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Love voodoo alone, on love, how to do it right

Voodoo love yourself — it is now fashionable and to some extent even glamorous.

Romantic rituals, bloody sacrifices, wax dolls are drawn before romantic natures, after which the happy performer of the work finds herself in the arms of the bewitched who will love her until the end of her days.

I would not want to tear down such sweet dreams, but I have to.

Love voodoo alone, on love, how to do it right

To begin with, we note that all the magic of voodoo is based on the suppression of the will, in other words, on zombies.

Besides, just making a pupa, poking pins into it and dropping somewhere is far from being a love spell. This is not even a simplified scheme of the rite.

Voodoo love spell: how to do it right

Voodoo magic stereotypes breed and multiply mainly due to Hollywood. Meanwhile, there is something true in the films.

So, the sorcerers actually use a volt doll to influence the victim, and they really put the unfortunate nails and nails in the doll.

Meanwhile, voodoo love spells are similar in action to black magic rituals, so it is highly undesirable to conduct a voodoo love spell on its own.

There are several reasons for this.

First of all, there are few real keepers of the ancient tradition, and even fewer craftsmen in the open spaces of the network. The reason for all — the birthplace of voodoo.

This tradition is very ancient, although its distribution falls on the 15th century. Then voodoo became known to Europeans as magic, which was practiced by black slaves.

Since then, voodoo has become synonymous with something terrible and incomprehensible.

Speaking briefly about how and due to what the magic of voodoo works, we note that, like other pagan traditions, this appeals for help to the gods and spirits, which are called Loa.

These spirits are very similar in character to the Northern gods — the same unprincipled, cruel and fair in their own way.

As well as the Northern gods, Loa must make offerings before and after work. If you do not do this, then the spirits themselves take what they consider most important, what is most expensive for you.

Summing up, we can say that a voodoo love spell does not have to be done independently. There may be few intentions, desires and even natural forces.

Love voodoo alone, on love, how to do it right

Experience, practice and caution — this is what will help to carry out the ritual correctly and safely, because there is not enough work to do, it is also necessary to remain alive after this.

In general, if you are determined to make a voodoo spell and feel ready to use African magic, use the recommendations and ritual given below. It is relatively safe, and recommendations will help to avoid unnecessary problems.

How to make a voodoo spell yourself?

First of all, remember a few simple, but correct recommendations:

  • Work on the rising moon
  • Do the ritual at dusk, not at night.
  • Both before and after work put a loa sacrifice
  • Be sure to open and close the intersection
  • Respect the spirits
  • Think again and collect everything you need.
  • Use only fresh material.

So, first of all, make a voodoo doll, or another name — volt.

Try to make it look like a victim. Is your darling plump? Reflect it in the doll.

Is there a mole on the face? And do it.

The more a puppet looks like a person, the stronger the connection will be.

The best material is wax. But a normal wax doll also needs a lot.

Therefore, it can be simply sewn from any fabric.

Love voodoo alone, on love, how to do it right

When a volt is formed, place the victim’s hair or legs in it. Remember that the material should be as fresh as possible.

This will be another anchor that will create and consolidate the connection between the doll and the object. In the process of work, try to concentrate as much as possible on the image of your beloved.

  1. Wind the volt with red thread, tie it to the knot and secure the knot with wax.
  2. Prick your finger with an English pin, put blood on the place where the volt will have a heart and inject that needle there.
  3. Speak:

“Blood is for blood, longing is for longing, body is for body, thought is for thought. Help me, great spirits, strong spirits, glorious spirits!

Tie me the heart of a young man who is zealous, a young man beloved, a young man who is desired by me. Take a sacrifice, accept a sacrifice as an offering for the sake of the great gods. ”

After that, put the voodoo doll under the fruit tree. Ideally, people in this place will not walk.

Love voodoo alone, on love, how to do it right

Remember that the sacrifice to the Loa spirits must be left at the intersection before and after work. Before you do not forget to open and close the intersection, throwing as many white coins over your right shoulder as you are.

If, after the ceremony, you see a snake near the house, then consider it a good sign.

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