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Prayer from the love spell: texts, rules of reading

Prayer from the love spell: texts, rules of readingIn an article about the removal of a love spell in the church, a list of the best prayers of a love spell was given.

Here we want to give you some specific texts, and at the same time accompany them with useful notes.

White spell resistance

Even regular reading can fight back really light magic. Our Father, accompanied by the sign of the cross:

«Our Father, who art thou in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy will be continued, that the Kingdom be like in heaven and on earth.

Give us this day our daily bread and leave us our debts, as we leave to our debtors. Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For Thy is the Kingdom, and power, and glory forever. Amen.»

We give below a special Cyprian prayer that helps against the evil eye and hostile demonic action as such.

“The holy saint of God, the holy martyr Cyprian, the fast helper and prayer book of all those who have come to you. Raise your prayers of good power for us, may she protect us from the fall of sin, will guide us to the repentance of devils.

Receive from us, the unworthy, the praise, may we seek fortification from the Lord God in weakness, deliverance from sickness, and consolation in sorrow.

May you, led by you, reach the High Jerusalem and be honored in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the saints to praise and chant the Blessed Name of the Lord. Now, ever and ever and ever.


This prayer is addressed to the holy martyr Cyprian, who himself was a sorcerer, but renounced his abilities.

Cyprian tried to charm a girl Justinia at the request of a rich man. Justinia was able to resist the charms of Orthodox prayer.

The sorcerer repented and began to preach Christianity, having endured many redeeming ordeals on this path.

Cyprian and Iustinia are praised 15. It is on this day that prayer has the greatest power.

Counteraction to the black love spell

Alas, if the love spell is dark, then by only one prayer you will not do anyway. We’ll have to knock out the wedge with a wedge — use equivalent magic.

Solving problems of such a high level is usually necessary with the support of qualified witches and witches.

Prayer, however, is also not necessary to be neglected. In these circumstances, prayers against the Antichrist and the evil spirit are especially pertinent.

Here is one of the best prayers against the Antichrist, read for the coming dream. It will help you, if not to cope with the spell, then at least to keep the soul’s ability to purify.

«Protect me, all-merciful Lord, from the seduction of the wicked Antichrist, cover me from his nets in the hidden wilderness of Your glorious salvation.

Let me be firm in your confession of your name, may I not give up fear for the sake of the devil, and I will not deny you by the renunciation of Judah. Cry, O Lord, about my sins and spare me in the hour of Your Last Judgment.


Also praise Christ (if you are a man) or the Most Holy Virgin (if you are a woman).

Read prayers in solitude and preferably before appropriately. In addition, burn incense in the house or spray the corners with holy water.

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