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The spell of the former husband, wife, ex-boyfriend, girl

«Former» — sometimes it hurts …
Love the former, the former — the last hope?

The spell of the former husband, wife, ex-boyfriend, girlFamily well-being is the destination to which almost all people aspire. But it often happens that the relationship fails. If you are not ready to put up with the subsequent fate without a person close to you, if you have already tried many methods, but your second half is still cold to you, then the right decision will be to turn to love magic.

Love spell is a serious energy impulse and it should be used extremely carefully. Sometimes it may simply be ineffective, but in some situations it can harm you or the love object.

It is necessary to bewitch the former safely (you live with him).

When you can not do the spell of the former:

  • If you are experiencing not light exalted emotions, but a desire to avenge or humiliate
  • Night with a waning moon will reduce the love spell
  • Do not wait for the effect of a love spell made on a sunny bright day. The best time for a love spell is the period after sunset and until midnight
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the risk of attracting negative energy increases.
  • If you have just returned from the gym or from hard physical work. Carrying out the love spell should be clean, girls should better dissolve and carefully comb their hair

The love of her ex-husband.

If the family ties were not strong enough and went through a process of painful divorce, and the woman realizes that she cannot imagine her life without a former spouse, then it will not be superfluous to make a love spell. But do not forget, if the former husband has fallen in love with another woman, and you know that this is sincere, then in no case should you resort to a love spell!

The energy of breaking the two loving hearts in triple size will hit the one who performed the ceremony.

An ex-husband’s love spell is a serious magic ritual, since your hearts were betrothed to rings and oaths. You can take on such a love spell yourself only if you have obvious magical abilities, otherwise there is a chance of harming not only the love spell, but also itself.

Before you carry out the spell of the ex-husband, you must be sure that neither you nor him are damaged or cursed, otherwise there will be no sense of the ceremony. Perhaps it is damage and interferes with your relationship and removing it, you can restore family ties without the use of a love spell.

The love of the former wife.

The spell of the former husband, wife, ex-boyfriend, girlIncreasingly, family ties break down at the initiative of the wife. The reasons for leaving a woman from a family can be: a new love, an unhealthy passion for any type of activity, severe depression, unexpected names of sexual orientation. There are many reasons, but there is only one effective way out — the love spell of the former wife.

For this difficult ceremony, it is better to turn to a man — a psychic. Men’s energy works more powerfully if the object of the love spell is a woman.

The result will have to wait a little longer. This is explained by the fact that many women have powerful emotional defenses, especially if a woman has ever turned herself to powerful magicians.
In each case, for the spell of the former wife may require the use of white or black magic.

Features of black magic:
  • Pronounced sexual orientation
  • There is no way to get everything back. If you decide — then forever.
  • Maximum degree of danger
  • Sharp increase in the need for communication
  • The ability to tie love ties even to those people who are not energetically programmed to do so.
Features of white magic:
  • The greatest preference in choosing methods is given to prayers, requests, appeals to God.
  • Focus on the awakening of new bright feelings of sublime love
  • Negative consequences are practically excluded.
  • Reading prayers for durability

Love the ex-boyfriend.

The spell of the former husband, wife, ex-boyfriend, girlTo return the beloved, but already, the ex-boyfriend will not be decided by the love spell, not every girl. The reasons for this act, each with its own. But everyone has to understand the responsibility.

The high efficiency of the former guy’s love spell is explained by the fact that there was a mutual energy connection between you and the young man. The more powerful the energy impulses come from the girl towards the love object, the more effective it will be.

The most powerful energy possess professional magicians and psychics. They have tremendous magical experience behind them, which means they will perform a spell of a higher level.

Effective love spell to return the ex-boyfriend at home.

This rite can be performed at home by yourself.

To conduct the right spell of the ex-boyfriend you need:
  1. photo where your favorite is depicted in full growth and looks at the camera
  2. thin church candle
  3. orange essential oil
  4. several fresh dandelion flowers
This spell of the former guy is carried out in several stages:
  • First, it is necessary to grind a few fresh or dry dandelion inflorescences and chop them in orange oil, turning this gruel into a homogeneous mass.
  • Second, rub the church candle with the prepared mixture.
  • Thirdly, a candle rubbed with gruel must be put on the “heart” of a loved one imprinted on a photograph.
  • Then light the candle, at the same time say «Candle, candle, light our love!»
  • Now it’s time to pronounce the spell. Silently say a prayer that you know well. And then say, looking directly into the eyes of your loved one in the photo, all that you would like to say to him personally. You should clearly articulate your thoughts, confess your love and promise happiness and well-being.
  • In the next step, move away from the candle and the photo. Let her burn to the ground.

After the ritual, we can only wait patiently for the result.

The results of the love spell of the former.

The validity period of love spells depends on many factors:

  • the power of the energy field of the person conducting the rite
  • power of the messages coming from the psychic
  • the time that has passed after parting with a loved one
  • the time you spent together
  • the presence in life of a beloved person of another loved one
  • the correctness of the ritual
  • your behavior regarding the love object
  • your faith in the love spell

As you understand, the result of the love spell cannot be instantaneous and can stretch out for a long period of time. The most important thing in waiting is not to think about it all the time, the easier you leave thoughts of love spell, the faster it will work.

Usually there are two stages of the love spell:

  1. Mental
    It occurs during the passage of 1-3 weeks from the day of the ceremony. It is expressed in the fact that the object of the love spell begins to involuntarily think about you, you see it in the faces of bystanders, it starts to find things in your car or apartment that remind of your relationship, you often dream about it.
  2. Urgent.
    May take up to several months. It is usually marked by the fact that the love spell object has an overwhelming desire to write to you on social networks or to call. He is interested in your life with mutual friends and is looking for «random» meetings with you. At the end of the vital stage, the person to whom the spell is accomplished, can no longer live without you, returns and the rest of his life does not take his lovers eyes off you.

The love spells of the former are a great way to give a second wind to a fading relationship, but one should not forget that everything depends on us. It is necessary to work on yourself daily, to become better for your second half, to give her attention and listen to what worries her. Love spell is good as the first step towards a happy life together, but do not forget that everything is in your hands.

And only your happiness depends on you.

Be prepared that after the ceremony, dear to your heart a person can change. He will be the way you wish for the love spell at the ceremony.

Not always the “new face” of your second half can be to your liking. But there are cases when a person gave up bad habits, stopped lingering at work and didn’t want to be out of debt with friends, but instead wanted to spend as much time as possible with his wife.

If you still have questions on love spell ex, write in comments or in contacts.

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