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The spell of the girl at home

The number of strong love spells available at home is small.

In order to achieve an obvious and lasting effect, it is necessary to carry out a ritual professionally — that is, in a special conspiracy room, using rare attributes, with a deep knowledge of the basics of applied magic and parapsychology.

but sometimes simple rituals work. The feeling of being in love sometimes reveals abilities that a person never knew in himself.

Moreover, the lover often overestimates the barriers that stand in his way to reciprocity. If in reality the girl is already sympathetic to you, a very simple witchcraft will suffice for the whittling.

Do everything according to the rules of winning the female heart, and the result will be provided.

Vorozhba at the girl through the gift

The spell of the girl at homeIt is easiest to convey your passion with the thing that a girl will willingly accept as a gift.

Ladies, regardless of age, love flowers.

In the evening, buy a bouquet of roses. Before going to bed, securely tie one of the stalks with your hair.

Tying, say three times:

«The dove does not live without the dove, the starlings without the starling, but the servant of the Lord (name) without me, well done.

Key, mouth, lock. «

Similarly, you can talk gift — say, a toy or souvenir, The main thing is that the hair goes unnoticed. If you are afraid to give a surprise in person, just put it under the door with a note, knock and quickly leave.

Burned letter

Take a new handkerchief and write on the fabric all the words that you would like to say when you hold your beloved to your heart.

Roll the matter «sausage» and lay the rings on a porcelain plate. Set fire to the cloth and say while it is burning down:

«A serpent hurries up to the maiden (full name), crawling in the desert, sting her in the heart with a scorching sting. My heart aches and burns with fire. Only I, a good fellow (full name), can put out the fire.

My will is strong and modeling. «

The conspiracy dainty

The spell of the girl at homeAnother simple way is to invite a girl to go home for tea and feed her a sweet treat (suppose, a cake or a piece of cake), over which the love spelling has been done.

The ritual is like that. Take a juicy sweet peach.

Place it in the center between the three lit church candles.

«The tree of paradise blossoms in the far country, there are ripe fruits on it. Each has two halves. Together they are golden fruit, apart they are black fruit.


Carefully cut the peach into two identical pieces. Take the pieces in different hands and at the same time drip them into a treat.

Keep the bone with you as an amulet until the girl eats the cake.

See also about home love spells from photos of the beloved. They are simple but effective.

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