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Love the girl: what consequences are possible?

Some of the information about the action of the love spell on girls can be found in the article about the signs of a love spell in the behavior of the fair sex. That publication lists all the main symptoms of the magic that worked.

Here we intend to touch on a narrower issue — to draw the attention of a respected reader to the typical side effects in male witchcraft.

Unresponsive Result

Love the girl: what consequences are possible?By their very nature, men tend to attach considerable importance to sexual contact with a woman.

Lust sometimes prevents a young man in love from concentrating on the essence of the spell.

Representing the coveted person during the ritual, he is able to get too carried away by savoring intimate details.

The result of increased sexual interest is binding, which rests only on bed joys.

The girl will be willing to respond to physical passion, but after sex you will not have to wait for reciprocity. A beautiful woman will be rude, withdraw into herself, in every possible way isolate herself from her partner.

The opposite situation is not excluded. If the young romantic loves too much his beloved, he risks acting only on her soul, but will not cause carnal attraction.

Fatal error in ritual

Careless performance of the ceremony or its initial incorrect description (alas, the Internet is full of false interpretations old love spells) sometimes leads to a negative impact on the human aura.

There have been cases when, due to the frivolity of some site owners, both the performer and the victim have suffered.

The trouble came in the form of chronic diseases or severe psychological disorders (depressions).

But — do not be in a hurry to get scared right away and refuse to use a love spell. The recipes from our site are for the most part safe.

When there is a risk — we warn about it.

If you do not cast spells on your own, but entrust the case with a “experienced” sorcerer, the risk will be insignificant.

Responsibility for bewitched

The most common everyday extinction of love for a chosen girl is sometimes a very unpleasant consequence of a love spell.

Not the fact that she will be a good companion of life. Beautiful legs and cheerful character can hardly fully compensate for the inability to cook, addiction to alcoholic drinks and other likely drawbacks.

Understand what love spell imposes on you huge responsibility. Bewitched cannot live normally without you.

She cannot be persuaded to remain friends.

A way to avoid disappointment is crossbinding. Unfortunately, you cannot do it yourself.

The ceremony should be conducted by a third party, and quite competent in the field of magical art.

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