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Really strong spell, step by step instructions

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

Sometimes the usual love spell can not cope, because a person is either very strong-willed, or put the defense, then there is only one option — to apply a really strong spell. After all, only strong magicians can resist such a ritual, and the average person will almost certainly be charmed! But with such powerful things you have to be extremely careful, because the price for them is much higher.

If the usual love spell acts only on the victim, then the strong can affect both you and your environment. Whatever happens and everything goes as it was intended, it is necessary to follow the strict rules described below, because causing great forces they need to be curbed.

Remember! It may be worthwhile to consult a specialist, or try weaker love spells, because without preparation it is quite difficult to perform a strong love spell.

But if you do decide, below we will describe how to properly perform the ritual, what the consequences may be and what to expect after. We strongly recommend that you read before starting, because we have led step-by-step instructions to several very strong love spell.

Also, the author asks not to forget that it is an order of magnitude more difficult to cancel a strong spell than to perform, so think before you act.

What love spell can be called the strongest

Of course, every ritual has a certain power. Some are considered weak, others are powerful. But no spell will not be effective if you do not follow the rules yet implementation.

Therefore, the concept of strong or weak effects cannot be limited to any one ritual. The same spell can show different results.

The degree of influence directly depends on the observance of the ritual conditions. If done according to the rules, the spell will quickly help to achieve the desired result.

If not, efficiency drops noticeably. The following are the most effective ones:

Consequences of love spell

Love magic should be applied very carefully. Particular attention should be paid to very strong spells. After all, the consequences of such rituals may not meet the expectations.

Before you dare to conduct them, you must carefully consider everything. Is it really necessary to bewitch an object of impact? Perhaps the desire to unite the fate — just a fleeting impulse.

But after the ritual, the object of influence will seek to be around all the time, will require attention and tenderness. Such obsessive behavior, clearly, will only provoke discomfort.

If the object of influence is really the meaning of all life for the one who performs the ritual, then the effect will be only positive. It is for these cases and it is worth using strong enchantments.

In other situations, they should be abandoned.

Terms of the spell ritual

The pledge of the effectiveness of the ritual is the true belief in its strength and a deep desire to get the desired result. If we treat the love spell as entertainment, it will be impossible to achieve the realization of our plans.

Even without relevant experience, you can properly influence who is the subject of dreams and dreams.

It is very important to carefully follow all the rules. Carelessness will result in reduced efficiency. Therefore, before proceeding to the implementation of the plan, you should carefully prepare yourself, having studied all the nuances of the chosen ritual.

It is necessary to take into account everything — the place and time of the meeting, the rules for choosing the required attributes. During the magical procedure, you should try to concentrate as much as possible, focusing on the goal.

Love spell by photo

Do you want to conquer the heart of an indifferent person? Try a very strong love spell on the photo! It demonstrates excellent performance even in situations that, at first glance, seem to be completely unpromising.

Of course, such a result is possible only if all instructions are strictly followed.

For the ritual will need to prepare a few items:

  • two photos: own and object of impact;
  • reel of red color;
  • thick needle;
  • clean envelope;
  • candle.

The first stage is an emotional mood. It is necessary to try to concentrate as much as possible and to recreate the expected result in consciousness.

After that, both photographs should be connected image to each other. Insert a thread into the needle.

Now gently pierce the holes in each corner of the folded photos. Stretch threads there and tie them together. Put in an envelope.

It is very important that it is completely clean, the copies with inscriptions are not suitable for this ritual. Light a candle. Wait for a little bit of liquid wax to separate, and seal them with an envelope with the words:

“I seal the servant of God (the name of the object of influence) with the servant of God (his name) from the evil eye, from the evil intent, from the cold collar”

All — the ritual is complete. The envelope can not be thrown away. It must be saved.

Moreover, it is very important to ensure that it does not catch anyone’s eyes.

Love spell on the comb

The most effective love spell on the comb also belongs to the category of the most effective. It was practiced in ancient times. To perform the ritual, you must prepare:

  • comb;
  • water tank (basin, bucket, bowl).

First, as it should be when carrying out love rituals, you should tune in to a positive result.

Then take a comb and drive it through the water, imitating the «combing». In this case, you should utter such a conspiracy:

“I ask the sister of the furrow in the heart of the slave (the name of the object of influence) to leave, to bury the love with grains there. Sister water hears, all words heed, sharp teeth, the road paves.

In the seventy-seven veins the blood flows wild, in seventy-seven bones the furrow leaves deep. Neither walk nor drink, nor can the slave (the name of the object of impact) eat, as long as the comb has teeth, but the heart’s pit will not close back ”

As soon as the ritual is completed, the water should be immediately poured onto the threshold. The comb should not be thrown away.

It is required to hide. And so that no one could accidentally find.

Love spell

This ritual is not suitable for every occasion. A distinctive feature of the love spell is that it should be performed near the home of the object of impact.

Therefore, before trying to achieve the cherished goal, you will have to find out the address of the beloved. In addition, you should carefully consider the choice of time.

For maximum efficiency, it is necessary that the object of exposure first crossed the threshold of the house.

But further complications do not arise. Love spell, though very strong, but quite simple in execution.

Of course, to get a positive result, you should tune in to the ritual correctly and adhere to all recommendations as accurately as possible.

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

For this love spell, you should only prepare a glass filled with plain clean water. Armed with this attribute, you must go to the house of the object of impact.

Some simple manipulations should be performed near the entrance door: splashing water and pronouncing an effective conspiracy. Text for the love spell:

“Once you cross the threshold, you will definitely come to me. You won’t turn, you won’t turn away, you won’t turn to the other. ”

After this, it is necessary to pronounce the word three times.

In the process of ritual should splash all the water that is in the glass. Then silently turn around and leave the habitat of the beloved.

You can not look around.

Each of these rituals belongs to the category of the most powerful love spells.

With their help, you can achieve the desired in the shortest possible time, if timed torovirp.com/ochen-silnye-privoroty/

The consequences of strong love spells

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

Deciding to make the most effective spell, you should clearly understand what sacrifices you have to make. After all, such a serious intervention in the will and destiny of a person cannot but have consequences.

Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the possible risks.

The consequences of a love spell can be a change in the nature of a person. For example, a strong conspiracy can make a person completely limp — he can simply stop liking someone who has recently tried to bewitch him.

Or, on the contrary, a person will begin to try to resist magic, therefore a temper will appear in his character, aggressiveness, anger.

If it is impossible to live without a loved one, then it is still worth making the most effective love spell. Only preliminary it is necessary to study all the conditions that will contribute to the effective action of magic.

Rules of love spells

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

To carry out any magical actions necessary on an empty stomach.

It is believed that prolonged fasting contributes to a greater effect of the ritual.
To conduct the most powerful spell is also necessary, being absolutely confident in a positive result. Confidence gives energy, which is extremely important when conducting magical actions. Actually, therefore, it is not worthwhile, on the eve of the love spell, to charge yourself with an excessive burden of worries.

It is better to go on nature and relax, to draw its vitality.

It is also not worth a week before the ritual.

  • to smoke
  • drinking alcohol,
  • to get involved in intimate pleasures.

It is necessary to fully tune in to the positive result of the ceremony, all thoughts and energy should be sent only to him.

Choosing which spell is the strongest, it is necessary not only to believe in its effectiveness, but also to strictly follow all the required actions. Any changes or incompleteness of actions can negate all efforts.

When to do the love spells

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

To charm the beloved is when you can be sure of your own desire to be with him.

For example, when people are together for a long time, but a man doubts about marriage, the love spell will push him to more decisive actions.

What you shouldn’t do is force it, with the help of magic, to lead a man, breaking his family, to make him fall in love against his will, to tie him, to make a person weak-willed. After all, it may later turn out that it is difficult to build happiness with this person.

Strong love spells on a photo

The strongest love spell on the photo is quite simple. But after the ritual, a person may feel devastated, since magical actions take a lot of power from him.

  • It is necessary to take a photo of the chosen one.
  • Then light a church candle to turn the photo face down towards the flame of the candle.
  • A photograph of a loved one must be led around the flame, all the while uttering the words:

“As I, the servant of God (name), yearn for a heart friend (name), so he may long for me. Let every day it spreads honey at the thought of a slave (name).

Let it be so. Amen»

When the plot is pronounced, the photo must be burned, and then the ashes dispel to the wind.

Strong love spell on candles

You can forever tie people together by making the easiest spell for two candles. So, for his performance, you need to take two wax candles, then twist them together. During twisting, you need to say these words:

“As these candles together are retinue, so we with the slave (name) will be together retinues”

Twisted candles must be lit, while also uttering the words of the conspiracy:

“I do not light a candle, but I ignite a slave (name) in my soul and heart (name) forever”

It is very important that the twisted candles burn out to the end. A candlestick love spell will be especially effective if this ritual is performed once every 9 days in a row.

Fasten strong spell

There are several ways that help to fasten the love spells. So, you can whisper a plot to the wind.

At the same time, it is important to fully concentrate on divining the loved one and present the desired result.

Such a ritual should be performed in windy weather, and preferably in the late afternoon. At the open window, you must say 9 times:

“Slave (name), go to the porch, to my palace, to my porch, to my doorstep, according to my tracks.

I will never give you away to somebody.

Word, lock, language. Amen»

By the way, the same words can be read after the person who leaves the house. It is important not to close the door behind him until the plot is read.

Tips on how to prepare yourself to read the spell

It is better to perform magical actions on an empty stomach. A long fast will give a greater effect on the ritual.

It is necessary to carry out the powerful spell procedure with confidence. It is confidence that gives energy and strength. On the eve of the love spell, do not overload yourself with cares and physical labor.

It is better to visit the nature, relax, gathering vitality. Love spell can be better read independently, if possible at home.

Before the ritual, it is better not to smoke for 7 days, not to drink alcohol and to abstain from sex. Fully adjust yourself, your thoughts on the positive success of the love spell.

A strong love spell on the photo

To charm the beloved is when you are confident in the desire to be with him forever:

“As I, the servant of God (name), yearn for a heart friend (name), so he may long for me.

Let every day it spreads honey at the thought of a slave (name).

Let it be so. Amen».

When the plot is pronounced, his photo burned, and the ashes dispel to the wind.

The second method of the strongest pariah on the photo

You will need to take a picture of your «victim». This photo will only be with you, no one will ever see it. You will need your own snapshot.

Take a picture of yourself. Do not take photos from the album.

From the furniture you need a mirror of 3 mirrors (like a pier glass).

If not, build a structure of 3 mirrors so that they form a repetition of the reflected object in the reflection. Take 2 photos, set them in front of the mirror so that they merge together, forming many group shots in the reflections.

The ritual is performed late at night. At the mirror light a candle that will receive endless reflections.

Before the candle set a photo of the desired object. Read the love spell conspiracy:

«May each soul fragment be connected with my soul and not be separated for ever and ever!»

With these words, substitute your photo for the “victim” photo.

Continue the plot:

«With my own blood I weep for my unity with the servant of God (name).»

Glue the photo from the back side, not removing from the mirror. Say:

“May we always be one. Amen!».

Pierce the needle with a needle, write your name on the back of the pictures with blood. Hide the box from prying eyes.

Such a love spell will act, it can not be removed.

Very strong love spell on hair

Ancestors hair attached special importance. Love spell on hair is considered the most effective.

It is worth entrusting him to a professional if you doubt yourself.

For the rite need hair lover. How to get them?

  • secretly collect with a comb;
  • from his clothes, knowing that they belong to him;
  • better to cut at night with a man

The difficulty is that the beloved’s hair is extracted secretly, independently making a wax doll and knowing the wedding ritual in a Christian manner.

A doll is a symbol of a loved one. Ritual — reading Christian prayers to bind 2 people before the Lord.

To hold it, you need to take an equal amount of hair of a girl and a guy, equal in length.

Binding them together, read the privrot:

“Lord, help our hearts unite, Nothing else can divide us. We will be together like a moon with stars, like smoke with fire, Like grass with earth, like frost with ice. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

Very strong love spell with hair for the man and for the girl who practically cannot be removed.

Love spells are not only interested in girls, men have unrequited feelings too. Young guys often turn to magic to solve a problem.

Cemetery love spells: species

The most ancient and powerful ritual for a flash of passion in relationships and to attract the attention of another person is the cemetery love spell. This type of rite has gained a frightening reputation over a long history.

Many are not in vain wary of him.

Serious spell requires repetition. You need to be prepared for the fact that the effect will not be from him immediately.

But the result of the cemetery love spell is worth it! Waiting takes weeks, months, even years.

The effect of love magic sessions lasts until the end of the life of the affected person.

It is important to behave in a graveyard. It is forbidden to make noise.

If there is a need to disturb the graves, be sure to bring the deceased something: food, coins, wine. These gifts but stepped into the territory of the spirits.

If we neglect the buyout, the action of the cemetery love spell is detrimental to the performer.

Really strong spell, step by step instructions


  • the ideal time is the night
  • abandoned cemetery
  • mass grave
  • full moon

Love spell requires sincere faith in the outcome of all events. Cemetery omens are by:

Everyone brings the desired result and dangerous consequences. The land from the cemetery has powerful magical powers.

Therefore, the ritual is among the strongest. It is necessary to learn the entire text of the plot, stock up on attributes:

  • 9 candles;
  • food, wine or coins;
  • a garment of a loved one

On the morning before the chosen day visit 3 different churches. In each of them, you should put up 9 candles upside down and pass on 3 notes for the rest for the object of impact.

Now you can go to the cemetery.

Find the 3 graves in which the namesakes rest, whom you want to charm.

Take a little land near each cross.

Put something on graves. Complete the ritual in the open, scattering the earth in the wind. Say in memory:

“On the sea, on the ocean, on the island, on the Buyan, lies the Alatyr-stone. There are three coffins on it. There are three boards in them, three longings under each board.

The first longing was killed — with the body mated. The second one was killed — it was connected with the thought.

The third one was killed — it spread to the heart. From those three coffins, the wind blows, the longing for (name of the object of influence) casts.

Every day he repeats to him about me, that he was sweet and desirable, that he would always yearn for me, that he would not part with his thoughts, that he would mate with his body and heart. So that he could coke, but did not die, he did not lay hands on himself, he constantly remembered me. ”

Repeat the procedure for spilling in the wind for 3 days. It is very important not to spend the whole earth, and later to pour a little into the object of impact into the shoes, the cabin of the car, and its other objects.

How to make a love spell without consequences

Before embarking on it, it is worth knowing that to conduct such a responsible rite, what consequences may be for the “victim” and for you.

Therefore, you should look at your chosen lover (s) and honestly answer: do you want to be with him (with her) always.

If the answer is positive, without a doubt, it is worthwhile to carry out our plans. Example: people have known each other for a long time, together, and a man is not in a hurry to marry.

Love spell will push him to decisive action.

It is not necessary with the help of magic to force a man away, to break a family, to fall in love against your will, the binding will make him weak-willed. In the future, a serious intervention in the fate of a person can lead to irreparable consequences, it will be difficult to build happiness with him.

What sacrifices do you agree to make?

Consequences of love spells can be a change of character. A strong conspiracy on a strong person can affect otherwise — it will be aggressive, hot-tempered, evil, resisting magic.

And the other, on the contrary, can make him completely weak-willed, and then he will cease to like someone who tried to bewitch him.

Do not make a love spell if you just want to lose feelings.


Next to us there is a world of energy.

It is also called Subtle world. There magic rules, creates incredible miracles.

Learning to communicate with the Subtle World is not so difficult, it is inherent in human nature. The energies for work are divided into three types:

  • light white energy;
  • dark black;
  • gray, is in the middle.

If you want to make a love spell plot on a man or a woman, then you need to choose what forces you will appeal to. The strongest is considered black, but do not flatter yourself.

He is fraught with many dangers both for you and for man. All these rituals are easy to repeat but you need to have a strong faith in the result. At home, a short ritual is held, in which take part:

  • photo of a person;
  • candles;
  • Holy water;
  • elemental elements;
  • various herbs.

Do not forget, making a love spell, or a conspiracy for the love of men, you change fate. It may well be that you were not written to be with this man.

You should have had another, and with him — children. And so, you change not only your fate, but also the whole kind.

This is a powerful way, but sometimes the only one.

Really strong spell, step by step instructions


Works faster than all other methods. Nothing stops you, there are no moral values. Will have to turn to

  • the world of the dead
  • demons
  • to spirits
  • other creatures from the dark worlds.

They willingly take for help, leads in their nature to spoil, destroy, break. They will even gladly steal a husband from a legitimate wife.

Black love spell is performed at home, partly in the cemetery. Such a conspiracy does not create that same tender, eternal love.

It creates a strong addiction.

It should be borne in mind that just so break a relationship with the bewitched will not work. He will forever remain a burden.

He will be attentive, he will often give gifts, bring you, come in the middle of the night. Just to see the object of «love», so strong is this spell.

But he will understand after a while that something is not well. And you have no peace with you, and without you it is even worse.

Often the consequences for both are sad: a man loses mind control, a woman can remain barren.

This is a payment to the dark forces for the fulfillment of your desire.

Not love, but your man.

Strong sorcerers know how to put protection on themselves and their partner. She can help, save life and health.

But this is not so easy to do, because the desire will have to be paid for in fulfillment with another coin. And which one is not for you to decide.


Really strong spell, step by step instructions

White love spell more gentle. He is also not the way to create love from nothing.

It will not work just to see on the street handsome man, make it a photo, and bewitch at home. In order to succeed, you must:

  • be familiar with a man;
  • have at least some personal communication;
  • feel attracted to him, sympathy.

White love-conspiracy appeals for help to the Saints, Angels. If you have sympathy or love in your heart, and reciprocity can return his heart, then you should be together.

You pray for this man in the church, using candles, holy water. Only where feelings already exist will the spell work. You need to believe in God and be baptized in order to work with this magic.

If a man can not be yours, too much depends on his true fate, then the conspiracy will not work, and you will have to forget about him. Do not be sad.

Holding will send you another person who will make up your fate.


Gray spell from everywhere takes on a bit. He turns to both sides of the force at once, hoping to bypass the obstacles of the white love spell and reduce the danger of black.

If you are not sure which one to choose, then start better with it. The fee for such an act is not so high, and you will be able to turn back.

It will never be as strong as black and as light as white. It’s up to you to start.

Gray spell can be carried out at home, using the photo. Nothing special for him is required.


If you are ready to begin, then you will need a photo of yours, a photo of your lover. If you have a joint, then it is also a good fit.

Everything else you do at home as prescribed by the ritual and conspiracy.


This ritual can be done at home, if you still do not know how to work with a cemetery. Only a strong practitioner will do this.

If there are such skills, then go to the churchyard at night, the ceremony is held on the grave of a man of the same name.

You will need several items:

  • paper;
  • photo of the person you want to fall in love with;
  • black candle.

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

On a piece of paper, write in block letters man’s name. It will need to stick a photo, facing the paper.

  1. Place the photo paper on the floor.
  2. In the left hand, take the lit black candle.
  3. Stand with your left foot on the sheet, you can heel.
  4. Say the text 3 times:

“13 devils, 13 brothers. Come out of the darkness, help me. On the east side there is a hut, in the middle of it lies a blackboard, and under the blackboard is longing.

She cries, sobs, waits for white light. You go longing take on the slave (name) found her. Dive in, longing in the heart, in the chest, in the belly of the slave (name) dispersed, grow over all the veins, bones, dry and nooted slave in my (name), and do not let go at any time.

Let it be so».

After that, you need to go down in front of the photo on your knees, pour wax candles in the shape of a cross. This photo should be well hidden at home so that the wax does not break.

A man will soon come to you and ask for a date. Acts very quickly. This is a strong spell that appeals to the forces of Darkness.

Do not forget about it. In the near future, it may happen that you get hurt badly, get hurt.

The rite requires blood.


The ritual will bring love to those who believe and wait. It does not act as fast as black, but has many of its advantages. You will need:

  • photo lover;
  • ink and ink pen;
  • White paper;
  • one ripe apple;
  • new knife;
  • 4 church candles.

Really strong spell, step by step instructions

The photo needs to be kissed three times, crossed and burned. Your love is on its way.

Ashes mixed in the ink.

  1. Write in ink with ashes the text of the plot:

“The apple dries up, and the slave (name) sighs for me. Apple rot
will do it, and the slave (name) will want to see me.
Mother of God, remind of me, of God’s servant, my

dear slave (name). So that he missed, on thoughts would
held, cox and missed. As an apple will dry, so will the slave
(name) will not forget me, neither in an hour, nor in a day, nor in
year. I would not see worries, how to miss me, when
anyway see. Let it be so, and my dear
will not forget me. Amen. Amen.


  1. Cut the apple in half.
  2. Put a conspiracy between the halves.
  3. Seam fill wax candles.
  4. Above the apple, read the plot again.

Now hide an Apple and wait until it dries. As soon as it dries, the spell worked.


It is done at home on the day of Thursday, on the growing Moon. Above a photo read your lover 13 times:

“13 horses of heaven, 13 winds of quick-winged, come from behind the mountains of blue, find a servant of God, (name of the beloved), green sadness and grief gray so that he grieves, misses, does not see the light of white. Throw him to me in the afternoon clear with the sun red, in the evening dark with the month yellow.

Send on him the Lord’s flour for me, God’s servant, (your name). «

This is a powerful way to bind self-love.

Will act until you destroy the photo.

Only a very strong practitioner can detect and remove it.. If this is not surrounded by men, you can be calm.

You can conduct a love spell and get man of your dreams. Which methods to use is your choice.

There is no right decision, because to get love, you have to use the help of energy.


No matter how quickly I would like to fall in love with a man, or to embroil her husband with his mistress, you must still give yourself time to think carefully about everything. Magic is not a harmless toy at all.

In addition to the desired result, you can also face the negative consequences of their actions. The main ones are:

  • love spells with the use of menstrual blood, deform the protective biofield of a person, break his will and enslave the mind;
  • the person who has been bewitched can become absolutely inert, pliable, inert;
  • possible deterioration of health. In this case, we are talking about both the increase in colds, and severe dysfunctions of internal organs. Think about whether you are ready to constantly support and care for a sick person;
  • possible baseless attacks of aggression and malice, which the bewitched person will take out to all others. If you decide in a similar way to keep your husband in the family, consider whether this behavior will benefit your children and you;
  • — possible alcohol and drug addiction;
  • Be prepared to face strong bouts of jealousy. A man simply will not give you a pass and personal space. Also, do not forget that most domestic crimes and offenses occur precisely on this basis;
  • be prepared to reduce sexual desire, because love magic has a negative effect on potency;
  • Do not think that the negative magical effect will go unpunished. You may not be held accountable for what you have done, but your children may well pay for your sins. Also inherited can be a male-acquired passion for alcohol or drugs as a result of a love spell;
  • sometimes, women who have used spell magic are diagnosed with infertility.

This is just a small list of reasons that can become an argument for refusal of love magic.


Love spell is a magical rite, implying the union of two destinies. The effect of magic is individual in each specific case, depending on all the circumstances and directly used by the bewitching ritual. The love spell on blood is one of the most powerful and fast love spells capable of keeping a man near a woman.

You must be very careful when using such a ritual.

Sorcerers and magicians are divided in opinion regarding the love spell. Some attribute it to damage, which causes impotence and premature aging. Others say it is one of the most powerful rituals of love magic.

At its core, a ritual using blood is the food, or in other words poisoning. The difference is that the information that is imposed on humans to be contained in blood molecules, it penetrates into every living human cell and is capable of fundamentally changing the life and fate of the poisoned.

During the ceremony, the magician charges with the necessary energy the blood that he takes from his client. To complete the ritual, this blood must be mixed into the food or drink of the person to whom the impact is directed.

Frequently, magic and sorcerers use love blood from a ring finger for love magic rituals. There are rituals requiring the blood of the sorcerer or magician, and in the rarest cases, the blood of an animal, simply speaking, sacrifice.

Most mages still recommend turning to a love spell for blood only if other types of magical effects were tried and did not bring the desired result. The blood contains our genetic memory and energy flows, and therefore has the most powerful magical effect.

Love spells for blood are divided into two types: clean (during which blood is used with a ring finger) and dirty (using menstruation). A distinctive feature of a love spell with menstrual blood is the sexual basis of energy binding.

First of all, you will become desirable to a man in an intimate way, and only then in a spiritual one.

Be prepared for sex to dominate your relationship.

A love spell with the use of «pure blood» as a result will bring not so much love feelings and emotions as the obedience and command of the bewitched person. Very often, the results of such a love spell do not bring long-awaited joy to women, since the action of the love spell does not take into account all the circumstances and wishes.

It is aimed at the complete subordination of the man, turning him into a limp creature.


  • This rite is held during the rising moon.
  • Red wine and a sterile needle are required to perform the ritual.
  • During the ceremony, you must constantly imagine the image of a loved one.
  • Puncture and squeeze a few drops of blood into a vessel of wine.
  • After this, you must read the words of the conspiracy:

“As soon as the servant of God (the name of the man) drinks the wine, immediately his servant of God (his name) will burn to me with passion and love.

He will turn all his thoughts to me, he will cling to his soul and reach out with his heart. ”

After it is necessary to drink the conspiratorial wine of a loved one.


At midnight, you must stand in front of an open window, so that the moonlight falls on you, pierce your finger and drop one drop in a vessel with wine. It is necessary to pronounce the words:

«As this blood is in me, so are you unto me.»

A man must drink wine chilled, as the blood may clot, then the effect of the ritual may not occur. Such a love spell to consolidate, the result must be repeated three times. If this is not done, the bewitching rite may lose its power.

However, do not forget about the possible consequences, if the magical effect weakens, the man can push the woman away and does not want to maintain further relations with her.


To perform this ritual, you must purchase a red candle and sugar in advance. Before embarking on the ceremony, it is necessary to mentally tune in to the energy of the beloved man, to recall his appearance, pleasant meetings and moments.

After lighting a candle, pierce a needle with a clean needle and squeeze out a few drops of blood for sugar, while saying:

“As every drop of my blood is dear to me, so I, as a servant of God (your name), from this minute will become your servant of God (the name of a man) the most expensive in this world. Let it be so».

  • It is necessary to repeat the ceremony three times in a row.
  • It is necessary that the sugar absorbed three drops of your blood.
  • After the end of the ritual the candle does not need to be extinguished, it is necessary to give it time to burn out.
  • Sugar with blood should be mixed with the beloved man in tea, coffee or another drink or food.


The strongest magical rituals are performed in the cemetery. Therefore, if you decide to have a powerful magical effect on someone, then there is no better place for him.

Since during such love spells otherworldly afterlife energy is used, these rituals have a powerful effect and do not need to be repeated.

The consequences of these rituals are the hardest and most serious, therefore it is better to resort to the help of professional magicians and sorcerers.

It is better to refrain from carrying out such actions on their own.

It is necessary to carefully prepare for such a ritual. You will need grass that grows near your lover’s house, if it is winter outside, branches from trees will do.

Find the grave of a man who has the same name as your beloved man. Put grass on the grave while reciting the spell:

“How I brought you a dead man (the name indicated on the tombstone) from the house grass, where he lives (the name of a man), from him to you. You will have her lying, and you will guard her.

You will protect our love with the servant of God (the name of a man) and will not let anyone destroy it. There will be a servant of God (the name of a man) only to love me, and only to value me in this world ”.

After you have read the plot and left the grass, go home immediately and under no circumstances do not turn around. Try not to make conversation on the way with anyone, avoid any communication.

The cemetery love spell is considered one of the strongest, and the grass, picked by the man’s house, will help to establish the energy link much faster.

A love spell that cannot be eliminated

Mirror rite

This is a kind of irreversible love spell, as it is performed periodically to consolidate the effect. You will need two small mirrors and three church candles.

You can perform this ritual on any moon except for the full, at least 3 times, taking intervals of 3-4 days.

It is advisable to spend a love spell after midnight. Install two desktop mirrors opposite each other so that you get a gallery.

Put a burning candle between them. Please note — all other mirrors in the room should
Really strong spell, step by step instructionsto be hung with a thick cloth, all electrical appliances, including the phone, must be turned off. Sit down in front of the mirrors and, while the candle continues to burn, say: “(Nyamyrek) with black morogori procher.”

Keep in mind — it will take a very long time to sit and repeat this spell — the candle should burn out completely and go out by itself. At this time, terrible things can happen around you: squeaks, knocks, pictures, which are formed in the mirror gallery. Do not back down and do not be afraid of them.

Imagine that these two mirrors are you and your loved one, and the candle is your rival or the misunderstanding that arose between you. When the flame goes out, the problem will go away. Believe it.

After completing the ceremony, place the mirrors «face» down and keep away from yourself.

Another kind of love spell on the love of a former man is associated with hair and acts
Really strong spell, step by step instructionswithout fail. Seriously prepare for the ritual:

  • You will need not only your hair, but also a strand of the second half.
  • Still stock up on two church candles: you need to buy them after sunset at evening service.
  • When you come into the house, connect the hair with the candles — one with your strand, the second with a male curl.
  • To make the strands wind easily, heat the wax in your palms or on the battery.
  • Then blind two figures, male and female, from wax, tie them with a red thread, which you bought the day before.

Judge at the same time:

«As I do not think of life without you, so you, (name), you can not live without me.»

Speak these words as much as your heart prompts.

The most important thing is to put into the magic conspiracy the whole range of feelings that you are experiencing. Tied pupae keep in a secret place.

This is quite a harmless love spell: read the plot after the main ritual regularly stands on the growing moon, using the same figures. Thanks to this you will be able to update the action of the ritual.

Love plot that cannot be removed

For the ritual you will need a red candle. After sunset, take a burning candle and say the following magic words:

“As the Moon grows every day, so my love will grow. As the candle melts with every minute, so my bad luck disappears. ”

In this case, the candle must be completely burned out.

Conspiracy and love spell without the use of personal objects of the ritual

If you take the personal belongings of a loved one there, you can resort to no less effective ritual. To hold it, you need to take a previously used candle not from the church.

In the morning, light it, leave the house and go around your house against the clock eight times.

When you pass by the door, read the following plot:

«I walk around in circles, I spin your head. I will wrap up your thoughts, twirl, I will unfold your soul.

Let it be! Amen».

Following the final circle, you need to repeat the spell eight times. Then on the threshold of the house wax candles paint the sign of infinity.

Candle can not be thrown out. In the evening, you should approach the house of your beloved man and bypass his home already 8 times counterclockwise, uttering a plot.

Do not forget to draw on its threshold a sign of infinity. A candle stub should be melted and made of wax sphere.

When it freezes, pierce it with a needle and bury it near your home.

The strongest love spell at home

Really strong spell, step by step instructionsAt home, you can conduct a ceremony using a photo of the object of your adoration. Independent love spell suggests that you have a high-quality and clear photo.

Mandatory conditions — it is necessary that the eyes of a man be clearly visible and the object must be alone in the photograph.

At 12 o’clock in the morning before the photo you need to put a glass of water.

Looking at the image of the desired man, read the drying:

“The heart and soul of God’s servant (name) forever eternal bind to me alone, the servant of God (name). Amen!»

Take away the photo, and give the water to your loved one to drink. If you are unable to do this, then a powerful spell at home will work, provided that you pour this water on the threshold of his house.

This plot must be recited for nine consecutive days.

Consequences of a love spell

Really strong spell, step by step instructionsFor each action performed with magical help, you have to give something. According to him, a sin must be prayed for in the church, even if the rite was harmless enough. In case you turned to the services of black magic, you will have to make offerings to the devils at the nearest intersection.

Believe me, if you wave your hand at the mercy of something, you will suffer very seriously: a boomerang you will return what you have done. And it’s good, if only you.

And what if an incompetently perfect ritual imprints on innocent, defenseless children, grandchildren, elderly parents?

If we talk about the object of desire, then he will also not be particularly happy.

The results of love spell on love will primarily affect his behavior, turn him into an evil, twitchy and irritable person.

In attempts to forcibly bind a man to yourself, you unconsciously influence his psyche, making him defenseless, and a person weak-willed puppet. Do not understand what is going on, he subconsciously makes attempts to resist: conflicts will turn into protracted alcoholic binges and suicidal attempts.

Therefore, think well — do you need such a man? In addition, your relatives can suffer from your ineptly performed rites — innocent, helpless children, grandchildren, elderly parents.

Could it be worthwhile to achieve reciprocity from the beloved by natural charm, individuality and sincere, warm feelings? Good luck to you.

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