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The back of the guy from the girl at home: how to read

Life is such an unpredictable thing, and the main thing is very complicated and sometimes incomprehensible. For example, it is completely unclear why in a family where peace and harmony were for a long time, a divorce suddenly occurs with the division of property and children. Or the gap between the couple, who were preparing for the wedding and were infinitely happy, suddenly happens just before the triumph, and they become strangers. All these facts can be found only through time, and often remain a mystery.

The top of the guy from the girl

If you seek advice from the witches or fortune-tellers, then, most often, you can hear: «The guy’s lapel was made from the girl, or vice versa, the guy’s lapel was made.» The most interesting thing is that, most often, mothers-in-law come to this method of dealing with undesired daughters-in-law. According to statistics, this is 50% of mistresses and lovers, as well as former beloveds — 35% and the rest — envious (neighbors, friends and girlfriends).

It would seem that children live well and love each other, but why spoil everything and try to break and turn away from each other? How will a mother feel after having performed such a turn-up of her son from a girl or wife? According to experts in this field, such people feel quite well. It doesn’t matter so much to moms that such rituals simply affect the health, the lives of their children, and then their grandchildren. You can explain the action of former lovers and abandoned, mistresses and lovers. They are driven by a feeling. It is possible that this is love, but for the most part selfishness and anger. When using such magical texts, they bring trouble. Most often, the top (especially made at home) gives a backlash after a few years, and the descendants of the girl or boy who performed the ritual, are doomed to torment until the third knee. So, turning away from a guy is quite a serious matter.

Whatever goals and motives are present for a mother or friends trying to break a pair, any lapel will be black magic, but not white, for sure. This fact suggests that all evil spirits go to contact very well, and if the specifics and clarity in the spoken text, then the top of the guy or girl will be ideal in terms of magical influences. But it is at first glance. Such appeals promise not only a complete collapse of the relationship between the couple, but in the future both the customer and the performer, as well as the victim, will face the most unimaginable and terrible trials.

Consider a few examples to make it clear. The mother, who raised her son on her own, gave him love and care, supported him at a difficult moment, suddenly finds out about the upcoming wedding of her son on a girl older than him for several years and having already a child. Naturally, she does not want her. Why? Everything is very simple:

  • older by several years;
  • was already married and left her (according to her mother-in-law, it is a shame);
  • has a child from his first marriage (generally a nightmare).

The first thing she does is try to dissuade and break a couple. Most often, it does not work. The second is a conversation with the girl, sometimes threats and tears. If nothing worked — appeal to magic. If a cuff is held from “his” boyfriend, i.e. her son, then the impact will be directed at the girl. It is believed that the maternal lapel is the strongest and it will be very difficult to take it off. Subsequently all suffer:

  • and a girl (gynecological diseases, rejection of men, etc.);
  • and a guy (drinking alcohol, debauchery, suicide);
  • and the mother, who conducted the lapel at home (the son did not marry, but rolled down).

If a specialist did the ritual, then everything will be successful and the guy will not suffer. He is getting married and maybe happy, but his descendants will suffer very much. Grandma will not be easier from the problems with her grandchildren.

Option number 2. The mistress or the girl decided to return her boyfriend who left her or lives with the other, and does not want to leave. She makes the back of the boy from the girl alone at home, who lives with him, since she herself cannot live without him. Hope the guy comes to her. Perhaps it will be so. But, there is one small point in the contract with evil forces, which few people know about — the soul or descendants. Who will choose — is not yet known, and the girl lives with her beloved. But the trouble. The guy turns, not immediately, but gradually, into something. Drinks, walks and occasionally beats. If a specialist made a lapel: they will live normally, but children and grandchildren will suffer (health, poverty, addiction). Often these couples do not have children. After all, as you know, “you cannot build happiness in someone else’s grief”.

The consequences are the same in both cases. But, there is one more minus — the soul after death will go where it will not be very good. True, in such situations, few people remember their souls, especially offended or abandoned women.

Well, having studied all the consequences of the conspiracy, it was hardly possible to convince at least one woman or girl. They are more stubborn and the magic does not frighten them at all, as they always hope to get out. In order for the cuff of his boyfriend to be effective and make it easy, you should know a few conditions and rules.

  1. In order to make a quality plot on yourself or a guy, choose only the days of the full moon. These three days will always help reduce the ardor and passion in your heart.
  2. All texts are not intended to stop loving a person, but to erase it from memory. To be precise, then everything that will happen in the brain is equated with zombies on a spiritual level.
  3. Prepare everything in advance that is necessary for the ritual.
  4. The text of the plot should be read clearly, legibly and without emotional lift.
  5. Do not apply texts where there are any promises and oaths. It will turn out to open, but you and your daughters or granddaughters will be forever given to the dark forces.
  6. Protect yourself before reading the plot. This will make it possible to alleviate the consequences.
  7. Consider that magic does not like insecure people. She takes revenge on her own without unnecessary slander and action for 7 generations.

If you are confident in your abilities and abilities, you can fulfill all the rules, then we will proceed to the question of how to make a back of yourself or any other girl from a guy and vice versa.

Before you make a lapel, think through everything to the smallest detail, make the necessary preparations and go ahead. Do not forget to put on a protective ring or shield. Just not prayers. They are not helpers in black magic, but only block the whole process.

Turned mixture. This will require earth, salt, new needles and any viscous substance (for example, a candle). The plot, from beginning to end, is read before the threshold of the girl or woman with whom the boy lives. Melt the wax and mix with earth and salt in equal proportions. When inserting needles into this clump, read the following text:

“The sun has gone down, the moon has come. The dark night has come, I was offered help. Without him (the name of the woman) you will live, you will take me to yourself. Do not be with you, but for me it is for joy and for life. With wax (the name of the guy) I will stick to myself, needles (the names of the guy and the girl) will pierce the road with needles. To be apart. Spit on all corners of the house, lock the words I lock. And I throw the key into the river. ”

Having done everything, leave a lump with the mixture under the threshold, turn over your left shoulder and go home.

Make the next ritual easier. Only need a photo of a girl or a guy who needs to otvorozhit. In addition: black cloth, salt, candles (6 pieces of church), red and black thread. Process: lay black fabric on a clean floor, put a photo on it. Lit candles around counterclockwise with the words:

“I’ll light every candle for separation, for the slave’s (name )’s slaughter (name )’s release. Not be together until the candles are all together. ”

We dismiss our hair and look intently into the eyes of the one we read. Make the whole ritual in 6 minutes. Text:

“Maiden fireman, boy fire. Let them live separately without worries. They forgot each other, their noses turned. No wedding, no divorce, no children joint. Let it be so, as I say, black forces to call for help. ”

Now we take each candle clockwise and stew it on the photo. All 6 candles should be twisted in a single plait. In the fabric roll photo and tie two threads. First red and then black. For 6 days (starting from the moment of your proofreading), burn the tourniquet of candles over the cloth. As soon as they burn out, take everything as far as possible from the human eye and burn it.

Apple of discord. This method is suitable for those who often visits a couple. He is resorted to more than any other mother-in-law and mother-in-law. Buy the largest and most beautiful apple in the store. Read over the words on him and take him to the family of his daughter or son. It is desirable that the couple ate it together.

“How Adam and Eve lived. Apple truth eaten. We saw everything around, shy, and parted with God. So you young, do not live together. Not to love each other. Live separately, but do not remember, do not call your names. To be, as I say, an apple of discord I will bring to them myself. ”

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