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Turns and their consequences: to do or not?

Women suffering from unrequited love often look for a way to get rid of their feelings in magical rituals that turn away from the object of lust, not realizing that the cuffs themselves and their consequences will adversely affect their future fate. Let’s try to figure out what is so harmful love magic?

Occult sciences distinguish such rituals as drying (otshu), ostuda and lapel. Speaking of commonality of categories, we note that all these methods are aimed at cleansing the heart (one’s own or someone else’s) from undesirable emotional attraction, passion and adoration.

Drying — This is the least painless and short-term method of remote influence on another person (sometimes on himself) in order to reduce the pull (sexual and emotional) to the non-responsive object.

Sometimes this is used as a counter to the love spell, but this magic is weak and can only work for a short time in this perspective. This ritual is not forbidden to carry out independently, it does not entail heavy consequences, and the performer is given the desired calm and pacification of passions.

Ostuda — more effective for getting rid of binding to the subject of the opposite sex method used in the ceremonies of love spells (their removal) separately or together with conspiracies.

Ostuda can affect both the single victim and the couple that they want to dissolve in this way. If a man abandoned his family and lives with his mistress, then he is carried out both on the man and on his present passion so that they cool to each other. Also, if a rival wants to lead a man out of the family, she can make a cool couple.

It should be noted that this type of love magic is slow and often does not lead to a complete gap between the «cold» people. They simply cease to attract each other, they become indifferent, inert. But if it is convenient for them to be together, or they are being held by children, then such a union will probably last for many years.

The cuff is the most difficult, but the most energetically powerful ritual, aimed at the complete destruction of feelings and mental connection between people in relationships.

Neither magicians nor psychics recommend recommending a turnout rite as the possible consequences of its influence can negatively affect both the participants of the ritual and the next generations in the genus. Interesting facts about the cuff of her husband from his wife.

The cuffs require a tremendous amount of energy from his performer, he must not only have theoretical knowledge in the field of love magic, but also be able to use the practical skills of conducting such rituals, while also having strong protection against unforeseen interference of otherworldly forces.

As a spell, this method of intervention in the fate of a person belongs to the rites of black magic.

The goals pursued by the customers of the turn-away ritual can be different, even diametrically opposed. The objectives are determined and the types:

Cuff from annoying suitor. A girl who has ever resorted to magic in order to seize the desired guy, after some period of time, may regret about it: feelings have passed, relationships have been severed, but he constantly interferes in her life. Then the girl begins to look for an opportunity to remove the binding from her obsessive ex-lover. And what could be more effective than some charms than others? The main thing is that the entire process should be led by a knowledgeable magician.

Lapel husband from his wife. The consequences of such an impact are expressed in the growing discontent of a married man with their marriage and spouse. You immediately understand who put his tender hands on it — a rival who either wants to take the resisting wife out of the family, or wants to revenge on the revelers, for his deception and sediment, that they have played with her and abandoned.

Lovely mistresses, think about whether you really need a person who feeds you with empty promises to quit his wife and complain about how bad his family is?

A real man, having met the love of his life (as they like to say), is always able to take a decisive step and break off relationships. Because he knows how to be honest and duplicity hurts him. Well, revenge, why do you need it? Take a life lesson and boldly stride towards fate, happiness will surely find you, give only time.

Lapel from rival. If the woman from whom her husband left is sure that he was bewitched by another, then with the help of a sorcerer or a magician she can remove the spell imposed by her rival.

The bewitched man is undoubtedly weak energetically, since the influence of dark forces has had an effect, so the lapel here will even be a boon, only the presence of witch-like interference must be confirmed by an experienced psychic (magician). The consequences of removing the dark spell in such a way will affect the one who was the first to decide on magic, the main thing is to do the rite correctly.

Lapel of his beloved (lover). This kind of dark love magic involves a woman’s determination to get rid of her unrequited feelings for her lover. A loving but unwilling to destroy someone else’s union, a girl or a lover who understands that her lover does not belong to her, is capable of such.

Unfortunately, having made a decision to turn away from themselves, young (and mature) women often do not realize that they can hang a crown of celibacy on their destiny, remain alone until the end of their lives. Perhaps, all the same, it is worth “to get over” and “suffer” your love, then the following relationship will be the best and tender.

The cuff of people from people around. This kind of cooling of the senses is more like damage. It is also terrible for its consequences. Relatives turn away from the person, he is pursued by an evil fate (problems in business, shaky health, petty unpleasant situations).

Such a development of events occurs when an action is improperly performed, when, trying to turn a disagreeable opponent away from a man, the woman, not knowing it, completely isolates him from society.

The destruction of energy protection as a consequence of the “black” effect is noticeably visible in the behavior of the person who received the magic blow. Any lapel can be recognized by the following consequences:

  • magical destruction (violation of integrity, destruction) causes internal psychological emptiness that a person at the initial stage of the lapel is trying to fill with thrills (he is fond of something extreme, adrenaline-causing, which was not peculiar to him before);
  • when the spell is completely seized by consciousness, apathy comes to replace the craving for sharpness (the person closes, falls into depression);
  • binges and gambling become a means of avoiding imposing reality;
  • frequent mood swings (disruptions), aggression, hysteria, then tears and lethargy — the consequences of the husband’s cuff of a wife (or wife of a husband);
  • changes in the code of fate caused by a lapel can lead to problems with finances, work, and health;
  • the lapel affects the children of the victim (they start to hurt, learn poorly, do not listen to their elders — they show deviations (deviations) in behavior.

The visible consequences of the flap can only be the tip of the iceberg, impending on the ships of the fate of his victim and performer. Remember that the dark forces always require payment for their participation in human affairs. Before you perform the rite of the lapel, consider whether this payoff will be within your reach, and even more so for your children!

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