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Men’s days for a love spell: when it is better to do, read

Men’s days for a love spell are not just beautiful words. After all, often the effectiveness of a magical ritual directly depends not only on the correctness of the ritual, the position of the luminaries, but also on the day of the week.

The fact is that there is some tacit distinction between male and female periods. Such a division is not often spoken of, since this is a very subtle moment.

Experts know and use this fact mainly.

Men's days for a love spell: when it is better to do, read

It must be said that this question is not so critical as to fundamentally influence the course of the impact. However, those who want to achieve one hundred percent result should take into account such features.

The use of women’s and men’s days enhances magical processes. Let’s look at an example.

Take men’s days for a love spell.

What are they, what is special about them and so on. To begin with, we divide the week according to «signs of sex.»

What are men’s days for a love spell better

Girls need to consider that the day of the week, having a male gender, is better suited for the magical effect on the descendants of Adam.

These are: Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

It is believed that on this day a man is more susceptible to the influence of otherworldly forces. His gender is tuned to receive information, less protected from foreign influence.

In principle, this is a completely understandable phenomenon. What influences a man is not so much magic as subconscious psychology.

Imagine that next to the guy is a representative of the opposite sex, what is his reaction (consider only people with a normal orientation)? Naturally, the person is straining, watching himself, trying to make an impression.

This is laid down at the level of instincts and is not subject to reflection. Any man tries to look like a “hero” in the eyes of any woman.

Now transfer all this to the days of the week. When he bears a “feminine” name, the reaction of the man is the same as when dealing with a woman.

That is, he subconsciously strains, trying to be «on horseback.»

It is a different matter when the day is “yours”, a man’s. Purely psychologically, it has a relaxing effect on a man.

«The enemy» retreated for a while, you can rest.

A man removes armor, becomes unprotected. Here you can «take it with your bare hands.»

Men's days for a love spell: when it is better to do, read

Everything described so deeply hidden that a person does not think about such things at all. Do not even try to «test» or check this postulate.

At the level of consciousness, no man and no woman can feel the level of their security depending on the day of the week. Mages noticed this fact and decided to use it.

The effect was amazing. Jokes of the subconscious, along with magical powers can be the basis for the complete rebirth of the individual, of course, if you know which side to take on.

But that is not all. Men’s days for the love spell are not the same.

Each has its own characteristics. Let’s look at them in more detail.


It is not recommended to start any business on the first day of the week. But this is not the case for the conquest of the proud obstinate.

Girls should take note that the most arrogant and independent men are especially susceptible to magic on Monday.

This day is revolutionary.

The more unrealistic and impossible the “idea” of falling in love, the easier it is to realize it on that very day.

This means that on Mondays they are bewitched by those who not only do not look towards the customer, but also have completely opposite tastes. On this innovative day, you can «lay» a time bomb in the basis of the worldview of a strong and courageous descendant of Adam.

Men's days for a love spell: when it is better to do, read

It must be said that this case will be not just “cunning”, but, to some extent, despicable. The victim does not expect such a trick, because he believes that his logic and a “sober” view of life processes fully protect him from provocations from outside.

This statement is quite true for the brain’s reaction to events, but it does not withstand the pressure of feelings. Nothing will help here.

The love spell will make its way through the secret paths of the subconscious, which on this day it is customary to prepare to receive or generate new ideas.

Grabbed, immediately seek to implement or draw up a plan for further developments. And you are right there with feelings that will be picked up by the client’s subconscious and will be considered “yours”.

But the stubborn, who are not prone to brainstorming, but rather to calm purposeful movement is better to be bewitched on the second day of the week.

Tuesday’s energy is as follows: the process has been launched, it is necessary to observe its movement and correct the direction of application of forces.

At this moment, an alien program, which is a love spell, is better perceived by people for whom the function of the performer, rather than the initiator of the process, is closer.

It means that on Tuesdays it is necessary to be bewitch people thoughtful, inactive, sometimes slave. Here the customer, so to speak, and the cards in hand.

The subconscious of such a man will consider the new program a part of the life process. No resistance is expected.

That is, the love spell «take root» in the field of the client completely painless.

Board: men’s days for love spells are also varied in their energy orientation. On Tuesdays, light (white) love spells work best.

It is not recommended to use black magic on this day. It will work, but for the consequences will have to almost completely reckless customer.

It so happened that the third male day is the time of dreamers and romantics. It is at this time worth working on the subtle, aesthetic nature.

Although, it is worth saying that Thursday is the most suitable day for any victim — men.

Only the ritual must be chosen correctly. On this day, the forces associated with the Temple, land, and water work more efficiently.

If you find the rituals in which the plants are involved, the sun, the moon, then they will be perfect on Thursday.

Men's days for a love spell: when it is better to do, read

It is not advisable to use negative words in conspiracies on this day. For example, many love spells contain the desire to “yearn”, “dry” and so on.

That is, in this there is a negative, the wish of the evil to the victim if the person does not fulfill the desire of the customer. On Thursdays it is advisable to avoid this.

For this day it is, so to speak, rude. But mental attitudes, thought-images of future happiness and bliss are perfectly absorbed by a potential victim.

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