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Muslim love spell for a man — options

Muslim love spell for a man - optionsEach meaningful culture has generated its own branch of love magic.

For most Russian boys and girls, traditional village fortune-making is organic, based on a synthesis of Christianity with pantheism, but our country is multinational — including people living in it, whose worldview is reinforced by a symbolic series of Islam.

Who would suit such a binding?

A special love spell will be ideal for women who have known the Quran since childhood and have decided to at all costs to achieve reciprocity from a man who professes a similar faith.

This witchcraft will definitely be the norm for non-religious by nature girls who grew up in Muslim (fully or even partially) families.

Finally, rituals of this kind will be optimal if the Russian woman, accustomed to the Slavic archetypal code, falls in love with a staunch Muslim: a deep feeling will help her to change to a different model of interaction with the higher intelligence of the Universe.

Description of the most effective rites

We offer at your discretion two ways of Islamic vedovstva.

Both are strong enough, but not black; one can hardly expect any tragic consequences from them.

Muslim love spell on herbs

For witchcraft, you will need to prepare dried plants in advance:

They should be mixed and folded on a fire-resistant pan. Then write on two identical small pieces of paper your full name (for example, Daria Filippova) and the full name of your beloved (say, Rashid Magometov).

Connect the paper names inside and sew around the edges of the red thread.

Light the herbs and burn the leaves stitched together on their fragrant fire. While they are burning, constantly repeat spell: «Tamara Koshe Inhoma».

The ashes must be dispelled near the door of the house in which the beloved man lives, or he must slip into his shoes.

Love witchcraft on a candle

Muslim love spell for a man - options

We understand that not every girl can get the mistletoe berries. Perhaps someone will be interested in a lighter (in terms of preparation) (but — more difficult in terms of performance) spell with a candle.

His success depends on your innate ability to magic, on the ability to concentrate on one image and on elementary patience.

The essence of the rite is what it is. For three days before bedtime, turn off the light in the house, light the same candle and look into its flame, trying to visualize on it the image of a loved one tenderly and faithfully looking at you.

Continue until the image is seen clearly.

At the beginning and at the end of each session distinctly, with imperative intonation, memorize the following Muslim conspiracy: «Besmilahir Rakhmanir Rahim! Min Abdiha Allazi Layla Il Rabi Aljalilu Rabi Anni Masanialazar Va Anta Arhamar Rahimin!».

Keep in mind that the stressed syllables are the last syllables.

A girl who wants to bewitch a Muslim should take into account how deeply she believes and how often she does namaz.

Very sincere faith, reinforced by canonical salat, is the strongest protection against love spell. Only a professional magician can overcome such a serious obstacle.

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