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Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

Broken heart or unrequited love? Sometimes resentment pushes a person to the most rash acts. It is not for nothing that the pain of unrequited love can be compared only with the sensations of loss when someone close and dear dies.

Magic is considered one of the very popular methods of dealing with unrequited feelings.

Charm on the hair of a loved one, not reciprocating — an ancient and effective way. The hair contains a large amount of human energy.

In this article you will learn how to manage them! Before you make a love spell — Think!

Since the love spell is a serious thing, so it’s worth weighing everything up before you take this step.

Magic hairpins

The spell on the hair of the beloved was often used by girls in magical practice and never remained disappointed with the results of the ceremony. In this form, such rituals have survived to this day, while maintaining their effectiveness and efficiency. Such properties of a strong love spell on the hair are explained by the fact that the human curls are a treasure trove of information about their owner: Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

  • any biological material
  • whether blood or nails
  • able to several times strengthen the magical binding of a person
  • This statement fully applies to the hair.

However, for the same reason, the ritual should be performed with special attention: the power of this rite can easily turn against you and bring consequences with you.

  1. In order for the spell to go in the most correct way and to have the most effective results, you should follow simple recommendations:
  2. Conspiracy on the hair should be exclusively in the period of the new moon.
  3. In the absence of a month in the night sky, the power of the hair energy changes and makes it possible to complete the ritual easier and faster, and also to avoid possible consequences.
  4. Girls should use curls, which they personally cut off from the head of their partner, and it is best to perform a similar procedure at night when a person is sleeping.
  5. The ceremony itself is held the next evening, while the hair is still filled with the lively energy of its owner, with time they tend to lose this power. Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

For this simple reason, it is not recommended to apply curls in magic that you found on the floor or removed from a comb: their vitality may not be enough for a powerful high-grade rite.

If you are sure that the hair was only dropped from the head of a person, and you have no other way to get new material, then you can spend a love spell on a similar curl.

The enchantment on the hair implies the mystery of what is happening, otherwise the magic effect may not succeed at all or will bring with it negative consequences.

  • Therefore it is necessary to cut or collect the necessary curls in complete secrecy from their owner.
  • Once you have managed to get the desired curl, it must be placed in an airtight package: the usual small packing bag on the clasp is better. This is done so that the hair before the ritual does not lose its human energy.

With careful observance of all these rules, we will certainly be able to conduct a powerful and effective love spell on the hair.

Love spell at the genetic level

At all times there was a special attitude to the hair.

From the old days, the tradition has come to keep the first trimmed curl of the baby, and the warriors on long marches took curls of their loved ones.

The enchantment on the hair was used by the ancient sorcerers.

  • And today, this type of impact is widely in demand among modern magicians.
  • According to them, no other element of the human body is so closely associated with it.
  • Hair contains complete genetic information.
  • Therefore, magic using hair has a strong effect. The popularity of this love spell is also explained by the fact that the hair is available, because it is very easy to get them. Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

Features of the rite with hair

A love spell on hair is considered to be a very effective effect if all the conditions of a particular rite are met. It is possible to increase the power of the love energy message, if the ritual is performed at the new moon, if nothing else is said in the recommendations for the ceremony.

It is better to use freshly cut hair in the ritual, but freshly armored ones will also work.

Any love spell on hair will be successful if it has been respected. mystery rite of passage.

  • In no case can not share with anyone the plans that you are going to bewitch the guy you like.
  • Also, you should not talk about the fact that you performed the ceremony.

It is important to understand that a love spell with the use of hair is a very strong magical effect.

That is why you should prepare yourself for the fact that there will be a negative setback, of course.

But if the ceremony is conducted out of sincere motives against the background of strong love on the part of the performer, then no catastrophic negative consequences should be expected. It is possible that the general state of health will deteriorate within a few days, which will subsequently recover quickly.

Any love spell on the hair begins to act very quickly.

  1. If within a few days nothing happened in terms of establishing relations with the chosen one, therefore, the impact failed.
  2. After some time, you can repeat it again or use another love spell.

Snapping favorite

Self-performed love spell at home, as a rule, always successful.

It allows you to firmly bind to your chosen one or darling.

But, as with any other magical rituals, this rite must be taken responsibly.

Remember that with the wrong use of magic tools, you can cause a strong harm not only to the person to whom the influence is directed, but also to yourself.

In order to perform the ceremony independently, one should first of all have the hair of a loved one.

The easiest way is to try to find the hair on his clothes or ask him for a comb. But in all cases you need to really make sure that the hair belongs to the right person.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

The sequence of actions when the spell is as follows:

  • At midnight, a candle is lit.
  • The hair of a loved one and your own is taken in the hand of the same length.
  • The hair is intertwined with the words of the plot:

“From now on, we are one with you, beloved, inseparable by any external force. Like fire with smoke, like ice with frost, like earth with grass, so are we. ”

  • Hair burned in the flame of a candle. Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure
  • Very important during this ritual is the right attitude.
  • During the burning of hairs should be presented as brightly as possible pictures of intimacy with the chosen one and a happy future life together.

The thing is that when burning hair, huge energy is released, which thus needs to be given the right direction in order to bring it to the maximum amount to the object.

Love spell with own hair

There is a strong love spell on hair, in which you will only need to use your own long strand. And it should be, necessarily, cut off with scissors or a knife.

For the ceremony, it must be fastened with a thread from one end and braid the braid, securing the other end.

In the period of the full moon late at night you need to go to the house in which the person you are planning to bewitch lives. Braided curls should be placed directly at the threshold of the beloved.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureIn this whisper clearly need to say these magic words:

“My hairs are family, help me. Do not allow other women to approach it.

Let only me be the mistress of his heart. We will live in love and harmony for a long time. Do not connect hairs, weave feelings. You, my love, always be with me, Think, feel, hurry, do not stay away from me. To only want me, away from others, You will forever pretend to me.

My word is the strongest.

So be it. For centuries».

  • After that, very quickly and without looking back, you need to go home.
  • On the way, you can not talk to anyone.
  • After such a ceremony it will be necessary, as often as possible, to be with your chosen one.

Rite to strengthen relationships

This ceremony is suitable for girls who, meeting with a guy, seek to strengthen mutual feelings. Also with the help of this ritual, you can ignite the passion, which is extinguished due to long-term relationships.

For the ceremony you will need to take five freshly cut hair of your chosen one.

  • In the period of the new moon, early in the morning, before sunrise, you need to go to the nearby forest.
  • Find a beautiful young tree and with the first rays of the sun bury the hair brought with it under it.

During this action you need to say the following words:

“Strands of hair from the head of my beloved, I will bury you here and thereby deprive the servant of God (the name of a loved one). So that he is always without me, the Slaves of God (his own name) was tormenting and yearning for him not to find a place in life if I was not around.

So that he listens to me and appreciates me, and tried to do everything to please me.

My words are strong, so it will be as said. Amen!»

After that, you need to go back home, and on the road with no one should not talk. From this day you will feel that your relationship with the chosen one is strengthened day by day.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

Hairbrush plot

Also very often used spell to comb. To do this, you need to take a comb from a loved one and accidentally forget to give it away.

At midnight you need to read a conspiracy over her. And over the comb can be read any prayer or conspiracy.

The main thing is that the text expresses a desire to attract the attention of a loved one.

“Comb, comb, help, my beloved (the name of the chosen one) bring me (own name) to me. Push him into my arms and tell me about my love.

Let him miss me, and his happiness only represents me. Let it be so.»

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureAfter that, you need to return the comb to the owner with an apology and wait for the result that will come soon! You should know that a love spell on hair will be successful only if the person who conducts the rite has sincerity of feelings.

Christmas love spell on a wooden comb

As known, Christmas time is a fairy-tale period in which all wishes come true. And it is on one of the Christmas nights you can spend a very effective love spell to comb.

  • This rite does not make a strong binding and is absolutely safe.
  • It is an appropriate way to attract the attention of a loved one and can be the starting point for building strong relationships.

For the rite should:

  1. Take a new wooden comb and sit in front of the mirror.
  2. Peering at the mirror surface and doo about a loved one
  3. Smooth movements comb your own hair.

In the process, you should pronounce these magic words:

“I will carefully comb my hair, I will put each hair to the hair, and my dear, God’s Slave (name of the chosen one) to me, God’s Slave (own name). Amen.»

This conspiracy should be repeated. 9 times. And every time, every word needs to be filled with its desire to be close to your loved one.

After that you need:

  1. To go to sleep, and put the comb used in the rite under the pillow. Waking up early in the morning, you need to remove your own hair from a comb and burn it in a candle flame.
  2. Ash should be collected and at the first opportunity to add to the drink or food your chosen one.

Rite with blood

The following rite is considered very dangerous and strong. Since it uses two types of genetic material, the efficiency is very high.

However, in order to minimize the consequences, one should follow all the recommendations when performing the ceremony and in no case do not make a love spell on hair and blood out of curiosity and revenge. The bond that will appear after the ceremony is non-rush, so be careful about the choice of the man.

  • Only a strong love and desire to connect life with this person can be reasons for using the love spell.
  • A few lover hairs need to be soaked with your blood taken from the little finger of your left hand. Making a ceremony, think positively.
  • Introduce you together, happy and contented. Next, the hair should be wrapped in fabric to make a small bundle.
  • You should put this bundle under your pillow and keep it there for seven days.
  • After this period, you need to bury the bundle in the place where the beloved will certainly step over it. The way home or to work is a great option.
  • The use of such a rite is a guarantee of the necessary result.

Love spell on your own — preparation

Here I will not talk about the use of hair in the cemetery love spell or love spell. This refers to black magic, for which the consequences of an unprepared magician are surely overtaken.

No, my desire, to help you do a simple spell on your own hair, without negative consequences.

  1. What you need is to stock up on your loved one’s hair.
  2. It is not necessary to tear out a whole tuft of hair from him.
  3. For the ritual, just a few hairs will fit, which you can tear out by running your hand over his head, or simply take him off his clothes when he sleeps.
  4. But watch carefully that you take exactly his hair, and not strangers, so that you do not accidentally charm his friend or acquaintance.

What else do you need for a love spell? Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

  • You need some more of your hair.
  • As well as the right time, which falls just for the period of the rising moon.

If you do everything right, then positive results can manifest immediately, on the same day. This love spell on the hair refers to such magic, which does not need to wait long.

Hair Rite — Recipe

Well, here is the love spell ritual itself.

  • Take a red candle and light it at night, at one o’clock.
  • Sit down, place his photo in front of you.
  • Try to imagine your feelings and everything that he should feel for you.
  • Love, sexual attraction, thoughts of you — well, whatever you decide and what you want.
  • Then take his hair and yours and begin to weave them.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureTwisting the hair, say:

“I do not weave hair, I twist my feelings. You, my love, be always with me, Feel, think, hurry, and do not keep me.

Wish only me, away from everyone else, Coz me forever. My word is strong.

Let it be so. Forever and ever».

  • By the end of the conspiracy reading, you should already to bind hairs.
  • You can read the conspiracy a few more times, but always imagine what the results should be, what behavior your beloved should have, how he should offer you a hand and heart, how to talk to you about your immense and boundless love, how to behave and how .d

Energize your action with energy, ignite his feelings with your sensual.

Feel that he simply has no more opportunities, except how to do everything that you want and how you decide.

  • Then attach a kerchief to the photo and drip wax with a candle. By this you will fix the love spell on your beloved.
  • And put the finished photo with hairs in an envelope and seal it. It is also possible to strengthen the seal with wax from a candle, saying: “What I have sealed, never to destroy. Forever and ever».

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureThat’s all the love spell — you see, nothing complicated, but how effective!

This love spell on your hair gives you almost 100% guarantee of augmenting feelings on the part of your loved one, and you will immediately feel the results on yourself — in his look, in his seemingly insignificant gestures and signs of attention.

It happens that a person himself does not understand that his magic draws and pulls more and more towards a person. He goes to the slaughter, even in himself not believing, do not understand what he does and what attracts him. But it does not matter, because you know everything and remember everything.

And you know what you did and why.

Well, then, over time, if you want to let go, burn the envelope, saying «let go.»

Just do not bring him to true love, because if he really falls in love with you once and for all, it will not be easy to get rid of his beloved.

It will take more powerful love magic. Do not make a love spell if you just want to lose feelings.

Simple hair rites

In order to accomplish a love spell on your own hair, it is necessary, first of all, to get the hair of a loved one.

  • The safest way is to inspect his outer clothing, because the owner’s hair often remains on her.
  • You can also ask him for a comb, and see if there are any hairs left on it, or, on the contrary, invite him to use your comb.

In all these cases, you need to check whether the hairs actually acquired belong to your beloved. You can try to quietly cut off a strand from him during sleep, or you can directly ask him by wrapping it in a joke.

Both of these methods are good because there is a chance to get a whole strand, however, it is likely that you will not succeed, but also cause your beloved suspicion of insidious designs and he will take protective measures against your love spell.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

Tested method

If you have already got a strand, or at least a hair of a loved one, you can make a love spell on your hair by yourself in the old proven way. To do this, light a candle at midnight and pick up his hair and his own strand of the same length.

Bind them together, saying:

“From now on, we are one with you, inseparable by any force. Like smoke with fire, like frost with ice, like grass with earth, so are we. ”

  • Burn twisted hairs in a candle flame.
  • At the same time, imagine as brightly as possible the pictures of intimacy with your beloved, his caress and your future happiness together.
  • When you burn hair during the rite, there is tremendous energy, which you will thus give the desired direction to.

On unfamiliar man

Also, a simple ritual with a candle can attract the attention of a man you like with whom you barely know. Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

As the magic attributes will need to use:

  • Three hairs chosen;
  • Three own hairs;
  • Church candle.

The enchantment on hair is carried out at night in a separate room.

It is necessary to light a candle and tie all the hair together in a bundle.

Then the hair should be set on fire from the flame of a candle and say the following words:

“As the hairs of the Slave of God (the name of the chosen one) and the Slaves of God (the proper name) are tightly connected, so our lives will be inseparable and intertwined. From this moment on, the Slave of God (the name of the chosen one) only thinks about the Slave of God (his own name).

Without it, he can neither eat nor drink. Always and everywhere he will remember me and dream of meeting me. Amen!»

While pronouncing the magic words, it is necessary to visualize the image of the chosen one and represent the joint future happy life with him.

Perfect way

A strong love spell on the hair is recommended in case you need to revive the relationship. After all, as you know, over time, with a long life together, the feelings of the partners dulled.

Freshly cut hair should be used for this ritual. But if your elect is near you, it is easy to do.

At dawn, before the first rays of the sun, it is necessary to go outside and bury the previously prepared hairs under a young tree.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

“I will bury the hair of my beloved, the Slave of God (the name of the beloved), which will deprive him of his peace forever. To hurt, miss, miss, I did not know a place without me. So that he listens to me, tries to please me and only sees me.

It will be as it is said and not otherwise. Amen!»

After the hair is buried, you should go home and do not talk to anyone for three hours. This love spell begins to act almost immediately after the performance of the ceremony.

On your hair

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureA rather strong love spell is one’s own hair, which is spoken by magic words and thrown into the clothes of a loved one.

The plot in this case sounds like this:

“My hairs will always be with you, and you will not forget me. I give my part to you, and take your heart in return. Amen!»

It should be remembered that ceremonies that use fresh hair are more effective. In addition, ceremonies are desirable to hold in the period of the new moon, if the rules of the rituals do not specify another time.

How to make a love spell on hair?

This type of love spell is very powerful — in the hair lies the incredible energy of the person who wears them. This whole accumulation of energy that can be sent in the right direction.
The most effective will be the love spell:

  • Made in new moon. This is the most favorable period, because the lunar energy is aimed at creating, creating something new.
  • You do not need to prepare your hair in advance — it is best to use strands cut right before the ritual. They have the most energy, and therefore the spell will be more powerful
  • Since you will need hair not yours, but your chosen one, try to cut them off as imperceptibly as possible to avoid unnecessary questions.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureAnd what to do if a man is bald or the hair on his head is too short? In this case, it is better to use other variants of love spells. But you can try to “get” the hair from his body — for example, from the chest.

We can’t imagine how much effort it may cost you, but try to take a chance.

  • Hair chosen
  • A matchbox or a small plastic bag — it will be needed to store hair in order to save information and accumulate energy
  • Candle. It is better to use church wax candles, as wax is a “living” material with rather strong energy, unlike artificial paraffin wax.

Also, you need to learn in advance the text of the plot, so that during a magical ritual you can pronounce it exactly, correctly and without the slightest hesitation.

Important rite

Choose the right time at which you will be ready to perform all the necessary magical manipulations. It is better if it will be the night of the new moon. You will need to do the following:

  • Braid your hair in a braid, with loose curls love spell can not be done. If a girl has short hair, it is better to pinch them with clips or barrettes
  • Stand at the open window so that you can see the moon. Light a church candle and put it on the windowsill. You can use the table installed next to the window
  • From the candle, set fire to the three hairs of your chosen one, whom you are going to bewitch.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sureDuring the burning ritual read the plot:

“Just as my hair is tied, so my life and the life of a servant of God (the name of the chosen one) are woven together. Now the servant of God (the name of the chosen one) without me, the servants of God (your name) will neither eat nor drink, and during all his deeds he will constantly remember me.


The plot must be read thrice. And be sure to mentally imagine your lover as if he is standing right in front of you.

Tip: before doing the love spell, you too must be filled with energy, moreover positive. Do not do the ritual in a state of irritation, anger — only harm yourself, and you will not achieve the result.

Therefore, spend the day before the ceremony as rich and fun as possible — pamper yourself, get positive.

  • Remove all objects used for the love spell in a secluded place where no one will find them.
  • They need to be stored until the spell comes into effect.
  • Be patient — you will have to wait before the bewitched person begins to gradually give you signs of attention.

What could be the consequences

Almost everybody knows that love spell is a ritual with extremely negative consequences. But this does not stop unrequited lovers of young ladies who cannot imagine life without the object of their passion.

We will still tell you how such a rite could be dangerous — and you think about whether to do it.

For the one who charmed

Charmed men — they seem a little out of their mind. The conflict of consciousness with the unconscious begins — in his mind he does not want you, and the soul stretches with all the fibers.

Because of this, a person is not happy: he can start drinking, using drugs, becoming addicted to addictions. There were cases that the bewitched went to suicide, not controlling themselves.

For the one who charmed

A man who is with a woman not on his own initiative, sooner or later will begin to take revenge on her.

  • And not on purpose — it happens unconsciously.
  • He can become a tyrant, raise a hand on you, steal money from home.
  • Stop working and start living for you. All his actions will poison your life.

It is noteworthy that such «revenge«Occurs as a result of not only a love spell but any women’s initiative and manipulation. Therefore, try not to achieve the man you like by all means, but to choose someone who sought your attention as your companion.

Then the relationship will be happy and painless for both.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

The bioprivations in the spell are used in some plots for the guy’s longing.

Before reading love spells or even starting any magical work with a person, it is recommended to clean his aura ceremonially. For example, if a man has a big resentment against you, then a home conspiracy for longing may not give a result, or the reaction of the lover will not be the one you need.

  • By itself, the melancholy will not remove the insult, it must be removed as a block.
  • For this good runes and wax castings.
  • Only after cleaning and weakening the man, you can make a spell on your hair at home.
  • Newbies in love magic often either simply do not know about this rule, or ignore it.
  • The result is an inadequate result, or no result at all.

I’m not talking about the scourge of all unskillful magicians — return flows and kickbacks after a love spell on a guy, when they themselves become a target, and flies them seriously.

The best time to read the text of a conspiracy on the love of a man is the evening or morning dawn, when the sun appears on the horizon or goes beyond its edge.

Morning and afternoon conspiracy on the lover should be directed toward the sun.

In the evening, you should turn to face west, to the setting light. And now an example of a love spell of a husband, which can be done using your hair and blood.

The most powerful way to tie — husband’s love spell on hair and blood

  1. 10 days before the day of the full moon buy a bottle of vodka. Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure
  2. Put into it 3 of your hair, 3 nails with your left hand and 9 drops of your blood from your ring finger of your left hand.
  3. It is not necessary to read out the witchcraft slander.
  4. Close the bottle and remove for 10 days.

This is the first part of her husband’s love spell for hair and blood completed.

At midnight, at midnight, get the vodka, pour it into a clay cup, bow low, and read the words of the conspiracy three times:

“Beelzebub of old, give me a ring-key to open the door, where the terrible beast lies. Call him longing.

I will release him and send to (name). Let the beast on its heels for (name) walks, grievously tortures him.

Beelzebub horned, you are the chief Satan, the power is given to you.

I will bow to you my relics, ask for your help, give me your heart (name).


Candles when reading the text of the plot for a love spell on the full moon hair are not used.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

Do everything you need in the moonlight. After that, the vodka should be carefully poured into the bottle and removed in a dark place for 40 days. After this period, vodka can be given to a person who dares to bewitch —

  • whether her husband
  • lover
  • or candidate lovers.

The victim must drink vodka 3 times 50 gr., With an interval of 1-2 days.

  • If the vodka is still left, it can not be poured.
  • Conspiracy liquids should not be poured at all; they should be used as directed to the drop.
  • Vodka can be gradually soldered to a bewitched man.
  • This proven love spell on hair begins its impact on the lover pretty quickly.

The term of the love spell for a guy is about a year without a repetition; if it is right to do a black rite, no negative consequences should be expected.

There is another version of the old-time love spell “Beelzebub”, which is also well known to practicing magicians.

You can choose either of the two. Of course, this is not a white love spell of a guy through his hair and nails, but only the black magic technique.

Although love rituals conspiratorial drink practiced and white magicians.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

How to make a love spell on love on the hair — a magical ritual to drink with blood

The words conspiracy to the love of her husband with the help of hair in this version of the love spell may sound different:

“Beelzebub is ancient, give me a ring of keys to open the door, where the terrible beast lives, his name is Tosca. Angry angst, toils, rushes at the door, breaks off the chains, waits for his victim. I will put your ring on my finger, let the longing from the chains get rid of, I will open the door and let the longing beast cruel to (name).

Let the longing on his heels goes after him, thinking about me (the name) is plaguing him. Eats into him, bites, pushes him in the back, directs me.

He is tormented by his soul, he is forced to bow to me, he breaks his will. Beelzebub is horned, you are the chief Satan, the Power of evil is given to you. I will bow to you my relics, I will ask for your help, give me my heart and soul (name) to endless slavery.

Let it be so».

It is possible to read a plot on red wine, but instead of hair, nails and blood from a finger, use 13 drops of monthly blood. The blood is mixed with a small amount of wine, three times read the call of the Force, and water the object with this wine.

If this is not possible, then a mixture of wine and blood can be dripped into pieces of sugar and put them in his coffee.

Performing a magical rite in this form does not last so long. The result of this magical love spell is quite impressive.

On the waning moon can be done for punishment. On the growing moon it turns out one of the guy’s strongest love spells for sex, along with sexual bindings on pubic hair, vaginal secretions, or sperm.

Now to the question of how to remove a love spell on hair, blood or nails.

There is simply a tremendous amount of effective love spells for a man without consequences with the use of the biological elements of the performer, as well as with the bindings of the person being bewitched himself. As well as in the practices of love magic there is a huge number of independent rituals aimed at getting rid of the influences of love spells made by the rival on the beloved man.

We will talk about magical purges in the following materials.

And now let’s move on to the topic of how to make a love spell on a girl’s love for hair and photos on her own. Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

A strong love spell for the longing of a woman or a young girl for hair and photos

This proven love spell of a woman is not tied to the moon phases.

  • To work you will need a new small lock with keys.
  • The love spell of the girl on hair and wax does not apply to those that can not be removed without the help of a real magician.
  • This is a simple love spell that is done at home at a distance, and therefore its influence can be extinguished with the help of simple cleansing or shifting that can be done independently.

So, for the home spell:

  1. Take a photo of your girlfriend and any binding, for example, her hair.
  2. Burn and rub this ash carefully over the candle to be used in the work.
  3. On the candle to write the full name of the woman, as well as her middle name and last name.
  4. In the upper third of the candle stick a large needle, and hang the key on it.
  5. Light a candle, and read a conspiracy to love a girl for a guy until the moment the key falls.
  6. This is a good, acting love spell through hair and photos, with which you can affect not only the mistress, but also the wife.

“As this candle burns, so the heart (name) about me (name) hurts. I send him to melancholy, the river of fire.

Fight, longing, mousy, spin over (name) over your head, walk on your heels, lead him to me. As the candle burns, burns, so the heart (name) burns. I ate, I didn’t bother melancholy, I drank, I didn’t drink melancholy, with whom, no matter where I was, I would have thought everything about me and yearned.

As the wax does not happen in the fire, so (name) fade away for me. I take the key from the heart (the name) to myself, I lock it in my heart. Gnaw at him, longing, burn, mataya and think about the whipping, don’t let go of free life without me.

While the key is with me, (name) is on fire, it melts and melts, it will not get rid of melancholy. Amen».

As soon as the candle burns out, close the lock with the key. Carry the key with you, and remove the lock in a safe place, after sticking the needle into the key hole. Candle candle simply throw.

Whoever makes a love spell on hair in this form, speak of it as a stable, well-working rite. In the reviews, it is noted that a woman loves a very active search for any contacts.

The closer the conversation, the better the bewitched woman feels. If necessary, update and strengthen the action, heat the key on the flame of the same candle, three times reading a love plot on a girl.

It works on the personal strength of the performer, the reaction of the victim is noticeable in the interval from 3 to 7 days.

Love spell

There are several ways to make a love spell on the hair, some of them stronger, others a little less. The most effective options consider below.

This love spell must be performed on Friday (the day of Venus) on the new moon or the first quarter of the moon.

  • We need to take a few hairs of our own and loved ones, twist them together and, puncturing the little finger of the left hand with a new needle, soak them with our blood.
  • After that, the hair should be put in a white silk or linen napkin and put them under the pillow.
  • During the performance of the ceremony in the head you need to keep the image of a loved one, presenting it only in the brightest colors, you can not allow negative emotions.
  • At this convolution, you need to sleep for seven nights in a row, after which you need to bury it in a place where your lover will cross it, this condition is necessary.
  • If the spell did not work, it can be repeated, but not earlier than in three months.

Powerful love spell on hair: that will work for sure

  1. Take an equal amount of your loved one’s hair, they should be the same length.
  2. Twist the hairs together, saying:

“Now we are together with you, like earth with grass, like water with rain, not to tear us apart, to walk hand in hand”. After these hairs need to burn in the flame of a candle.

  1. Another kind of love spell with hair involves the use of 5 of their hairs and 3 hairs of their beloved. They need to bind and set on fire. All this time you need to think about your beloved and ask a higher power for your reunion. There is no definite conspiracy here, so just ask about the fulfillment of your desire, you need to turn to what you believe. Beware of naming the names of pagan gods or angels, whose character is not quite clear to you.

For a more complicated conspiracy on the hair, you need to discreetly take a comb from your loved one, choose hair from it, roll it into a ball and carry it with you until the love spell works. On the comb you need to read the plot:

“As the comb is bored by your hair, let the sweet for me grieve.

The day will pass, the night will pass, and in a week my dear will come to me. ”

After that, the comb must be again imperceptibly put a loved one.

With hair

It is believed that the love spells interest only girls, as if men are not subject to love and do not know what unrequited feelings are. In fact, it is not.

Young guys often fall in love with girls who are indifferent to them and they also often turn to magic to solve a similar problem.

Fortunately for them, there are many rituals for the girl’s hair, as well as universal rituals that are not demanding on the sex of the goal. One of the examples of universal love spells is the rite on the candle. To conduct this ceremony, it is necessary to take an equal amount of hair of a boy and a girl, it is desirable to make them equal in length, to twist and read the plot:

“Lord, help our hearts unite, Nothing else can divide us. We will be together like a moon with stars, like smoke with fire, Like grass with earth, like frost with ice.

Amen. Amen.


This is a very strong love spell on hair, which can be used by both a girl and a man.

The main thing to remember is that during a ritual it is important to concentrate on your feelings and you will definitely be able to be with your loved one.

A strong love spell on hair can be both a safe ritual, and an action that carries negative energy and a lot of troubles to the fate of people.

Follow the rules, control your thoughts and never do anything with malicious intent or for the sake of revenge. Hopefully, the video we prepared in this article will answer all the questions and save you from mistakes.

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