Yes, to guard the hearth at home. Amen, Amen, Amen!

After reading, exhale three times and tilt your head back up, looking up at the sky. The entire procedure must be repeated two more times, with a deep breath and exhalation after each reading.

Love spell for love.

The uniqueness of the love spell is that it acts to strengthen family relationships in general. He returns to the house of mutual understanding and love from any lover.

If you are already cohabiting, you must read the plot seven times. At the same time move through the house from room to room.

This love spell is read out loud, so it is better to do it when there are no other people at home. Perform the text not too loudly or quietly — in a normal conversational tone.

The plot sounds like this:

I (your name), the servant of God, confronts my husband / wife.
May he / she (the Name of the beloved) love me, become a slave before me and the Lord.

Let him intercede, but be pricked, he marvels forever in beauty.
And forever and ever. Amen.

It is necessary to read a love spell 1-2 times a day, during a week, except Sunday.

Love spell.

Another conspiracy, already more serious. Note that such a spell can have a negative effect.

But it manifests itself only in the event that the reader bewitches a person for mercenary purposes.
To begin the ceremony, sit facing west in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, line up the image of your loved one and start reading the plot.
Love text:

I sit by the window alone, I look to the west until it is dark, I wait for my Beloved (Name of the beloved).
My grandmother walked past, the midwife was, she saw me, but said:
There will be a daughter for you, Tried and disguised, Who you think of. Key.

Castle. Tongue.


You should read the plot 33 times once a day for three days. If the effect does not follow, repeat the ceremony within 4 days and so on.

Love spell by photo.

The plot with the use of photography — strong magic. Thanks to the exact image of the love spell object, you will send very specific energy signals.

Such a love spell operates almost 100% and as soon as possible.

For the ceremony requires a clear picture, where you will see the face of the beloved. It is advisable to take a black and white version of the picture. Face west again.

Peer into the photo and tune in to your beloved. Quickly close your eyes and start reading the plot out loud:

Fixing your servant Lord (Name) with God’s servant (Your name). May we be chained for ever,
From the evil eye of others, the lapel of the evil, but the intent of the unkind. Lord, protect them with your grace, and give eternal love to Dari.
Like in heaven and on earth. Amen.

After reading, without opening your eyes, crumple the photo and blow it three times.

Love spell in the distance.

In order to make a spell at a distance, you need a really strong rite. One of the most ancient conspiracies for a love spell at a distance is:

For a hundred miles and a hundred seas, Find my beloved (Name). Yes, find a longing for him utter.
So that the servant of God (the Name) only loved, He only grieved for Me and always remembered.

And if not so, let the torment come upon his belly. Key. Castle.

Tongue. Amen.

It is best to read the plot in the voice. At the same time it is desirable to be on the street — so the effect of the call will be maximum.

Love spell on her husband.

This plot works forever, or until it is removed by another, more powerful love spell. For the ceremony, sit on your husband’s bed, close your eyes and say:

Fastening the mark on the servant of God (Name), the husband of a slave of God (Name). So that he did not walk, only loved his wife, henceforth he was only honest.
From the evil eye of the dashing, the intent of the unkind, a love spell unclean. May the servant of God (the Name) always need his (Name) wife.
Otherwise troubles will come with it, but eternal misfortunes. And forever and ever, Amen.

After exhale three times and repeat the plot 7 times. Do not read the spell more than three days, otherwise it may badly affect your beloved.

Love spell.

Easy love spell can be read everywhere to yourself. Convenient when you need to quickly apply the prayer in person, looking into the face of his beloved.
Love text:

Only when the navel of the servant of the Lord (name) is untied, will the slave of the Lord (his name) untie me.
Lord intercessor and all the higher powers to help me. And forever and ever.


The spell of voodoo.

For the love voodoo you need a doll. Make it as close as possible to your lover.

Also add biological material, for a strong energy bond. For example, hair or part of the nail.
Take a clean needle and pierce your finger with it. After that, drop a drop of blood on the doll and say the following phrase:

May our hearts be united forever. Our love will be eternal, you will only love me all your life.
Without me you can neither sleep nor eat nor live.

A strong love spell for a man.

For the most effective love spell you need a clear picture of the beloved. Prepare matches and a plate, as it will need to be burned.
Take a picture and start looking at the words in the photo:

Let love hold the bonds of the husband of the future (Name), With his future wife (Name).
May love and passion take possession of two servants of God.

Otherwise, let the life of the husband be unfaithful (Name).
It will be like unclean dust. Key. Castle.


After reading, burn a photo, and pour a small part of the ashes into your lover’s food.

Gypsy love spell.

Gypsy rites differ from Old Russian conspiracies. It is necessary to read such love spells only at night, with 15 candles, adjusting to the image of the beloved.
Plot text:

Let as a horse accompany my beloved (Name) in litigation and everywhere, so my beloved will follow me on the heels. Until the dawn of this world, and forever and ever.

If you decide on the rite.

You have to choose yourself, to make a love spell or not. Read this page again.

And realize the possible consequences of a love spell.

Before you choose a way to return a loved one, think. Be clear about what you want to end up with.

What rite you want to hold!

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