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Love spell without consequences for you and your beloved guy


The relationship between men and women does not do without the intervention of mysterious forces — otherwise, than magic, it is impossible to explain the flash of emotions of mutual attraction. In case of love failure, many would like to attract higher forces to their side, having performed a magical ritual.

Let’s talk about how to make a love spell without consequences, and what you need to know for its safe holding.

Possibilities love spell without consequences?

Love spell without consequences for you and your beloved guyIn magic, as in jurisprudence, one should be precise in the formulation of desires and actions.
If literally — «Love spell without consequences» — action, after which nothing changes.
You do not get any negative «recoil» and do not achieve the desired, but the efforts turn out to be a shaking of the air. Then why conduct the rite?

This rite can be called «without result.»

It is more correct to speak not about how to do without consequences in general, but about how to avoid the negative influence of the ritual.
Love spell is to some extent violence against the bewitched person. The more the ritual makes go against the natural desires, the stronger the negative impact may later appear.

Rite of passage on married.

If you plan to tie a married man to yourself as a result of a love spell and take them away from the family, and even more so when there are children and love in the family, it is better to leave this venture. Artificially created affection cannot completely erase the old love from the heart.

One day, an internal contradiction will turn out to be for the bewitched, intolerable, up to the physical elimination of the voltage source.
But situations are different. If the spouses have no love, you secretly meet with him, love each other.

A man can not, for whatever reason, leave the old family. Such a love spell can be justified.

He will, as if push.

Return love spouse.

If it is necessary to return a spree husband, wife (spouse) to the family. And here it will not do without pitfalls.
Returning a loved one will solve the current problem, but how do you live on with a “dishonest” traitor? The ritual of love spell without consequences for a husband who has escaped his mistress is relatively uncomplicated — it is much harder to sincerely forgive, love and live on, as if nothing had happened.

Before you conduct the ceremony, think and weigh the possible negative options, the consequences of betrayal.

Black and white love spells

The magical influences on emotions and attachments are different in character, and the difference must be clearly understood. There are white and black rites in magic.

White love spell without consequences

White love spell is safe and truly without consequences for both.
Strengthen your own attractiveness with the help of white magic, attract the attention of a bewitched person, but do not deprive of freedom of choice. By your actions you will secure a certain advantage.

If in the heart of the chosen one there is a spark of love, interest, kindle a fire of love emotions from it with the help of a neat, soft love spell without consequences for the man and for you.
Further development of the relationship should go naturally.

Black spell

Another thing is the black spell, this is a magic ritual, which is a kind of energy collar that is worn on the bewitched person. Slavery is unbearable for a strong personality, so the bewitched will try to break the spell enchantment and subconsciously hate the enslaver.

A weak-minded person to forget about the collar, start drinking alcohol or choose another intoxicating potion.
If you really want to make a love spell on a man without consequences — do not be tempted by the sweet promises of black magicians. Not a neat ritual, will only make it worse.
Forced love emotions will turn a guy into your enemy or destroy as a person.

Love spell without consequences on her husband, wife

Love spell without consequences for you and your beloved guySo, you thought, weighed the circumstances and came to the conclusion: without magic intervention, the situation is insoluble. Then, it is worth taking advantage of a home love spell and without negative consequences.
The ritual of the love spell on her husband is held deep at night.
Choose a time when the bewitched is sleeping, otherwise the rite will not be effective. Prepare a recent photo of a husband (or wife), made no more than a couple of months ago, a new white tablecloth and two red candles.

How to make a rite at home:

  • Put the table in the middle of the room, cover it with a white tablecloth.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances in the house, even the refrigerator.
  • Light candles, put them in the center of the table, put a photo of a man between them.
  • Read the prayer «Our Father» three times.
  • Take a candle in your left hand and read this slander:

This love spell can be carried out and men on the return of his wife.

A love spell on a guy’s love without consequences.

If a girl wants to attract the attention of a guy, fall in love with herself, the old love spell helps, without consequences he will, if the guy is not married and does not meet with another girl.
The ritual is suitable only for girls with long hair. The rite is held at bedtime during the week on the growing moon.

Comb your hair, then begin to braid the braid. At the same time think about the guy and read the slander:

Tie a braid with a red ribbon and go to bed.

Is the home spell effective and what are the consequences?

The effectiveness of a love spell without consequences at home depends on the circumstances.
Great influence on success has the power of personality and the power of imagination. Any magical rite is an energy message used to find the “addressee” and produce a certain “job” in the personality of the bewitched person. Even if the “external” part is properly carried out, the ritual may not work due to poor concentration on the image of the bewitched man.

Or the protection of the “addressee” turned out to be stronger than an uncertain energy message. It may be worthwhile to turn to a professional witch, a magician for conducting the rite according to all the rules.
The magic action of the sorcerer will allow you to fully concentrate on the image of your beloved and form the promise of the necessary force.

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