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Strong cuff at home

When love is unrequited, many try to rectify the situation with the help of magical love spells. When you love a person, and he does not answer you in return, you want to bind him to yourself forever. Some do. And then you can regret it. After all, feelings are fickle, a bewitched person can be fallen out of love. In such situations, used a strong lapel.

If you think that having fascinated a person once, you will easily apply a strong lapel and everything will return to its place, then this is not quite so. The fact is that intervention in the will of man has already happened, and since it was before, it will never be.

Even the strongest lapel at home will only partially free the bewitched person from dependence on the customer. When a person is bewitched, his psyche may loosen up, there will be a frequent change of moods. Approximately the same thing awaits a person if you hold a strong lapel on him. But after a while, the psyche still stabilizes.

But with all the difficulties of the cuff, you still need to hold it if you want to competently end the relationship with the bewitched man. If you have fallen out of love and want to get out of this relationship, then you cannot just leave them without a lapel. Otherwise, the trail of incompleteness of this relationship will drag on for the rest of your life.

But you can make a strong lapel not only in the case when you want to turn away a bewitched person from yourself. This strong lapel of love magic will help you in other life situations.

Here are situations in life when you can still apply a strong lapel:

  • You can use a strong lapel yourself if you love a person very much and at the same time want to stop loving him. It would seem that it is wiser to use a love spell. But there are such situations when there is an attraction to a person, and you understand that this is absolutely not your person. You do not want to build relationships with him. Then you can remove your feelings for him with a lapel.
  • Make a strong own lapel instead of a love spell can a girl on the horizon which appeared rival. In this case, she has two options: with the help of a love spell, to increase the interest of her beloved boyfriend to herself or to make a back of her opponent. The second method is preferable if you know that a strong initiative is coming from another girl.
  • A strong lapel can be made if you are in love with a very annoying fan. If he does not understand the words, and you no longer know how to deal with his active manifestation of feelings towards you. In this case, too, feel free to apply the cuff with a home. With the help of him from the annoying fan is easy to get rid of forever.
  • If you have fallen in love with a person who is in a relationship now, then you can also apply a strong own cuff to his permanent girlfriend or wife. But note that in this case, if true love reigns in the pair, the force of the lapel can turn against you. In this case, you can not avoid loneliness, this is one of the negative consequences. All because in this situation — it is rather a black magic ritual than white.
  • The strongest head lapel can also be done by a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law if she cares about her son or mother-in-law to her son-in-law, if she worries about her daughter. But if the older relatives do this rite again solely out of their own selfish considerations, then this can lead to negative consequences for the relative herself.

Here is one of the cuffs that you can easily carry out at home by yourself. This ritual is sure to do when the moon is waning. During this period, nature itself will help to cope with unwanted feelings.

To carry out this ritual, use one chicken egg, you will need another saucer and one church candle. This magical ritual is best suited for those times when you need to cope with your own unwanted feelings.

It is advisable to go to church and take communion the day before. To increase the effectiveness of the ritual will also help the miraculous icon. Pray to Saint Nicholas or another Saint.

During this ritual, it is advisable not to create negative feelings. Do not wish your loved one evil, because you can not get rid of feelings for him. Your task is to sincerely ask the higher forces to take away forever your feelings for this person, so that you do not suffer from them.

Stay alone with yourself. Free the room from people and pets. Turn off all electrical appliances that are in the room. After that, light a candle. Put a saucer in front of you and place a chicken egg on it.

Close your eyes and very brightly imagine the image of your loved one. Actualize first, that is, feel even stronger all the feelings that you have for him. Even if there is anger, sadness, something else, feel this too, experience them. After that, sincerely ask God to take away your love for this person.

Then open your eyes, break the egg in the saucer and say these words:

“I am breaking our happiness, my love, not to be, not to be known, but to forget, I will ask, my heart is separate from you.”

Look at the contents of the egg and imagine the face of your loved one there. Take a deep breath and exhale.

After that, the egg must be poured through the window. Go to bed yourself. Try not to talk to anyone this evening. For some girls, this ritual works so quickly that on the same night they see their new lover, so do not be intimidated.

If there is a person next to you who is very much in love with you, but you cannot reciprocate him, then the next strong lapel will help. If a girl is very good at the guy in love, and she wants the best for him, then you can perform a ritual with a white rose.

Lapels are all in contrast to the love spell held precisely in the period of the waning moon. To make this ritual you need to buy a beautiful white rose. It should be on a long leg. In addition, you will need a new red candle.

Light a candle and take a rose in your hand. Consider the rose and at the same time imagine the person you want to save from the love of yourself. When your imagination is completely filled with thoughts about it, you should read the following text without stopping to consider a rose:

“The kindest, sweetest, sweetest, but you know that I don’t need it. He exhausted himself with thoughts of me, tired himself with love for me, you do not love yourself, you love me alone. So no more be. You will not suffer more from loneliness, you will not suffer more from love to me. I will give everything to the flower, I will give it to you. As a flower you will receive, so you will stop loving me. My prayer for your happiness. «

After that, close your eyes and imagine your annoying fan happy next to a very different girl. Let the face of this imaginary girl also glow with happiness and love for this guy. The action of a strong opening, if your desire happiness will be powerful will be even better.

Conspired rose to put in the water. And the next day, you need to give it to a person who is in love with you. Indeed, after a while, you will notice that you no longer receive signs of attention from his side. We hope that this will not upset you, because this is how an annoying fan loses you.

Moms are always worried about their children, even if they have grown up long ago and live their own lives. And if an adult child complains that he is being offended by a spouse, then the mother can intervene in the life of the young with the help of magical methods. But here you need to be one hundred percent sure that a son or daughter is really suffering and cannot get out of difficult relationships. If this is true, then the next strongest cuff can be applied.

To hold it you will need something that was presented to the wedding of the newlyweds. It may even be a spoon or fork and table wedding service. You will also need a church candle.

Lapel, like the past should be carried out on a decreasing moon. Need to be alone with yourself. It is also better not to tell anyone that you are performing such a ritual. Magic loves being kept secret, it works even better. It is better to hide the performance of the ritual, even from the very daughter or son for whom you are trying.

Take a spoon or fork from the set into the hands, hold these objects over the burning candles, at the same time look at them as closely as possible, and then you need to read the following text:

“Happiness was, but happiness is? Let him come back, let him warm in their house. Let that malice go away from her. Let him forgive everything, let him fall in love again. And if they do not love, let them disperse. ”

The text is very short, but strong. If an anxious mother reads him, then he has an incredible effect. This top is good because it is quite environmentally friendly. He removes all negative feelings from the newlyweds to each other. And then it is proposed that if there is love, then stay together, and if it is not there, then disperse. That is, it is such a rite to show the real feelings of the spouses to each other.

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