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Muslim love spell — on men of different nationalities

Love magic is always based on the ancient traditions of peoples. Love spell is in its essence an influence on the energy shell of a person with the purpose of instilling certain feelings towards another person.

Muslim spell professional magicians interpret completely differently. Some argue that the rite is effective only if applied to people practicing Islam.

Others believe that the Muslim love spell can only be applied to people of a different faith. And still others equate such rituals with any other magical rites.

But, in general, Muslim magic divides love spells for different nationalities.

Love spell on the Arabs

Muslim love spell - on men of different nationalities

To bewitch a man in the Arab world you need to use a special Muslim love spell.

To perform the ritual, you must first prepare the following attributes:

  • Dried mistletoe berries;
  • Some dried cornflower flowers;
  • Dried rosemary;
  • Photo lover;
  • Own photo.

Preparation for the ceremony is that you need to carefully sew around the edges of the prepared images.

Putting them face up. At the same time, it is imperative to ensure that images of people are not damaged.

Next, you need to mix all the prepared plants and carefully grind the resulting mixture into fine powder.

At the same time, a conspiracy of three words should be repeated many times:

Muslim love spell - on men of different nationalities

The finished powder must be set on fire and wait until it is completely burned. After that, the ashes are poured on stitched photos, which are also set on fire.

While the paper is burning, it is necessary to speak the words of the pivot conspiracy three times. All the ashes should be collected and mixed into the food of the beloved. If it is not possible to do this, then it can be thrown into clothes, in a house or car of a beloved person.

But in this case the rite will be less effective.

Love spell for asian

There is a special Muslim love spell, which is optimally used in order to bewitch an Asian man. It takes into account the fact that the love traditions of many peoples of Asia are connected with the belief that true love originates not in the heart of a person, but in its liver.

And today, in most Asian love ceremonies, the livers of an animal or a bird are used as additional attributes.

This ceremony is held in solitude and recites a fresh piece of liver.

Magic words sound like this:

After that, you need to go out and give the conspired liver to stray dogs. The rite is very strong, so soon dear will appear at your doorstep.

Love spell on hindu

Muslim love spell on the Hindu involves the use of rice. For the ceremony it is necessary to apply only wild rice, which has strong natural energy properties.

It must be put in a bag, sewn of natural fabric. Such a magic attribute should be hung on a cord around the neck and worn for a week. During this period, you can not wash, at least to the waist.

The purpose of this is to soak the rice with all its natural flavors. After this time, rice can be used to cook a loved one.

After a while, you will feel how the person has become attached to you and the joint life has improved.

Muslim love spell for true love

Muslim love spell - on men of different nationalities

There is a Muslim love spell with which you can bring true love to life. He bears this name because it will be effective only if carried out by a sincerely loving person.

In addition, its effectiveness depends entirely on whether the bewitched person can respond to the feelings imposed on him. That is, people must be suited to each other, which is determined at the energy level.

It is important to keep a strict fast before a spell for two days. At this time, you should eat only raw fruits and vegetables. Immediately before the rite in the room where the magical act will take place, you need to shut all windows tightly.

Then you should sit down at the table, spread out a clean, and preferably a new, white shawl and set an ordinary wax candle on it. Before spreading a handkerchief to put a glass filled with pure spring or well water.

The head should also be covered with a white scarf.

After this, the following plot is read:

After pronouncing the magic words, it is necessary to touch with both hands to the edges, spread out on the shawl table, close your eyes and fully concentrate on thoughts of your loved one. It is necessary to visualize his image and mentally speak out three basic desires associated with his beloved. Should talk about specific things.

After that, you need to light a candle and look above its flame, trying to imagine a loved one nearby. The entire ritual should be repeated for three days: morning and evening.

By their nature, Muslim love spells differ from other rituals and require a special attitude, which can only be provided by the adherents of Islam. Representatives of other religions such rites can cause significant harm not only to the victim, but also to themselves. You should know that the Muslim privet ceremonies are not carried out in the post, and since the Muslims have two posts, you must first specify their time.

The first day after menstruation is considered to be the most auspicious day for women in court

But the phase of the moon for the power of magical effects in these rites does not play any role.

In addition, you must always believe in your own strength, because almost all the rites of Muslim magic are based on a strong energy message. Despite the fact that Islam forbids magic, however, like all major world religions, magical rites can be enhanced by reading special duas from the Koran.

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